Chapter I - The Jutting Watchtower - The Welcome Feast Looms…

Hosted and designed by @nightingale.

Cohosted by @Zone_Q11, @Wazza, and @Bellatrix.


Follow all Forum Rules and Forum Game Rules.
I reserve the right to arbitrarily place players on low priority signups.
Days will last 48 hours. Nights will last 24 hours.
Actions submitted within 2 hours of deadline may not be processed.
Voting is by plurality on Day 1. Voting is by plurality or majority on future days.
Due to the nature of this game, XyLo will not be announced. Votes will be locked when 3 players live.

When you sign up, you may privately notify us to get a higher chance of receiving a rolecard with heavy bastard elements.
When you sign up, you may privately notify us to get a higher chance of receiving a character with a specific gender.
When you sign up, you may privately describe a character’s vibe to get a higher chance of receiving a character that matches that vibe.
None of these choices are alignment-indicative.
You may not discuss any of these choices until the game is over.

This game has complex roles.
By signing up, you are agreeing to spend the time necessary to understand your role.

Nightingale’s Action Processing Guidelines

Night actions will be generally in the following order.
:japanese_castle: Roleblocks / Redirects / Manipulative
:japanese_castle: Protective
:japanese_castle: Miscellanea
:japanese_castle: Killing / Attacking
:japanese_castle: Investigative
Abilities on the same step will generally attempt to be processed at the same time.
Passives apply immediately after the ability that triggers them.

Roleblocks, by default, disable all ongoing effects of a players’ abilities for the duration of the roleblock (until the end of the phase, unless otherwise stated).
Unless otherwise stated, dead players may be targeted by abilities.
Players can multitask indefinitely.

Earth to Earth

All players start with at least one ability.
There are exactly 17 Imperialists at the start of the game.
All others are Ancient Spirits.
You may claim flavor in the topmost section of your rolecard freely, as long as you do not copy-paste images or large blocks of text.
Flavor is alignment indicative. Players that would detriment from this have safeclaims.
Flavor claiming and discussion is encouraged.
Familiarity with the previous chapter will provide an advantage for solving bastard elements, but is not necessary to participate.

SANE players will fail when performing killing actions.
FRAGILE players will fail when performing killing actions.
INSANE players do not receive feedback.
Abilities may change depending on their user’s Sanity.
They will be informed when this happens.

Win conditions (the bottommost section) will not be revealed on flips.
Dead interaction exists, but is not pivotal.

You post more than 200 times per day at your own risk.
You may claim your role name or abilities at your own risk.

All below rules may be broken.
I do not wish to make this game unfair.
All rulebleaks of the rules below will be clued in by the flavor of this game and the previous.
The lower a rule is, the less trustworthy it should be regarded as.

Illusions to Illusions

All Imperialists win if and only if all Ancient Spirits are banished.
Players have no abilities while dead, unless explicitly stated. Any ongoing effects due to a players’ abilities will cease when they die.
Roleblocked gated abilities will not be refunded.
No unassigned abilities exist.

All players know their win conditions.
Your rolecard will not overtly lie to you.
Win conditions cannot change after the game has begun.
Players will flip correctly.
Investigative results will return correctly.

The Butterflies’ Coffin

Mikhail di Neiro

Empire Usurper

The elder of the two di Neiro siblings and the heir apparent to the Crown States after Lucifer’s passing the previous year. A former Lion, she graduated out of the university the previous year. This year, she is in the Crown States, managing state affairs for her ailing father.

Ability: Guard of the Futures
Mikhail can, by concentrating, scry on a person to observe the world through their senses, without any distance limits. In order to do this, she needs to have physically touched them before. She can only do this for one person at a time, and she has no perception of her own senses while doing this. The observed person can feel something foreign in their mind.

Female — March 5 — 18 — FRAGILE

On Borrowed TimePassive
You know there is a Prince, an Empire player with a fullcop ability.
This ability will be redacted from their flip.
An informed minority faction also knows their role exists, and has a gated factional ability.
If they target the Prince with this ability, something very bad will happen.

Never Make Me Cry AgainNight, 2-Shot
Choose a player.
If they are the Prince, their status as the Prince will be removed.

You are aligned with the Empire.
You win when all Ancient Spirits are banished.

Those Bound by the Golden Lock









/spectate don’t have the time to play right now but i’m very excited for this so


is this intentional

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they have the same baseline mechanical effect but may be affected differently by other abilities



Now this. This is very very interesting.


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if the trip is in the next week or so, you can check back to see if signups are still open when you come back!

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Is this meant to be repeated

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and re: beancat, read up!



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Im blind
May in depending on schedule, ping if slow on filling

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fun fact: that was one of the very first questions the review team asked too lol


This game looks pretty eastern oriented judging from the Imperialist and Ancient Spirits.

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Yeah I’ll do tnat

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