Valorant FM Game Thread 2 (7/18) [Mafia wonnered]

Wait, is this an overpowered rolemadness quick how do I join

I have stepped on a lego, my body is entirely in pain

It’s your time to sue the company



you know we can still talk in here right also

Shocker, Someone died in the boat of horrors lmao

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oh wait

your in the the tomb of horrors


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Im just here wondering how the fuck tomb of horrors aint done yet tbh

I know its Thanksgiving in America but god damn

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Blizer is slowly starting to go insane.
Talking in a game that ended that I won.
Tsk Tsk Tsk

Zorvo is slowly starting to go insane.
Talking in a game that ended that he won.
Tsk Tsk Tsk


@Jarek caj you try reading peoples minds with your jokers

Lmao, it was an actual re-run of tomb of horrors from FAM

understandable lmao

Wait a minute thought just went into my mind

what if tomb of horrors was an ability

Geyde has done that twice making it an ability, no fucking way it isnt again

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You know what, considering there were no events day 1

im 100 Percent of the belief that it is an ability from a player lol

also cause i didnt bring it up

SO jokers are just extra voters i guess

which means that if Jarek is town, hes a good kill for wolves tonight

No deaths is


So uh

@ElizaThePsycho if u can u should head back to thread

I cant, uh i did something and now im, lets say, delayed in going back


So @Jarek

It pretty much is them trying in any means necesssary to cause a death

2 people became jokers lmao

Is there condition for each player, or is it a more general condition applied to all @Jarek

Also important

Tomb of horrors likely replaced the NK for mafia imo

Unless someone claims something that contradicts it, this is my tinfoil

Im stuck in Valo for the forseeable future

im not joking on this, im serious, im here for atleast a couple more days

@Frostwolf103 Two things

1: I think considering multiple people can die and its a 17er, it replacing the Mafia factional seems decently likely, also if you are wondering if this plausible, yes it is, cause host will adjust the abilities granted from the AI if it is too powerful (It happend to me, not going more into it, but Host can adjust abilities if they are too out of line)

2: Eliza came back into thread, and they havent said jack shit yet, please apply pressure on her, cause i havent seen Town!Eliiza so far this game tbh