Bland & Flavorless Mountainous 15er - Mafia Winnered

I just didn’t town read Arete at all up onto EoD where it didn’t make sense as a wolf.

Like him coming into the day and his legacy he made at EoD was a part of it, the other part that there would have to be a reason for Wolf!Arete to do this and the only valid reason is to make Wolf!Arctic buss but during EoD that was never even an intention from either player, therefore since there is no motivation and Arete looked pretty damn uninformed there, he was spewed town.


are you doing this to summon me or what
because it absolutely works

I finally found the game with Eragon.

Yes, this is where he replaced into Phone’s slot and won town the game.

You can notice that even at that time he was kinda retired from mafia ish, but came in as a backup to win it for town, I hope the dude comes back and joins this site and plays in a game!

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Also Fun Fact:
I had the wolf team correctly in this and was pushing them but the only person to stop me from doing so was the best starting player in that game Playstyle wise, Chuckleteeth who got me miss executed day 1.
I told him “yo your town and I’m town, these are wolves”

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If Jaland or Eragon joined this site.
I’d feel blessed.

Jaland is the dude who won a 1v11 after voting out their mafia buddy day 1 in a TvW competing wagons and him being the last vote and then coming into day 2 with a red check on their other teammate.

So after those omega busses, Jaland managed to survive day after day and win the game.
Just to get banned for 3 months for that play. Lmao.

to be precise, they were banned because they planned the redcheck in a way that blindsided their teammate

it was without their consultation, consent, or even knowledge because it was claimed in a hood, and actively covered up so their teammate wouldn’t find out they were the source of the redcheck
i think they were salty when they found out

im not here to discuss whether it was actually justified or not and it was years ago and we all do stupid stuff but its also worth saying that the tos mod team didn’t drop the banhammer for capricious reasons

oh my god do not bring up your waifu is trash on fol
ive already had this discussion this week somehow and ive come to the conclusion that it needs to be contained

oh god

i have to add, zorvo
you are most definitely taking away the wrong message from that game
the real message is that claiming masons is awesome


the right message is that you should always listen to me in any scenario and stop quickhammering in lylo when i’m treestumped and right

this has happened twice


idk misty those mason claims are pretty convincing

i have very little memory of what happened before i turned 16 unfortunately

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all i remembered is that i played in 2 anime games, was mafia in both, got dunked instantaneously on both occasions

Wait who are you from TOS?!?

Are you Kmnex?

Oh wait your Cham/Red aren’t you?

i think its funnier to let you struggle


Well your definitely not HereThereGirl.
She blocked me and said she is never playing FM again.