Wild West FM 2 (2/25) - Town wins!

Yeag I’mvery tired but here for a litt.e

Dunno. The friend I’m mentioning is Kanave lol

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Going to be frank, I really don’t remember like anything that I have read off of Day 1, and I haven’t read much about Day 2 yet, so I don’t exactly know?

Main thing I saw in day 1 was Particleman just throwing accusations out one after another, so I’m not entirely sure if they are town or just triggerhappy.

Other than that, I haven’t really had thoughts on people, sorry to show so little. I’m gonna read up in the morning Day 2 though, I’m too tried to do it right now.

Alrighty fair enough. We’ll try tomorrow.

Yeah it’s 3 am for me rn so I’m like mega :sleeping:

okay so i want to talk about these slots with you. i’ll quote my thoughts on them so it’s easier for you

(people gave guava a lot of heat for this post in particular)

i’d just like to hear your general thoughts on these people. i had some earlier suspicions on guava so i kinda get where you’re coming from

i also think the Brad sr is a bit unjustified when looking at the bigger picture so i want to discuss it with you?

I don’t have the definitive list. Not Iaafr, Zenon, Dota or Arctic. Probably Leafia, Frost, Zorvo, Garfooled or any LHF.

I worded it poorly, but no. Frost doesn’t play this way as town. Compare to TOTA if you’re curious. Zero townreads, zero scumreads, barely here, hedging. Shooting Aro doesn’t mean much when their slot was dispensable.

Hey Kork, who are you thinking about shooting?

i’m reading May’s readlist in detail for the first time and it’s not as bad as i thought

this is tricky

i think if May’s a wolf then Wazza’s her partner and that’s it (because they gave her a lot of credit for simply being consistent)

unsure about everything else but i’m curious about Leafia/Zenon/Maple positioning in the readlist

imagine if the team was Frost/min/o.kazo/Zenon/Kork

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i will shoot leafia/maple/kork/o.kazo

Zorvo’s Big Wall Post Before He Goes To Sleep

Why did you not?
They voted a town member who got night killed.
They were suspected to be a wolf from that same town member.
I’m not 100% but I’m pretty sure Lol may have also suspected Garfooled
What has Garfooled done that’s Townie to you?

I would. Saying this Magnus is bad man.
I don’t like it you saying this. So I’m gonna give you minus points for this sorry buckaroo.
I just don’t think Gauva is a wolf here and there are just a fuck ton better places to go before them.

So like, one post here is saying “chance increases for them being wolf” then the next talk about them flipping wolf and wanting to clear the voters. Not sure how I feel about this post. I wouldn’t be against it if people voted Jar tbh.

I don’t even understand the Leafia wagon like I don’t understand all this pressure and control on you that should be in multiple other places.

He asked who to shoot and I gave them a name.
That wasn’t random lol.
Kinda wanna give you minus points for that but I feel it’s in your nature to do this and probably nothing is wrong with this post you probably just didn’t realize the actual situation there.

I think him and Zenon were the only pure Aro shooters from base stances.

I’ll volunteer as tribute!
(Even though some may disagree, I actually have more correct accuracy than not when it comes to finding wolves, it’s just when I am incorrect it looks very bad and memorable.)

I like this response but it’s also just being honest so I’m gonna keep your minus point.

Arctic Yes.
Still wouldn’t take Iaafr out, but probably wouldn’t shoot or vote today, perhaps evaluate more tomorrow.

Not sure about O.Kazo. Dislike Jar more tbh.
What has Leafia done that’s bad? That’s just as bad as this Guava accusation.

Frost exists
Dota exists

Both can be wolves.

Outside of the two wagons that have to contain a wolf voter.
And you call yourself town, me call you plus points to being a wolf.

Tinfoiling you.
If Iaafr is actually wolf, I can see them with you.
Could actually be Wazza and not Iaafr and could see them with you.

Ding ding ding, we have a winner and guess who is ignoring that, your man of the hour, hero of the night, @Rajidae thats your guy!

Both Great Executions for today! :+1:

I really don’t see Leafia being wolf, but then again I don’t see them being wolf when they are a wolf but regardless there are WAY more valuable execution targets today then Leafia.

