Bland & Flavorless Mountainous 15er - Mafia Winnered

Wait what was LOLing Hyena’s username on here?
I don’t think it was yours I think it was Moon something.


Nah your not them.

Your not Crimson?
They haven’t talked with me in a couple years I believe

Has anyone played with Eragon before?
I hope he returns!

Dolphina, Cupcake or ScorpioDiAngelo is who you are maybe.

I can’t tell if you’re talking about the TOS (game) or the TOS forum.


were talking about terms of service


Have you tried looking at Part 4, Section 79?

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what is this thread even more

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gilbertposting never ends

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i need to get an email notif every time someone says gilbert
to make sure im there

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stop talking about town of salem i’m tired of seeing it

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it’s not salem
gilbertposting is an entirely new thing generated by the fact that i have gilbert’s disease

it wasnt about gilbert

holy hell

town of gilbert;

do you think he changed his name to gilbert to spite everyone with it

@Bellatrix alright spit it out who are you!
You sure you aren’t Kmnex? Or whatever their name is.

relatively sure bellatrix is TL if memory serves