What's Different?

Fortress of Lies has the following new features and changes, compared with old FoL:

New Features

  1. @Marluxion is now a mod!
  2. Hosts now have access to dedicated host accounts. Read about them in section 5 of the Hosting Guide.
    • Host accounts are easily distinguishable from regular users and have Trust Level 4, meaning they can lock and unlock threads.
  3. No more alternate account applications - moderator permission is not required to create/use an alt. Hosts can still choose to disallow alts in their games or require you to disclose your identity.
  4. Trust level 2+ users now have infinite likes.
  5. #Off-topic and #General categories have been merged.
  6. GIFs can be added to posts using built-in GIF search (via Giphy).
  7. Image upload button now allows you to upload images from the web.
  8. Birthday plugin! You can add your birthday in the Preferences section of your profile.
  9. :wowee:

Visual Changes

  1. Threads are wider on the default Dark/Light themes while on desktop. Less white space between your posts and the side of the page.
  2. More themes (WIP).
  3. Alternating post colors on default Dark/Light.
  4. Dropdown spoilers/details now indent if stacked. Example:
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,

consectetur adipiscing elit.

Proin et neque leo.

Duis bibendum sit amet turpis ut venenatis.

Quisque quis dui eget nisi

cursus finibus luctus quis enim.

Setting Changes

  1. You can ping up to 50 people in one post.
  2. Threads can reach 30k posts before partially breaking, rather than 10k. (Not tested)
  4. Minimum required characters in a post is 1.
  5. Emoticons no longer automatically become emojis :)
  6. Maximum image upload size increased.
  7. No more quickedits. If you need an edit hidden from the public you can contact a mod/admin.
  8. Deleting a post removes it after 3 hours, rather than 24.
  9. Presence has been disabled - you can no longer see when someone is replying to a topic.