Bland & Flavorless Mountainous 15er - Mafia Winnered

Bland & Flavorless Mountainous 15er

Hosted by @Italy & @lol


  1. Follow the site and forum game rules. They already contain everything you need to know, so make sure to read them.
  2. The host reserves the right to add or remove (mostly add) rules as they see fit throughout the game. Which they probably (definitely) won’t, but you never know.
  3. Players may only post 150 times each day. This restriction will be lifted 1 hour before the end of each day.


Town x12
Mafia x3

Example Rolecards:

Villager Rolecard


Vanilla Town

You are a Vanilla Town. Your only weapon is your voice and your vote.

Defeat all members of the Mafia.

Mafia Rolecard


Mafia Goon

You are a Mafia Goon. Your only weapon is your voice and your vote.

Reach parity with the Town.


  • Days will last 48 hours and nights will last 24 hours. All remaining time in a day will be added to the night phase to ensure a stable schedule.
  • Executions will be plurality and majority. No-execution is a valid vote, and in the event of a tie, the execution will be randomized between all tied players. In MyLo and LyLo, votes will be locked. Self voting is invalid.
  • The mafia nightkill is mandatory if nobody died the previous day or it was not performed the previous night.
  • The mafia will communicate through a private discord server.


  1. Arctic
  2. Zorvo
  3. May
  4. Aleph Vulgard Fell from a high place Night 3: Vanilla Town
  5. Arete
  6. Lemonfairy Executed offscreen Day 4: Vanilla Town
  7. Magnus - Evicted Day 1: Vanilla Town
  8. ElizaThePsycho Admitted to a mental asylum Day 2: Vanilla Town
  9. Jarek Eviscerated Night 4: Vanilla Town
  10. Arogame123 Ran over Night 2: Vanilla Town
  11. otterpopd Walked the plank Day 3: Vanilla Town
  12. Phraze Marluxion
  13. Neon Defenestrated Night 1: Vanilla Town
  14. mollylikesorigami
  15. Prisma101



  1. Atlas (I)
  2. Silviu200530 (I)
  3. Wazza (I)
  4. Crichard
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Game hasn’t started yet. No talky.

daystart will be tomorrow, at a currently nondescript time that will hopefully become much more descript in the next 30 minutes

The next day phase will end at 2022-11-16T02:00:00Z

The next night phase will end at 2022-11-17T02:00:00Z

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so it turns out time is an incredibly finite concept

  • 8 AM CST
  • 10 AM CST
  • 12 PM CST
  • 2 PM CST
  • 4 PM CST
  • 6 PM CST
  • 8 PM CST

0 voters

Only vote if you are in the game. Add what times you will be reasonably (without staying up until like 2 am) available for daystart. It is multiple choice.

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Reminder that this is when you are available for daystart (though i don’t plan to yank you from work or school or a good 10 hours or anything like that) and not just when you might want the day to start. That is why it is multiple choice.

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Day will begin at 2022-11-11T02:00:00Z.

god help you all

Day 1 starts and will end at 2022-11-13T02:00:00Z

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aret aret

VOTE: Arogame123

it is good day to be not dead

we can change that :eye:
VOTE: ElizaThePsycho

hello everyo ne im a vanillatown and its my first ga me ever on this web site … Hope we have fun !!!

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In case you forgot

Believe it or not, this is still relevant with a postcap of 150!

VOTE: Arete
You killed my sleep schedule. Prepare to die

I propose that we skip RVS in its entirety. Is anyone opposed?


Arctic: ‘this time is so bad I won’t be able to make it at all’
me: ‘just stay up’
Arctic: ‘no that’s too hard I have real life commitments’
Arctic: stays up

anyways no one talking is boring so I am forcibly turning RVS into RQS

  1. What is the last game of forum mafia you played, and what did you learn from it?
  2. What alignment were you hoping to rand this game, and why?
  3. Which player in this playerlist are you best at reading?
aret aret
  1. My last game was Spec Chat semi-invitational on Mafia Universe where I learned about distinguishing between ‘actually good and reliable reasons to townread someone’ vs. ‘maybe this is an okay reason for a day 1 townlean but you should not still be holding it onto day 6’
  2. town because being town is fun and being wolf is not fun
  3. I think I’m okay at reading Aleph when she actually posts (or was last time we played with each other which was a long time ago), I used to have a godread on Eliza but then she figured out how to post as a wolf

i havent :( i wa nted to be evil though ^.^ i like violen ce

I was dragged into a gamenight that concluded roughly an hour ago, and decided I may as well stay awake until the game started.

  1. The Night Before Terror game light game on MU helped me to learn about the importance of sheeping and co-operating with others when one is less confident in their own abilities. I decided to sheep an IC before they died to poison, and we ended up killing a wolf. Had I followed my own preference, my vote would have been on a villager. I’m hoping to use this skill more in future, including in this game
  2. Well, I would say Mafia, because this is a mountainous, and a mountainous on FoL to be specific (which town has won never), and seeing a town rolecard knowing you’ve most likely lost from the start is not the most motivating thing. But I know if I had randed Mafia, I would probably still end up enjoying it less than town.

i might add that i’ve been thinking about what you said during word match because fuck i feel like you peered into my soul and i am trying to change how i think about things, including this game. i will be trying my best to stay positive this game and avoid doomerposting as much as i can, because i do recognize that it accomplishes nothing and just makes morale worse. if it seems like i’m putting on a happy face at times, this is why.

  1. I… actually don’t know. Seth, maybe? Phraze (does that count lmao)? I’m deliberately trying to exclude people I’ve only seen play as one alignment because it’s easy to have a 100% read rate on someone if you’ve only seen them play as town. Ultimately though there’s no one here I’d really say I have a specific affinity for reading.
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