Zone's Testament - Signups (FILLED!)

My Testament

Hosted by @Zone_Q11
Reviewed by @ElizaThePsycho

Rules and Rules and Extra Rules

Extra Rules

In the name of perserving integrity (and only in the name of perserving integrity), rules can be added, removed, and modified at the host’s will.


  • 9 vt; 2 goon
  • day → 48 hrs
  • night → 24 hrs
  • mafia communicate in discord
  • maf kills → mandatory
  • action deadline → sod minus 2 hrs
  • majority + plurality
  • no-exe → invalid
  • tie → rand in tie
  • xylo → votes locked



execute all goon


reach parity


  1. tutuu
  2. otterpopd
  3. Leafia
  4. jail
  5. joycat
  6. PrettyPrincess
  7. Rhea
  8. RoseRedWitch
  9. IcetFeelsPain
  10. Kiiruma
  11. PrincessAbigail


  1. Millium
  2. Kanave

There is no spectator chat for this game.

Note: Despite how it looks, this is not a troll post or a bastard game. It is my testament on how players don’t give a **** about OP. So with that in mind, why should I bother making a good OP?


zone’s testament

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extra rules seem illegal

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I’m stealing tbis for my next game


Honestly this is easier for me to read and process than a usual OP


Can we explain Chair of Deception like this maybe then I’d get it


Believe me: I didn’t want them.
They are a precaution measure against trolls.
(If we were to ever get one on this site.)

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It’s the Air Bud Clause

And thus, I have proven my point.

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People will try to say “there’s no rule that says I can’t!” This is why we need the Air Bud Clause.

This is brew-tiful Zone

this is in every other one of Zone’s OPs
its only for game integrity reasons tho, as mentioned

Fanciness is overrated.
All my effort making OP in other games are for naught.
Extra details are excessive.
People not only prefer Occam’s Razor.
People also prefer short and easy-to-understand information.


pardon, zone

won’t making a game solely to mock the players who join it (players dont care about reading op, so when i make a game that people dont have to read the op for, it’ll fill quickly and then i can respite in how people are simple-minded enough that they prefer no-effort) have the effect of players not wanting to join

if you wanted to experiment, thats completely fine. i dont think mocking your players is a good thing to do

i apologize if i’m reading this wrong.

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I read all the ops I just pretend not to
Zone asked me who was spectating but I already knew the answer

I read it and forget half of it when the game starts
And don’t think about how to approach the game efficiently

I agree

I value neat and tidy information a lot

A lot of long stuff are a headache

I dont mind the humor, and i also unironically prefer this OP than other OPs


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The game is inherently a 9v2 mountainous.

If the players’ distaste of me and my opening post and
if the players’ distrust of me and my behavior and
if the players’ emotional damage
are greater than their interest in playing forum mafia,
then that is simply how it is.

I am here to host a very simple mountainous.
If there are not enough players interested in joining
after a certain period has passed,
then the game shall be cancelled,
just like any other cancelled signups.



zone i honestly dont think youre the best person to be making fun of people not reading the OP fully considering you did not do so in one of my games :joy_cat:

That being said finally a vanilla game


honestly i read OPs pretty closely when i join games (most of the time) but i honestly like this OP

the example roles legit are hilarious imo

and it looks like an OP id write which makes it better automatically :stuck_out_tongue: