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Hosted and (will be) designed by @Geyde on @Emperor_Joker
Cohosted by @Trochilidae
Reviewed by @Mistyx and @Arete



  • Day phases will last 48 hours, or until curtailed by an execution.
  • The execution will be decided by means of Majority + Plurality. If a simple majority of all living players are voting for somebody, the day will end early and they will be executed. Otherwise, the player with the most votes will be executed at the end of the day.
  • If at the end of the day the votes are tied, something ridiculously stupid will happen.
  • Voting to execute nobody is a valid vote. If this vote reaches majority or has the plurality of votes, nobody will be executed.
  • Night phases will last 24 hours, however they may be shortened or extended slightly to keep EoD constant.
  • Days will begin and end at 10 AM PST unless otherwise stated.
  • The Mafia / Wolves / etc will communicate via a discord server, which will be publicised at the end of the game unless a member of the Mafia / Wolves / etc objects.
  • The Mafia / Wolves / etc have an assigned factional kill, use of which is not compulsive.


  • The setup, at this time, has not yet been designed .
  • When you sign up, please privately send the host up to 2 names. Please do not discuss these choices anywhere until the game begins.
  • Using those names, I will create the setup according to these parameters:
    • 1 - Literally the entire setup is based on what an AI determines each role to do. I will tinker with its suggestions after the fact as little as possible, only to the extent that the game can run, has reasonable player distribution among alignments, and not a ridiculous kp imbalance.
    • 2 - There will be no Among Us.

Example Rolecard

People in Here


  1. Arctic
  2. Iaafr


  1. Some Nerds

You may not post here unless otherwise specified.

Thread Marks

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Only @Omori can post here currently.

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I henceforth refuse to acknowledge any association between the individual known as “Magnus” and myself. Furthermore, I cannot confirm exclusive rights to this alternative thread. I can confirm that I have the right to play the game before the game has begun, and that makes me more special than the rest of you. I can also say pregame actions may or may not exist.

There isn’t a lot to say before the game begins, so let’s just clear the air.

For the sake of clearing up this “misconception”, this rule hasn’t been violated… technically. Any accounts not expressly belonging to a player are “NPCs”.

Winning Forum Mafia by doing absolutely nothing.

I’ll just address the elephant in the room really quickly.

My first assumption upon seeing this announcement was “it’s multiball and this game is doomed”. In case anyone is unaware, cults are typically a third-party faction seeking to recruit members into itself, thus changing their alignment. Given how this game was written by an AI, though, we can’t assume normal role conventions apply.

Here’s my suggestion: question Gorta extensively tomorrow. Flavour :clap: is :clap: role :clap: indicative :clap:. Voting Gorta to be Mafia will result in their partners distancing and Gorta doing nothing, voting Cultist might result in the same outcome if it’s multiball but might bear a more interesting outcome. Or you could ignore me, I’m still just a normal person even if I can talk this early.

It feels like a trap, ngl.

I’m hoping this is a joke.

I’ll see if I have anything else to say before SOD. First day’s at a really awkward time where it’s the weekend, but I still have an exam mere hours after EOD, so my attention needs to be split between paying attention to the game and revising, so… y’know what, it doesn’t matter. GLHF.

That’s a logical leap, now that I’m thinking about it.
Hypothetically, if the game is multiball, Gorta really received the short straw, and either Mafia or the Cult would be left distancing or desperately trying to protect their slot, or scrutinising their slot to find anyone trying the first trick. Either way, this doesn’t sound very fun for one side.

Questioning Gorta’s flavour still holds up though, btw.

Around the same time I signed up, with no expectation as to how my rolecard would look, I started considering a few potential fakeclaims and quickly settled on this guy:

Captain Toad first appeared back in Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii, in the year 2007. Galaxy wasn’t my first game, nor the Wii my first console, but I have the strong childhood memories associated with them both. I actually have Galaxy on Switch… I wouldn’t go so far as to claim Galaxy as my favourite game, but it certainly was my childhood favourite game. Captain Toad reappeared in a few later Mario entries — namely 3D World, Odyssey and Treasure Tracker — which I didn’t enjoy as much as Galaxy, but weren’t so obscure that nobody would recognise Captain Toad’s name. I’m rambling, but this entire post is just a tangent, anyway.

