Blood on the Forums XV - The Everhood - Game Over

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Drawn by Squishy#4531 on discord. Thank you so much!

Hosted by @YoubutWorse and @LadyGaga on the host account @Storyteller

This is Bad Moon Rising on forums (yay!), and it contains flavor from one of my favorite games, Everhood! This will contain spoilers for the characters of Everhood, but should not reveal anything about the story.

Town Composition

This game is designed for between 7 and 15 non-Traveller players. All non-Traveller players are assigned one of the 4 character types, then a character from the possible characters for that type. Players that start as Townsfolk or Outsiders are on the Good team, while players that start as Minions or Demons are on the Evil team. Players cannot change alignments unless explicitly stated.

The number of characters of each type dealt out are as follows:

Total Players Townsfolk Outsiders Minions Demons
7 5 0 1 1
8 5 1 1 1
9 5 2 1 1
10 7 0 2 1
11 7 1 2 1
12 7 2 2 1
13 9 0 3 1
14 9 1 3 1
15 9 2 3 1

No two players will have the same ability at the start of the game.

Starting Evil’s know each others’ identities and character types, but not characters. They have no method of private communication besides whispers, as described below.
Starting Demons know three not-in-play Good characters.

The abilities of certain characters modify the game setup, by adding or subtracting certain characters or character types. These are denoted in [square brackets], and only have an effect if the character is present at the beginning of the game. Unless otherwise stated, the amount of Townsfolk is modified so that the total number of characters given out matches the total playercount.


All players start with exactly one of the following abilities, depending on their character type. Townsfolk and Outsiders are Good characters, while Minions and Demons are Evil characters.

Night * (with an asterisk) in all contexts means “Night, except the first.”

Possible Townsfolk Characters
Grandmother You start knowing a good player & their character. If the demon kills them, you die too.
Sailor Each night, choose an alive player: either you or they are drunk until dusk. You can’t die.
Chambermaid Each night, choose 2 alive players (not yourself, not travelers): you learn how many woke tonight due to their ability.
Exorcist Each night*, choose a player (different to last night): the Demon, if chosen, learns who you are and doesn’t wake tonight.
Innkeeper Each night*, choose 2 players: they can’t die tonight, but one is drunk until dusk.
Gambler Each night*, choose a player & guess their character: if you guess wrong you die.
Gossip* Each day, you may make a public statement. Tonight, if it was true, a player dies.
Courtier Once per game, at night, choose a character: they are drunk for 3 nights & 3 days.
Professor* Once per game, at night*, choose a dead player: if they are a Townsfolk, they are resurrected.
Minstrel When a minion dies by execution, all other players (except Travellers) are drunk until dusk tomorrow.
Tea Lady If both of your alive neighbors are good, they can’t die.
Pacifist Executed good players might not die.
Fool The 1st time you die, you don’t.
  • When making or faking a gossip, ping the host. The host will not respond to any gossips. Only the first gossip made by the gossip will count.

  • The Professor may only choose players who are dead upon the start of night, and may not hunt for the demon kill, due to how this game works in a forum setting

Possible Outsider Characters
Tinker You might die at any time.
Moonchild* When you learn that you died, publicly choose 1 alive player. Tonight, if it was a good player, they die.
Goon Each night, the 1st player to choose you with their ability is drunk until dusk. You become their alignment.
Lunatic You think you are a Demon, but you are not. The Demon knows who you are & who you choose at night.
  • If the Moonchild dies, they will be publicly declared to be claiming Moonchild (as not doing so will result in their loss). All players may choose privately whether or not they wish to claim Moonchild upon their death. Do not abuse this.

  • If you are a demon with a lunatic, you may choose to automatically follow whoever the lunatic kills with exceptions. I.E. “kill whoever the lunatic kills, unless it’s me, a minion, or a dead player.” You will be told who the lunatic attempted to kill regardless at the end of the night.

Possible Minion Characters
Godfather You start knowing which Outsiders are in play. If 1 died today, choose a player tonight: they die. [-1 or +1 Outsider]
Devil’s Advocate Each night, choose a living player (different to last night): if executed tomorrow, they don’t die.
Assassin Once per game, at night*, choose a player: they die, even if for some reason they could not.
Mastermind If the demon dies by execution (ending the game), play for 1 more day. If a player is then executed, their team loses.
Possible Demon Characters
Zombuul Each night*, if no-one died today, choose a player: they die. The 1st time you die, you live but register as dead.
Pukka Each night, choose a player: they are poisoned. The previously poisoned player dies then becomes healthy.
Shabaloth Each night*, choose 2 players: they die. A dead player you chose last night might be regurgitated.
Po Each night*, you may choose a player: they die. If your last choice was no one, choose 3 players tonight.
Phase Lengths

Each day phase will last for 48 hours.

Discussion 12h Players may talk.
Nomination 12h Players who wish to nominate may do so at this time, and votes may begun to be cast during this time as well.
Voting 24h During this time, votes may be cast freely on any existing nomination, but no new nominations may be made. Once this time ends or all votes have been locked in, the day will resolve.

Each night phase will last for 24 hours. The game begins on a night phase, known as Night 1.
Night actions are locked 2 hours before the start of each day.

Night Action Resolution

All actions are processed in a specific order each night. Natural Actin Resolution does not apply. Dead players have no abilities (unless stated otherwise), and if a player is dead during their turn in action resolution, they do not act (unless stated otherwise).

First Night Other Nights
Travellers Travellers
Minion Info Sailor
Lunatic Innkeeper
Demon Info Courtier
Sailor Gambler
Courtier Devil’s Advocate
Godfather Lunatic
Devil’s Advocate Exorcist
Pukka Zombuul
Grandmother Pukka
Chambermaid Shabaloth

The Storyteller is the key moderator for the game; All ability uses at night must be sent to the Storyteller via private message, and Storyteller will have the final say on any open-ended ability behaviors. Storyteller’s goal is to keep the game both fun and balanced, and they’ll often be trying to make it last as long as possible; however, the Storyteller may not alter any existing rules to accomplish this.

The Fabled

The Fabled are special modifiers that the Storyteller can put in play to tweak the game. Fabled will always be announced when they are in play, along with their effect upon gamestate. The most likely fabled to be included are the Djinn to resolve weird interactions on longform, Hell’s Librarian to prevent night talking, and the Fiddler on the off-chance the game gets deadlocked.

Djinn Use the Djinn’s special rule. All players know what it is.
Fiddler Once per game, at night, the Demon secretly chooses a player of an opposing alignment; All players then vote which of these two wins the game.
Hell’s Librarian Something bad might happen to whomever speaks when the Storyteller calls for silence.

Malfunctioning is the primary source of interference with abilities. A malfunctioning character is not told that they are malfunctioning and cannot affect the gamestate in any way using their ability. If a malfunctioning character would receive information, then the information they receive is arbitrary (open-ended, Storyteller may resolve at their discretion). The malfunctioning status lasts indefinitely unless stated otherwise. This is usually known as being drunk or poisoned.

Nominations and Voting

Once the discussion phase has ended, the Storyteller will formally announce the opening of the nomination phase. Players must be nominated before they may be voted on that day. Each player may only be nominated once per day, and each player may only nominate once per day. You may “queue” nominations before they are opened if you will not be available during the timeframe they are opened. When nominating, be sure to ping the storyteller so nominations are not missed.
After 12 hours, nominations will close and voting will begin.
Voting will be similar to a normal FM game. Each player only has 1 vote per day that they may use on any living person. They may switch this vote around as they like, but they may not vote for multiple people to be executed. When voting, be sure to ping the storyteller so votes are not missed. An example vote count would look like this.

Nominator Nominatee Voted by Total Votes
Player A Player B Player C, Player D, Player A 3/7
Player B Player A Player B, Player E 2/7
Player G Player G Player F, Player G 2/7

In the example VC, we can see that Player B received 3 votes out of 7 living players to die. This is not the majority of living players, so they would live in this example.

In order for a vote to pass, it must be a majority of the living players. In the example, because no player has majority of living players (4/7), no one would be executed. In the case of a tie, no player will be executed.


Players may whisper each other in-game through private messages (including both host accounts, but not the actual one. ). Whispers must be publicly announced, by requesting permission to whisper using a format such as /whisper [Player]. Once a whisper has been declared and accepted, the two players may whisper via private message until one of them speaks publicly in the game chat, at which point the whisper is considered broken and the players must declare whispers again if they wish to whisper. Each player can also only whisper up to 3 other players per day.

In addition, a player may make 1 whisper per day to each neighbor of up to 10 words without announcing this in thread. This is separate from the 3 whisper cap.

Some abilities require you to speak privately to the Storyteller during the day. If you wish to do this, you must declare so publicly using a format such as /whisper [Storyteller]. You may choose to declare this even if you do not have one of these abilities. This does not count towards the 3 whisper cap.


When a player dies, nothing is revealed about their character and they are allowed to stay in the game and speak. They may not nominate and they will have only one vote token (this will allow them to cast a vote to execute) for the entire game. Evil players who die may thus continue to help their allies by keeping up their claim and spreading misinformation, and good players may similarly help their allies by retaining relevant info that others may have forgotten in the heat of the game. Once a player dies, their ability stops working, which means that a player killed before they would perform their ability will not perform their ability, and any ability with a persistent effect will end upon the player’s death.


Good wins if all Demons are dead.
Evil wins if only 2 players (not counting Travellers) live.

In the event of a tie, Good wins.
Alternate routes to victory or defeat may exist as detailed by characters’ abilities. The list of all possible characters is above.


A Traveller is a player character that can enter or exit a game at any point. Their identity and ability are known to all players, but their alignment may be either good or evil (which is decided by the Storyteller upon their entry to the game).

Unlike standard players, Travellers exist under some special circumstances.

  • They may be exiled by majority vote at any time, instead of executed. This vote is independent of the nomination/execution system.
  • They do not count as players for any rules, win conditions, or abilities.
  • If they are evil, they learn who the Demon is.
Possible Traveller Characters
Apprentice On your 1st night, you gain a Townsfolk ability (if good), or a Minion ability (if evil).
Matron Each day, you may chose up to 3 sets of 2 players to swap seats. Players may only whisper their neighbors.
Judge Once per game, if another player nominated: you may choose to force the current execution to pass or fail.
Voudon Only you & the dead can vote. They don’t need a vote token to do so. A 50% majority isn’t required.
Bishop Only the Storyteller can nominate. At least 1 opposing player must be nominated each day.
Flavor Rules

This game has flavor, from the game Everhood! This will not affect anything game-related, only to make the role cards and story a bit more interesting. Upon death you will flip as your flavor, and the music corresponding to your flavor (or at least the closet one) will flip as well.

You may claim your flavor name. Flavor is not alignment indicative.
You may not post your flavor image. I just don’t want you to :)
Abilities do not correspond to flavor.



  • Changed flavor rules


  • Changes made with various characters for adaption to a forum setting
  • Changes made with travelers joining


  • Voting Revamped (read through the section pls)


Sign up using /in, seat [X] or /travel in, seat [X] and pinging this account.

There will be a maximum of 15 non-traveller players and 3 travellers, resulting in a total of 18 possible seats. Travellers may sit wherever they wish. I will only allow 1 traveller at 10 players, 2 travellers at 13 players, and 3 travellers at 15 players. If you plan to stay the entire game, I’d very much prefer you join normally instead. If you wish to travel into the game while it is ongoing, please DM both LadyGaga and YouButWorse on the forums with your preferred traveler.

Sample Rolecard

You are…


Storyteller Difference: Once per game, secretly turn the game into an Athiest Game without any player’s knowledge.

Ensure the game has a normal amount of integrity breaches for a BOTF.

  1. CRichard
  2. Eggyolk
  3. PlagueSimp - Died N2
  4. Nightingale
  5. Dolby - Executed Day 1
  6. Kiiruma
  7. Whysper - Died N2
  8. Amelia
  9. Thepigeonnyc - Died N2


  1. Intensify


End of Day 1
End of Day 2


Sorry about the delay everyone!

Rolecards have been sent out and Night 1 begins.

Please like your rolecards to acknowledge them (or reply idc).

Day 1 will start 2022-06-16T18:00:00Z

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Perma VC

Day 1 Final VC

Nominator Nominatee Voted by Total Votes
CRichard Amelia - 0/5
Nightingale Dolby PlagueSimp, Nightingale, Amelia, Egg, Crichard, Kiiruma, ThepigeonNYC 7/5
Amelia ThepigeonNYC - 0/5
Dolby PlagueSimp - 0/5

Day 2 VC

Nominator Nominatee Voted by Total Votes
CRichard Eggyolk PlagueSimp,Kiiruma,CRichard, Eggyolk, Whysper 5/3
Nightingale Kiiruma Amelia,Nightingale 2/3

Actions are locked. Day 1 will start in 2 hours.

The town of Ravenswood Bluff hasn’t encountered a demon for a while, but one night the moon rose with a dist-
–. . - / — …- - / — …-. / … . .-. . --…-- / … - .----. … / — …- .-. / - …- .-. -. / -. — .-- -.-.–

What… Who are you? What are you doing?

Bhdk, zkdw Mrugl vdlg! Ohdyh!
Alright, Fine! I just hope you know what you’re doing with this power…

ZHOFRPH WR WKH HYHUKR- zdlw wklv wudqvodwru lvq’w zrunlqj.

WELCOME TO THE EVERHOOD EVERYONE! Are you all ready for a fun, fun game?

As immortal beings, none of you will actually die, merely turn into ghosts. However there is a DEMON! hidden amongst you all! I’d suggest you get rid of him or else those who are dead… well, the immortality can’t last forever can it?

— … --…-- / — … --…-- / .- -. -… / -… — -. .----. - / -.-- — …- / -… .- .-. . / - .-. -.-- / .- -. -… / -.-. … . .- - -.-.-- / .-- . .----. .-. . / .- .-… .-- .- -.-- … / .-- .- - -.-. … … -. --. -.-.-- / … . … . .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.-

Day 1 has started! Noms open 2022-06-17T06:00:00Z

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Sup I barely understand the setup tbh

If anyone wants to whisper I’m down

tldr its a flipless 7v2 with a flagbearer
for this particular setup a lot of the roles focused around causing or preventing deaths, and reading info into who died
another mechanic with this particular setup is that certain players might survive the elimination, and we can learn stuff based on that

idrk how id get a read on dolby initially
proooooobably not through mechanical talk tbh
guess we wait for more ppl to show up in thread

Smh Rokon we’ve played in like 2 games together I expect a perfect meta read on 3 posts

now im in mindspirals about whether or not that last post is alignment indicative
i blame you for this

Good dolby comes into thread, says things, then says that in response to my post
Evil dolby probably
theres no reason for him not to be doing that? i dont think
evil dolby might be slightly more focused on perception in interacting with peoples reads on him instead of reading other players

its probably just nai but if i had to not put it as nai it would be very slight evil lean
but its probably not worth considering

get in here nerds

I’ll be here for around 10 mins before I pass out

I’m also here

Hello it me

Bruh, the long dahses and "…"s mean you jsut can’t plug it into a morse code translator x-x. STs pls fix.

–. . -/ — …- -/ — …-. / … . .-. . --…-- / … - .----. … / — …- .-. / - …- .-. -. / -. — .-- -.-.–


— … --…-- / — … --…-- / .- -. -… / -… — -. .----. - / -.-- — …- / -… .- .-. . / - .-. -.-- / .- -. -… / -.-/ … . .- - -.-.-- / .-- . .----. .-. . / .- .-… .-- .- -.-- … / .-- .- - -.-. … … -. --. -.-.-- / … . … . .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.-


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