Approved & Banned Third-Party Programs

Approved third-party programs

The following tools are allowed for use in forum games, and can be discussed in the thread:

Banned third-party programs

The following tools are not allowed for use or discussion by players in forum games:

  • Tools that draft or send posts for the player (e.g. Scheduled posts)
  • Programs that discuss the game, write posts, make decisions, or give suggestions to players (e.g. LLMs such as ChatGPT or any other program that is advertised as or could be considered “AI”)
  • Any sources of provable randomness in the thread such as public Discobot use

This list is subject to change.
Any tool not listed here is allowed for use, but cannot be mentioned in the thread.

If there is a program you would like to see added to this list, please contact @Chloe or any of the Moderators