UFO Sighting’s Sign Ups 14/14 FULL

UFO Sightings FM

14 player FM Game.
Hosted By: @Zorvo
Co-Hosted By: @eevee
Reviewed By: @Zone_Q11

Forum Game Rules 1

*Alts are allowed.

Game-Specific Information:

  • this is a regular fm with no highly bastard roles.
  • there will be no vanilla roles.
  • phases are 48/24.
  • all actions must be given within the 22/24 hours.
  • both majority and plurality is intact.
  • Use the “/Vote (player)” to vote.
    *Even though you don’t need too, you may want to ping me when you vote so I don’t miss it.
  • If two or more players are tied for the elimination, the tie is decided by RPS.
  • Voting yourself is considered a valid vote.
  • During LyLo votes are locked.
  • factional kills are assigned and optional.
  • no execution is a valid vote, except during Xylo.
  • Minority is provided fake claims.
  • If you get no feedback, it means your action somehow failed to provide you with feedback.
  • Neutral roles may exist.
  • Conversion does not exist.
  • The default form of factional killing isn’t confirmed to be in the game.
  • No sort of information will lie to you
  • This setup slot wise is rolled so upon signing up you may pick your number on the player list if you want, otherwise you will be given the top most open slot.
Sample Town Role PM

Welcome to the game! You are Town Doctor.

You are well experienced in the medical field, usually everything goes steady for you but recently you had more patients then you usually do.

Each night you can choose someone and protect them from death that night.

You win when Town isn’t being threatened if at least one Town is alive. Confirm this message by explaining it to me here.


  1. @min
  2. @Magnus
  3. @Neon
  4. @Achromatic
  5. @KingTroll
  6. @Porscha
  7. @Leafia
  8. @Gyrlander
  9. @Litten
  10. @Jarek
  11. @Rad
  12. @CRichardFortressLies
  13. @alana
  14. @FRink


  1. @Vulgard
  2. @Atlas


  1. @Gorta - Super Spectator
  2. @Glass - Classy Spectator

Unfortunately MartinGG99 is backing out, slot open

can i be a super duper spectator


I confirm my pre in @Zorvo .

that’s a number of pre-ins

this feels like it will take AGES

I should also mention there is WoTM but you can also spectate.


i have one uped every single spectator possible
nobody become a super duper duper spectator


Oh god i am multi tabling

But sure still in

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confirmed that I’m still in on this :baby:

Rad is also confirmed but he says his post is “awaiting approval”

Rad also said he watched the 80’s overhaul game.

Confirming my prein. ^_^ Watch me rand mafia and Zorvo still be 100% convinced that I’m a villager despite him being the host. Laughs It wouldn’t surprise me one bit honestly and good to see you in a game again Achro.

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Wisdom of the Mod.

Basically if a Signed up player doesn’t want to play with another player and that other player try’s to join, I’ll reject their sign up.