Chair of Deception- Signups (17/17)

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Welcome to Chair of Deception - hosted by @Datbird, @Geyde , and @Wazza

And VC botted by @chloe and @Zone_Q11

Reviewed by the CoD Balance Team (so like Dat, Geyde, Arete, and the occasional Kat)


Follow the Global Forum Rules , and the Official Forum Game Rules . Please make sure you have enough time for this game before you sign up.

Alts are allowed but have to be approved by DatBird through dms


  • Days are 48 hours long or until an execution ends it, Nights last 24 hours.
  • You will be provided a DM with your classcard by the host, send your actions there.
  • Unshackled/Cult will talk through a special Discord server
  • All other private messages will take place through the forum.
  • Flavor, if it exists, is not alignment-indicative.
  • 15 posts minimum per day phase, unless day ended by an execution early slackers will be removed the night of through replacements or modkills if needed.


  • To accuse someone say “/vote [player]” and ping @CHAIR-OF-DECEPTION: **/vote [player] @CHAIR-OF-DECEPTION** and **/unvote @CHAIR-OF-DECEPTION**. Votes without pings will not count
  • Should the votes reach majority, that player will be executed and the day will end.
  • When the day ends, the player with the most votes will be executed.
  • Tied votes will result in a player being eliminated at random from among the tied players.
  • Voting “no execute” is an option.
  • You may self vote. but you are cringe

Picking a New King

  • At the start of day 2 and every day phase after a king dies, a king election takes place. There will not be an election if there are 4 or less players alive.
  • When the king dies a 12 hour period starts. In this, players may vote in their class PM for who they want to become the next king.
  • Voting for execution may take place simultaneously. If a majority execution takes place before the end of the 12 hour period, the election instantly resolves.
  • Whoever receives the most votes in this period will be crowned king. If votes are tied, a king election will be held the next day to determine it.

Action Results

Ask the hosts if you have any questions.
The feedback list works for most results.

Night abilities will be processed in following order/priority:

  1. Visit Prevention
  2. Occupation
  3. Bus Driving (target swapping)
  4. Killing
  5. Protection
  6. Miscellaneous Effects (like Bounty)
  7. Investigation 1 (Faction checks, type checks, etc)
  8. Conversion
  9. Investigation 2 (Every kind of investigation which checks for abilities used this night)

In case there are conflicts on the same level (example: two bankers bus drive the same people), all these conflicting effects are canceled.


DM the host what you want on your journal. When you die, the last update to your journal will be revealed to everyone. It has a limit of 1000 characters.



1.Luminary / Cult Leader
2 Assassin / Baron / Random Cult
4.Random Azure Dragoon
5.Random Azure Dragoon
6.Random Azure Dragoon
7.Random Azure Dragoon
8.Random Azure Dragoon
9.Random Azure Dragoon
10.Random Azure Dragoon
11.Random Azure Dragoon
12.Random Azure Dragoon
13.Random Azure Dragoon
14.Random Azure Dragoon
15.Random Azure Dragoon / Random Neutral Non-Evil
16.Random Neutral Non-Evil
17. Neutral Evil

If there are any mistakes found before classcards are given they will be announced and fixed in the card thread.


  1. EliThePsycho
  2. Kiiruma
  3. Blizer
  4. CRichardFortressLies
  5. ATNoName
  6. Arctic
  7. Gorta
  8. Apprentice (they felt cute)
  9. Dum
  10. Sand
  11. Amelia
  12. Lol
  13. Atlas
  14. Aelin
  15. Jarek
  16. orangeandblack5
  17. ClonedCheese


  1. Nightingale
  2. Arctic
  3. Intensify
  4. Amelia
  5. Whysper
  6. Min
  7. Hippo
  8. Daeron
  9. Capybara


  1. YBW (informed)
  2. Arete (informed)
  3. Marshal (uninformed)
  4. Napoleon (uninformed)


have fun


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this can only end well

why do you always respond a millisecond after signups open

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I am praying for Neut Evil… so hard.

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might in later

lets flip a coin
heads, you’re in
tails, you’re not in

Move this to a private whisper with me and disco so we don’t cyberbully dat


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I can /in.

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aaa i really wanna play the first CoD because it will be iconic but idk if i can multitable


definitely /backup atleast for now tho


I’m in two games and about to decide whether to join a third

Was bout to say backing up lets you have potentially the best of both worlds

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believe it or not i don’t have time to nolife these games every day of the year
only like
1/3 of the year


you tried being really sick
does wonders

i havent actually, surprisingly
will consider it in future

Dont stretch yourself too thin my dude, focus on ur other games for now. No real rush

I haven’t had anything to do in weeks so