Why would I bother imagining a fakeclaim knowing neither my alignment nor an example card? To tell you the truth, it just makes the game more interesting. You can push false narratives and see how players react, see who accepts your claim at face value or who digs a little deeper. I’ll be unlikely to repeat that Starcraft experience again, with a legitimate fakeclaim believed by most of the players; now there will always be that doubt, in the back of player’s minds.


@Omori may no longer speak in this thread.

@Omori may speak in this thread

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@Blizer wanna start a back-and-forth commentary like two different talk show hosts?

I didn’t mean to miss EOD, I fell asleep. Which is perfectly in-character.

Catchup level-0 surface wallpost. I cannot be silenced.
I can take my time.

Votecount at time of sleep:

Jaiden (2): Marluna, Wazza
Wazza (2): lol, Jaiden
WindwardAway (1): WindwardAway
Unvote (1): Jarek
Zorvo (1): Magnus

Not Voting (10): Gorta, Aelin, eevee, JakeTheWolfie, Zorvo, ElizaThePsycho, Frostwolf103, Zone_Q11, Whysper, Blizer

Eevee never responds to this, or gives any indication as to whether they did or did not read the thread.

Zorvo’s wish was something intentionally I steered clear of, since I wasn’t sure what to think of it in isolation. Evil wishing to learn an evil, while something an evil wouldn’t need to do, does appear good, so I kinda filed it away in my mind. Still, it doesn’t jive with my approximation of a w!Zorvo trying to fly under the radar. Yet the rest of his behaviour screamed red flags to me, and if he wanted to learn an evil… why not wish to learn every evil? There were too many unknown variables, so I threw it out the window.
We have more information regarding God’s wish, which we can discuss further tomorrow.

Knowing in hindsight that Wind’s an IC, this does shine rather harshly on Jaiden; at least from my perspective, although nobody around at the time really raised an eyebrow at this vote. In Jaiden’s defence, Wind did selfvote and all… and there weren’t a lot of players around to make content.
In conjunction with the Zorvo mention, Jaiden could be softly defending Zorvo and agenda!pushing Wind. I’ll look at the rest of her ISO later to see if that makes sense.

Eevee’s starting content isn’t great either. Appears in the thread late in the day, strongly pushes for a no-exe (which Town goes along with?), and cranks sixteen posts. Something is very wrong here.

Naked vote, no-vote, just why?

Interesting focus on Wazza, I’m not sure what this means. Or if it means anything at all.

17 villagers.
14 bots? It’s close to 50/50 if it rands, it’s not most likely at all. Making this post at all suggests Eevee’s been keeping track of the thread though, if only skimming it.

A true testament to this Town’s energy. Everyone just seems exhausted, more than anything.

Initial reasoning was to see what ridiculous something would happen, and yet Eevee’s logic changes after this point.

Jaiden is voted by Blizer.

This is what I mean by Eevee’s reasoning for the no-exe shifting.

Self-preservative instinct?

Why is everyone up for this? I swear tying the votes intentionally is antitown behaviour.

Magnus will remember that.

I am bothered. I passed out and Town spirals out of control immediately.

Probably a good look for Zone.

I’ll draw back to this post, but it looks a lot like Jaiden was threatening to shoot Blizer tonight. How ominous.

Blizer and Jaiden are just as bad as each other.

After Zone votes Jaiden, there should be three votes on her slot (which makes her the leading wagon).

Blizer changes their vote just before Jaiden pres-votes un-votes, which makes no-exe the leading wagon. Hmm.

This suggests Eevee has read and found nothing major.
…My conclusion, based on little evidence, is that Eevee’s pushing agenda.

I have to agree with this sentiment.

I’d like this to be explained tomorrow, please and thank you in advance.

Here is the innocent child.

And given the earlier mention of Jaiden “going to shoop da woop” on Blizer, I’m wondering if this correlates. Nobody flipped. This could be Joker-related. A random player could’ve been shot from Jaiden’s wish, I guess?
I have a tinfoil theory. I’ll reread the thread later, try and ISO specific players, but I don’t think yesterday was entirely townled.

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…Imagine losing a game on the internet.

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I know, right?