Or you can just vote to execute FrostWolf and if they flip wolf you can like, be semi clear. Sounds great. You should do it! :+1:

It’s ok Bud, do as much as you can.
The more players die, the more easier it probably is for you to sort and solve through tbh.

I don’t want Brad executed today or tomorrow.

Reason: Ask Anyone about Frost
Result: Why shouldn’t you shoot
Conclusion: Shoot.

Can’t wait to see it!

Eevee should shoot that!

Why can only May be partners with Wazza though?
Seems like a reach conclusion, can you justify it?

The fact you think Zenon is a wolf, or at the very least brought it up now is like wtf.

One Last Thing Before I Go

Do that and I’ll vote you.

Shoot someone who voted on either the lol wagon or Achro wagon please and thank you!!! :grin:

Guava is a weird call. I honestly really like the comments they made about just… not having an internal world, not having any strong convictions to push. I think a wolf in that position would be much more likely to try to justify themselves on the subject when questioned, and I know my “no internal world” reads have fallen flat in the past because of playstyle differences. Ironically, he’s kinda shown he has an internal world on the subject of not having an internal world, if that makes sense? The tell I was getting from them is “just saying whatever’s convenient in thread”, and “I don’t have an internal world” isn’t convenient (and neither is “wolves kill Achro to push Leafia”). They’re the kind of… weird theories you get from someone who’s legitimately thinking as they go.

Quite honestly, I didn’t read back Brad in detail making my read on him. My read’s based on a few things: I remember him sounding tonally similar to One Step from Eden where he was a wolf (kinda… combative, but subtly so), he was much more confident in his townreads in the games I’ve played with him as town (here he went back on a few, which reads bad to me, given townreads are Brad’s defining feature), and I especially disliked the townreads people gave on him late EoD1 because he showed up - it stood out to me as really… artificial, a piece of meta easily subverted by coaching; he was around for EoDs in Eden, if minimally. Given everyone’s saying he’s noted for not bussing, and he voted and then shot Aro, I’m much less confident in the read than I was before the shot, which is when I wrote that readlist. With that context, he’s not a priority for me, and I’d probably only look to him if people who are sorta… familiar with his meta flip wolf, as they could potentially be coaching him. Brad being V also would make the Achro kill track better, since it means at least one part of his legacy was wrong.

O kazo I still get bad vibes from. The “Achro will be N1ed” comment looks bad, and the limited thoughts he’s given don’t feel like the first things a low-posting townie would think upon entering thread, you know? I don’t like him popping in with the Zorvo-sheep Achro vote yesterday and Wazza shot today, especially given I TR Zorvo. Looking back, I also don’t like his interactions with Jar on Achro, specifically this:

It’s a weird back-and-forth that throws shade on him to a more… easily-influenced townie without really committing to anything? If the wolfteam feared Achro enough to want him dead, this is the kind of stuff I’d expect from them.

Zenon… she showed up right after I wrote that post, so most of what I said there is invalid, and it was a lazy read to begin with. I can’t really get a handle on her vibes directly reading her, honestly - she tends to throw me off a lot. She’s a good wolf. This is the kind of slot that I tend to come back to once I have solid wolfreads, reading off associatives, but my current world is pretty scattershot and heavily dependent on lots of individual flips. Frost is wolfy, Gar is wolfy, O kazo is wolfy, but none of them particularly in conjunction with each other, so it makes it hard to get reads on the higher-influence slots like her.

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these people are inactive also i forgot to include eevee. the reason i dont want to shoot those who are active is that if they flip town after i shoot people will be very mad.

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The first thing I’m seeing here is that you aren’t contradicting me. I said I would mind.

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I gotta get to bed, so if you have follow-up questions, I’ll see them in the morning. Also holy hell gel polish is hard to remove if you have any follow-up tips on how to get gel polish off your finger nails please also let me know and I’ll see them in the morning. Pleas

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if iaafr is wolf they are the best player i have seen in a social deduction game sofar

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Have you tried interacting with them?

Me shy :no_mouth:
Jk i have nothing to say about him except some of his posts are very very towny