BotF XVII: U-Pick Your Poison - D6 - Lil Monsta (And the Evil Team) Wins!

I can’t nominate CRichard. I am dead.

I thought you had that convo with the hoast

you realize i know that zone guessed damsel right

(is crich correct in saying that bella is outted evil btw)

Shut up!!!


@ElizaThePsycho has nominated @CRichardFortressLies

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being wrong = you are throwing, i guess?

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Doncha know playing bad is the exact same as being hitla

You know, I did look at our current numbers a little closer, and it does appear that perhaps nominating someone who is not my first priority for execution is a little bit excessive right now, but being confident and impulsive does not constitute gamethrowing, buddy. I believe you are evil. I believe I have solved the game.

Oh, wait, Nuto is dead. Actually this is fine I’m fine with this

If I’ve made a mistake somewhere along the line and evils attempt to force a tie or CRichard’s execution, I can just burn my deadvote to do so. It’ll be a bit of a waste, but I’m willing to take risks for what I believe, and I currently absolutely do still stand with my points w/r/t CRichard.

Could you list what you believe each player is for me?

Holy fuck that bold text looks so bad how does magnus make it look good



  1. Bellatrix - Baron
  2. Amelia - Puzzlemaster
  3. ElizaThePsycho - Slayer
  4. Crazynuto - Evil Twin (Atlas)
  5. Silviu200350 (Scapegoat [Evil])
  6. Leafia (Alchemist [Fearmonger])
  7. CRichardFortressLies (Mezepheles [Word was “bamboozled”, something Magnus says a lot, given to Zone in whisper quoted in LMAO LOL above, said right afterward])
  8. JakeTheWolfie (Drunk [Pixie {Fearmonger}])
  9. Zone_Q11 (Mathematician [Evil])
  10. May (Dreamer)
  11. Caspore (Tinker)
  12. Atlas (Cult Leader)
  13. Kiiruma (Damsel)

Demon is the Lil’ Monsta, haven’t quite solved who had it what night but I’m sure it’s out there in their behaviour.

One Puzzledrunk is missing, and I’m unsure where exactly it is, but given how much a mess this setup is… perhaps on Caspore or Kiiruma? Don’t know much about Blood on the Clocktower balance, dunno if a Drunk Damsel is considered like, too much :crogge:

They’re the Good Twin, Synthetic

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Magnus uses ##; they also put request for accusation and defence here.

I’m not following the line with CRich being Meze

Semicolon pog??

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omg stop stop stop!!!