Current Staff

Owner & Administrator


Discord: chlebze
Pronouns: They/She
About me: Heyo. I’m Chloe (aka Chleb) and I like mafia I guess. I’m currently in grad school in Tennessee, and when I’m not studying I’m probably playing Risk of Rain 2 or Powerwash Sim.

Tech Administrator


Discord: orangeandblack5
Pronouns: He/Him
About me: Hi everyone, I’m orangeandblack5, a graduate student in electrical engineering. I’m originally from the Town of Salem forums, and was one of the founding members of FoL as a community back in very early 2017. I am currently helping with site administration from the technical side of things, including UI/UX, so if you see anything acting up be sure to let me know!



Discord: arete_
Pronouns: They/Them
About me: Hi, I’m Arete! I majored in history, and am happy to talk about it with you! I started playing forum mafia in 2019. Outside of forum mafia, my interests include creative writing and D&D.



Discord: geyde
Pronouns: he/they
About me: Deja vu, I’ve just been in this place before.


Discord: katsay
Pronouns: any
About me: A quick note about moderation theory and how I will mod this forum. Note that the arguments and facts presented here are indisputable, and that I will not engage in arguments about them, because those arguments are you wasting everyone else’s time about meta that is well and comprehensively established. Go flag posts so we can help you.

I’ve reflected on my role and realized that there is a GOAT play for me on this forum, and therefore I am compelled to pursue it. I am going to brute force my status immediately upon the opening of the site.

I am hard-claiming, and I will never be rescinding. I am katze. When it becomes prudent I will provide my additions to the modlog.


Discord: Magnus#9937
Pronouns: They/Them
About me: I’m just your residential Australian eccentric, familiar with poking my head into places where I shouldn’t belong, newly promoted! My academic interests include creative writing and legal studies, with some of my hobbies consisting of reading, roleplaying, and pretending to be cleverer than I truly am. I’m full of weird and wacky questions, so call me if you ever need an icebreaker.


Discord: windwardaway
Pronouns: she/her but anything goes
About Me: Hey there! I’m a software engineer who enjoys doing creative work in my spare time. I’m also a huge board game enthusiast. I’ve been playing forum mafia since late 2020.



Discord: .achro
Pronouns: he/him, they/them
About me: Achro for short, my name is Chris and I have been playing mafia longer than some of you here have been alive which is someting that fills me with no small amount of dread. I can come off really serious, but for the most part I am actually laid back and whimsical I just have a mean poker face in game. Looking forward to balancing a lot of fun setups here. Also katze is one of the stupidest players I’ve ever seen. Literally every time I play with them they make some sort of dumb read that no one understands and get upset at people for not listening. I wish she would just quit the site.

@Arete - Queue Manager & Head Reviewer


Discord: elizatheturkey
Pronouns: she/her
About me: I say “among us” and “skill issue” far too much.



Discord: dangerous_luka
Pronouns: he/him
About me: I play Yugioh, Mafia, and Wolvesville! Pleased to meet you!


Discord: qwertzone11
Pronouns: He/him/his
About me: I am an undergraduate bachelor student studying game technology. I love escape rooms and forum mafia, both of which I started playing around 2017.


@sulit and @Icibalus have decided to step down from the review team for the time being

thank you for all your help, nerds :heart:


@Prophylaxis is now a member of the review team!

Welcome welcome
Good luck :wowee:


Welcome @WindwardAway to the Mod team!

My condolences.


Although the site changes may have been a joke and the forum doesn’t have a new dictator, @orangeandblack5 will be keeping his purple name and joining the staff team as a Tech Administrator!


We’d like to welcome and announce 3 new reviewers that are joining the review team starting now!

We have @Marluxion , @Mistyx , and @Zone_Q11 !!!

We hope yall have fun and do great work!!!


@Osieorb18 is no longer a member of the review team. We wish him the best



@Mistyx has stepped down from the review team. We thank her for her service and wish her the best.

We will likely be holding reviewer tryouts/interviews in the near future, adding roughly 1-2 reviewers to the team. If you are interested, reach out to @Prophylaxis. Previous service on the review team does not guarantee you will be accepted if you re-apply.


Currently looking for reviewers!

If you know how to balance setups and want a fancy green name, send a PM to @Prophylaxis or @Arete or message them at prophylaxis or arete_ on Discord!

@Marluxion has stepped down from the Review team

Thanks for all the help, nerd :heart:
Hope you can relax a bit now :joy_cat:


@Achromatic and @ElizaThePsycho are joining the Review team! We’re excited to have you on board!


One of the mod applicants murdered all the others, so unfortunately we only had one option :/

(jk :heart:)

Welcome @Magnus to the Mod team!


@Prophylaxis has stepped down as Head Reviewer. Thanks for all the help, and best of luck in your future endeavors :orange_heart:

@Arete will take over his responsibilities as Head Reviewer


@Zone_Q11 has rejoined the Review team! We’re excited to have you on board once again!


@Luka is joining the Review team! We’re excited to have you on board!


@Marluxion has lost a duel to the death. The hero has departed the mod team.

The mod team wishes him the best (except me :heart:)


we have made a huge mistake…


Marl’s shoes were too big to fill with just one new mod - so we decided to take two!

Welcome @Geyde and @May to the Mod team!