DO NOT POST - FAM2 Day 1 Thread

We also had our first forum overload (even if it was only about 5 seconds). Good shit team


Alright. Flip time.

Sulit was...

I made an alignment chart using pictures of my cat
Mafia Pro Minecrafter

Potion of Strength (Passive) - Your base ITA hitrate is 48%.

Totem Holding (Passive) - You start the game with two items: Totem of Undying and Totem of Dying.

Totem of Undying - Can be passed along the wolves freely at night. While holding it the first ITA that would hit you instead misses. This item is permanently gone when either the holder dies or its protection activates.
Totem of Dying - Can be passed along freely at night. While holding it you are 15% more likely to be hit by ITAs and any BPVs you hold are ineffective. Whenever a player holding a Totem of Dying dies, you will get a new one.

You win the game if no more threats to the Mafia exist or nothing can prevent that from happening.


It’s come to our attention that a spectator has been liking some posts.

Casual reminder that spectators are all uninformed.

Do not discuss this in the game going forward.

also sheep results are coming but will be a bit late


EOD1 Flavor

Katze and Dominic Toretto enjoying their afternoon on the Thousand Sunny finally land in Tokyo. They say goodbye to the straw hat pirates and head into the city to visit Katze’s father’s dealership.

“I don’t know if this is a good idea,” says Dominic, who has never been outside of the country before and isn’t sure how he’ll handle it. “If I’m not careful, you might find me smoking in public again.” He laughs at his own joke.

“That was a long time ago,” she says with a smile. She looks around as they walk through town; there are so many people everywhere. “This place is crazy!”

He nods. “Yeah, but we’re here now.”

They take the train-boat to her father’s dealership. When they get off, she asks him for directions.

“Doesn’t your dad have an app?”

She shakes her head. “No.”

Dominic points to a sign near the entrance. “It’s right over there.” She takes out her phone and opens up Google Maps. It guides them to the shop, which is located in a business district that also houses several other car dealerships. Right before they arrive Master Cheif jumps out of an alley gun raised, before noticing his old friend Katze.

“Katze! There you are!” He rushes forward and hugs her tight.

“You too, Dominic. How have you been?”

“Good,” he replies with a nod. He notices that everyone else in the store is staring at them.

“Who’s this?” Katzes cat father strolls out of the car dealership.

“Dad, this is Dominic Toretto. He is my—”

“I know who he is. You told me about him a few weeks ago when you went to see Paul Walker’s funeral.”

Dominic steps back. “Oh.”

“Come on inside. Let me show you some of the cars.”

Meanwhile somewhere else Sulit died or something.





Question 1: What is the objectively best measuring system for temperature?

Celsius - 16
Farenheit - 10
Kelvin - 6

Question 2: Who is your favorite FoLer to play with?

Chloe - 13
WindwardAway - 5
katze - 4
Arctic - 2
Firekitten - 2
Marshal - 2
dybudabu - 1
Joe - 1
RopeStringFace - 1
Whysper - 1

Question 3: Which kind of pet is the best?

Cat - 26
Dog - 2
Hamster - 1
Joycat - 1
Rock - 1
Leafia’s Pet (Marshal I think) - 1

Question 4: Which FoLrus category is your favorite?

Wildcard - 9
Songs to Play When Sieging a Castle - 7
Non-Christmas Holiday Music - 4
Rainy Daze - 2
Stone, Iron, and Steel - 2
Don’t Skip the Opening - 2
Stickerbush Symphonies - 1
idk - 1
Investigative - 1
FM Games - 1
Weezer - 1

Question 5: Which game on Fortress of Lies (new site) was the best?

Poor Approximations of Catgirls - 9
FoL Annual Mash - 3
Trials and Tribulations - 3
Prehistoric Purgatory - 2
A Certain Scientific Railgun Mafia - 2
Osie’s 18th Circle of Hell - 2
FoL Annual Mash 2 - 2
Hydra-Optional Vig10er- 1
Player’s Choice Invitational - 1
Hydra Popcorn: Cat Flavor - 1
The ‘Supa Mario’ Sorcerer17 - 1
none - 1
idk - 1
The test thread - 1
Are you smarter than a fourm user? - 1
Deus Ex 5 - 1

Question 6: How many threads do you think this game will need?

