[BUG] Site Invitation

So I found this site-breaking glitch while trying to invite a friend to this site, it’s the first time I’ve heard of this so I’m assuming it’s either new or I’m the only person with friends.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create an invitation using the link in your profile and click it. That’s literally it.
Images inside, spoiled by mods to make the post smaller:


We are still working out how to best handle the situation, and part of this requires hearing back from our site hosts. We’ve banned the two relevant users in the meantime, so nothing in your private messages should be viewable by anybody unaccounted for.

The option of reverting the site to a backup is one that is a possibility. In the event it happens, the last available backup is about 18 hours old (as of the creation of this post, closer to 20 hours as of now). We would prefer to not have to do this, but the possibility of it being our best option is there. We would recommend backing up anything you have done on the site in the past day or so that you would like to not lose, just to be safe. If we do have to go this route, we will try to give another heads-up before we do.

Again, in the meantime, your patience and understanding is extremely appreciated. This situation is a very unique one for us and properly handling it is imperative. Magnus is inside of our walls as we speak and we are working as fast as we can to get them out safely.

– katze, and the FoL Moderation Team




did i send a message to you by accident


You did not. This glitch happened when I tried to invite a friend by the name of Prisma, and I reproduced it on my main instead of an alt like a dummy. I’m quite literally in your walls.

whichever programmer decided that inviting someone to a site means they should have access to literally every dm on the site, please step forward, i have some questions

i can confirm it’s all of them, by the way: magnus and his friend are literally in the mod communication announcing my hosting blacklist


Also I hope only you can see that Ghost FM which I didn’t even invite you towards :skull:

Hey ici, can you open your forum inbox to see if you see “Ghost FM”? :skull:

anyway, this is the funniest fucking glitch in site history
this might have been around for years just because it’s attatched to a function nobody uses

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i didn’t invite myself because i don’t want to breach integrity, it’s just magnus is visibly in pre-eixsting DMs of mine

i had to chase various people with a broom to get out of players rolecards

Jeeeeez, thank god I didn’t reveal state secrets in there

I can confirm it’s not just a visual glitch.
This could’ve been caught easier if Prisma and I just screenshared during the signup process, but yeah.

At least I will go down in history as the fool who found it.

this works
please don’t try it
considering the implications of joining every private message on the server

Should I replicate the glitch? Maybe not

This is very funny

Silviu on his way to see SECRETS OF THE PAST

Do not replicate it. I’m just explaining how it works so everyone can avoid doing something they never would’ve done in the first place.

Create Invite sounds like a supervillain tool that is actually scripted for you to autoinvite yourself