Wild West FM 2 - Signups (25/25) - Filled

Wild West FM 2

Hosted by @Italy and @CRichardFortressLies.

The Rules:

  1. Follow the site and forum game rules. They cover just about everything you need to know, so just make sure to read them and you’ll be set.
  2. The host reserves the right to add and remove (mostly add) rules as they see fit, but you probably won’t see this in action during this game. Probably.

The Roles:

Town Cowboy x19
Mafia Bandit x6

The Examples:

Town Example Rolecard

Town Cowboy

Vanilla Town

You are a Town Cowboy. Your only abilities are your vote, your voice, and your trusty gun.

Rid the town of bandits.

Mafia Example Rolecard

Mafia Bandit

Mafia Goon

You are a Mafia Bandit. Your only abilities are your vote, your voice, and your trusty gun.

Purge the town of cowboys.

The Game:

  • Days will last 36 hours and nights will last 12 hours. All remaining time in a day will be added to the night phase to ensure a stable schedule.
  • Executions will be plurality and majority. No-execution is a valid vote, and in the event of a tie, the execution will be randomized between all tied players. In MyLo and LyLo, votes will be locked. Self voting is invalid.
  • Starting Day 2, each player will be able to take 1 ITA shot each day any time besides the first and last hour of the day. These ITAs will have a 18% chance of hitting. To use an ita, do /shoot [player] and ping the hosts
  • ITAs will be permanently disabled when 7 or less players remain, or when LyLo is reached. Whichever comes first.
  • The bandits have a factional nightkill which is mandatory if nobody died the previous day or it was not performed the previous night.
  • The bandits will receive a private discord server to communicate in.
  • Mountainous. No abilities.

The Players

  1. Zenon
  2. Arogame123
  3. min
  4. guavagudetama
  5. Frostwolf103
  6. BradLand
  7. dota
  8. ElizaThePsycho
  9. Leafia
  10. lol
  11. eevee
  12. Rajidae
  13. Jar
  14. May
  15. Wazza
  16. Garfooled
  17. Arctic
  18. Magnus
  19. Kork
  20. ParticleMan
  21. Maple
  22. iaafr
  23. O.kazo
  24. Achromatic
  25. Jaiden

The Backups

  1. Marluxion

The Spectators

  1. Kanave
  2. thepigeonnyyc
  3. Napoleon
  4. TheBlueElixir
  5. mollylikesorigami
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Now, the many seeketh salvation through the obedience of one.

When will you be available for daystart?
  • 10 AM CST
  • 11 AM CST
  • 12 PM CST
  • 1 PM CST
  • 2 PM CST
  • 3 PM CST
  • 4 PM CST
  • 5 PM CST
  • 6 PM CST
  • 7 PM CST
  • 8 PM CST
  • 9 PM CST
  • 10 PM CST
  • 11 PM CST
  • 12 AM CST

0 voters

  • Multiple choice voting. Submit ALL applicable options. I will bully you.
Cycle length?
  • 48/24
  • 36/12
  • 24/24

0 voters

  • 100 per day
  • 100 with all leftover posts carrying into the next day
  • 150 per day
  • 150 with all leftover posts carrying into the next day
  • I am insane like Italy and want to witness the full unrestricted chaos of a 25p game in its full glory.

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We are accepting cohosts at this time.


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Ok I’ll co host.


For some reason, this doesn’t make me optimistic in town winning chances.

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On the one hand, this would be great practice for FAM3. On the other hand, this will never fill.

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FAM3 is 10th June. I don’t see why this game can’t be filled and finished long before then.

This site’s recent games have struggled to fill, so I’m assuming this game will struggle doubly as a 25 player game.

doing things that should be by every single notion impossible is half the fun

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theoretically if it doesn’t fill then you joining anyway won’t hurt anything

i kind of want to play this just because playing it during finals sounds like a new level of hell and i’m morbidly curious to how insane that could drive me


beware for history loves to rhyme

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Can I get link to orginal wild west?

You did play in that version of WWFM as town.

Not information I was searching for.

So maybe I Will ask straightforward - what was the name of a game where Orange died to ITA before he appeared once in game?


joker mindset

are you thinking of the catgirl short fuse game where orange killed min(iirc) before he ever got to post?

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