3 - 11
4 - 8
5 - 5
6 - 4
7 - 2
3.14159265358979323 - 1
too many to count - 1

Question 7: What is your favorite food?

Pizza - 13
Ramen - 3
Sushi - 1
Biscuits - 1
Pho - 1
Steak - 1
Bread - 1
Wolves - 1
Burgers - 1
Eatable food - 1
Chicken breasts, hold the chicken - 1
Rice - 1
Korn on the kob - 1
Pancakes - 1
Pasta - 1
Potatoe - 1
Vanilla town - 1
Ice cream - 1

Question 8: Which catgirl game was the most fun?

Poor Approximations of Catgirls - 15
Catgirl Jester Nightless - 7
None - 3
idk - 2
Nekopara - 2
Catgirl Bomb Nightless - 1
Catgirl Night Jesterless - 1
what catgirl game? y’all got catgirl games? - 1

Question 9: What’s your favorite TV show/anime?

Avatar: The Last Airbender - 3
One Piece - 3
Breaking Bad - 2
Naruto - 2
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - 2
Stranger Things - 1
none - 1
Violet Evergarden - 1
Kaguya-sama: Love Is War - 1
Friday Night Lights - 1
Jeopardy - 1
My Hero Academia - 1
i read manga, bitch - 1
Succession - 1
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure - 1
Puella Magi Madoka Magica - 1
Beyond Belief - 1
Spongebob Squarepants - 1
Orange is the New Black - 1
BCS - 1
Kevin Can Wait - 1
Sigatsu wa Kimi no Uso - 1
One Punch Man - 1
My Hero Academia - 1
Spy × Family - 1

Question 10: Which historic FoL meme is your favorite?

Boats - 5
Joycat - 5
Gorta Tree - 5
The Lying Darkness - 4
I’m not an outted wolf, stop saying I am - 1
Seth - 1
Mildly villagery nuance - 1
none - 1
Self-resolving - 1
Marl died of the plague - 1
Katze fake claiming - 1
Dybu Dabu - 1
yeah I have no chance of getting this one have a heart emoji :heart: - 1
I CC Jailkeeper - 1
Like this post if Kat is dumb - 1
All of them - 1

Thanks to everyone who submitted!


Truest News Source with Tess Ardent Issue #1 5/23/22


The Future of Tess Ardent

The producers of Breaking News with Tess Ardent have unanimously decided to replace Tess Ardent with an imposter named Whysper. They claimed that Tess Ardent was getting paid to push propaganda for King @Hippopablompoyeetus. Because of their unprofessional behavior and baseless accusations I had to create my own blog called Truest News Source with Tess Ardent. I hope the people looking forward to seeing their favorite queen on TV know who to blame tomorrow when the scheduled riots occur.

With that disappointing subject out of the way, I am excited to announce that Tess Ardent was given exclusive access to wolf chat in order to conduct a final interview with Sulit before they left this mortal realm.

Interview With Sulit

Tess Ardent: Good evening Sulit, how are you doing?
Sulit: uh, pretty good. whispers to a host in the background do I have to answer their questions?
Hosts: Yes.
Tess Ardent: So, tell me, what exactly is it like being a member of the mafia?
Sulit: uh, well…every now and then I have to pass some voodoo charms around to other people. Sometimes I even have to kill people. Though there is a pizza party every Thursday. That’s pretty cool.
Tess Ardent: I heard rumors that you were being pushed by other members of the Mafia. Can you confirm whether or not this is the case?
Sulit: I cannot confirm or deny these rumors.
Tess Ardent: Let me ask a different question then. Do the names Cape or Alice, or Arctic ring a bell to you?
Sulit:….Arctic didn’t even vote m-
Tess Ardent:Well, that’s quite alright Sulit. We are out of time anyway for this interview. I hope you enjoy the gulag.


Host Announcement

As is unfortunately standard on Discourse, the thread starts to get a little… messed up after it hits 10k posts. As a result, we are making another thread for Day 2, despite the breathing room we currently have. We will provide a link to that thread in this thread after its creation.

Once Day 2 has started, this topic will be opened to allow quoting - however, do not post anything here.


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