What would make a multiball game worth joining?

Title mainly
People apparently consider them unilaterally unjoinable. So I put forth the question: what would make them joinable? What would make you want to play them?
There’s clearly a place for multiball considering that it has a conceptual niche that can be optimized
But it’s made out to be impossible to work with

are you trying to figure out how to get people to join your fortnite game


I feel like town has to be prepared to fight two alignments + one can’t outshine the others

For example, in Geyde’s sussy whatever it’s called, imposters can make themselves immortal to nk and have bigger numbers than fortnite

Also I’ve heard that one alignment normally afks so uh fix that

Also learn when a game is worth only having one evil

A 18 player 2 scum on each team might as well just be Town vs mafia no 3p

It’s not on the queue

rip sussy jungle oligarchy or however its spelt

I’ve replaced it with an entirely different concept because haha new site

oh god

  1. As few Vanilla as possible.
  2. No Jesters, and as few Survivors as possible. Rather, at most 3 Neutrals.
  3. At most 4 factions excluding Neutrals, preferably 3 factions.

Those are the main criteria which I believe most people will agree with. (Well, 1 is kinda debatable.)
When it comes to personal preferences:
“On top of the multiball, a special mechanic or event which makes the game more memorable.”


What would make a multiball game worth joining?

The existance of a multiball :^)

idk why but i seem to be one of the only ppl that enjoy multiball?

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multiball is fine as long as you accept that there’s swing inherent in the setups

it’s easy for one team to just get completely destroyed if the other gains an advantage early so building in mechanics to deal with this is generally a good idea imo

don’t make the teams completely reliant on the other for victory (probably the ~best multiball setup I’ve ever played had this issue in that some of the PRs could only be killed by one faction or the other)


i enjoy it too

being hosted by a reputable host


makes a ton of difference if you join a setup by amrock compared to dragonslayer69

next alt name


Yeah, I like multiball :slight_smile:

I’m one of very few multiball enjoyers here. I pretty much agree with what Mistyx said; the things she mentioned are good ideas to implement in multiball setups fmpov.


half the replies: “i am the only person in the world who enjoys multiball.”

memes aside i kinda mentally put multiball games into the “chaotic shitfest” archetype and don’t really think it’s a concept that works super well in a game that is attempting to be Serious


Multiball invitational 30er with three wolf factions.