Worst Role Tournament (FINALS)

Welcome ot the best game of all tmei!

Worst Role Tournament

Hosted by @Geyde.

How does this work?

There will be a 48 hour period after this thread is posted (subject to change) wherein players may post any FM role they wish in the thread, limited only by a hard cap of 4 per person.
Try to submit roles that have run at some point or another.
You may accompany your submission with a description, but it is not required.
If you wish to submit a role that is not common (ex: Lying Darkness), please receive a go-ahead from the host before you make the post (or some form of confirmation that it is okay). All roles from games I have hosted are considered legal for this, so you don’t need permission from me. Common roles like PGO are legal without permission as well.

After the pre-tournament period is over, I will randomize and then post the bracket. We will handle one ‘half-round’ per 24 hours. Players will vote on which roles in each pair they think are worse. The ones that get more votes will advance to the next round.

The top 4 will be featured in SCoD 68 in some form or another, with the winning role being one of the guaranteed roles.

Format for Submission

/nominate Alignment Cop
Feature in: [name associated game(s)]

[mention any particular details on why this role is the worst fm role


Going with the elective decision to not have Grand Idea roles be allowed because those are, for the most part, were not intended to be in a reasonably fair game.

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/Nominate Weaver the Weird Town Fuckery.

Featured in: Dota FM.



/nominate Jake Obsessive Griever
Feature in: Mini Theme 2210: The Deck of Astral Roles

I mean, if having both Werewolves and Mafia be able to win together isn’t the worst, nothing is.

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Can I post. Clocktower roles @Geyde


For the most part no because that game has an entirely different notion of balance due to host balancing
If there is an FM equivalent for the role then just DM me about it first

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They’ve ran on forums
As a misc but still

/Nominate Lunatic
Featured in: Bad Moon Rising (Blood on the Clocktower)
This role fails both in its intended purpose of being detrimental to the good team, and also in its role in tricking the player who rands it. As Lunatic is run in vanilla BMR the chances of the Lunatic not working out they are who they are by day 2 are nearly zero, unless the storyteller decides to put in major effort to trick the Lunatic. And it is very likely that this will backfire massively since it is likely the lunatic will figure it out anyways. And since the only way of making it easier for the lunatic to not figure is out for evil players to be shown to the lunatic it introduces a massive amount of swing for what is ultimately just a cheap party trick. I also think that any sort of “alignment deception” to the player is pretty cringe since it usually just amounts to people accepting that they are a specific alignment and damning the consequences. Overall a pretty decent contender for worst outsider, if not worst character in all of the scripts of BoTC. And the only reason you should put it in is so that Evil players can bluff it sometimes without getting metad about you not putting in a lunatic cause it sucks balls.

No Flowergirl or Black Ops or Comintern

The fool

rules were made to be broken bitch

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Lunatic works better with off script characters

This is kind of a problem


Illuminati Infiltrator / any form of uninformed town/mafia might work for this ruleset

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Travelers, speaking to the townsfolk:

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Illuminati infiltrator is different since it’s a wolf role that thinks it’s a town role while lunatic is vice versa

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Actually I think Black Ops and Flowergirl have equivalents but

assuming a character works better in off script designs means nothing to me since all characters in a script are supposed to work together

if it doesn’t work in it’s home script it should exist

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I reserve the right to nominate those once I can DM Geyde

I’m going to not try to call out specific roles that are not made by one person since that feels dickish