FAM2 Game Thread 3 - Days 3 & 4

Welcome to FoL’s Annual Mash: 2 Fast 2 Furious!

Hosted by @DatBird , @Geyde, @Katze, @orangeandblack5, @astand, and @bearsquared

Host account: @FAMHost


Follow the Global Forum Rules as well as the Forum Game Rules

Flavorclaiming is not allowed. More information can be found farther down.

What is FAM?

All roles are custom-made, and will be designed based on the players of Fortress of Lies (and its predecessor, Forum of Lies), with priority given to players who join the game. You may even get lucky and roll yourself!

Due to player size, some players roles may be vanilla. But they will still have unique flavor based on said person.

Players must play on their main account, or a publicly known previously made alt. Alts will have their mains noted in the player list. The alt still needs approval from the hosting team and will be approved on a case by case basis.

This game will feature In-Thread-Attacks (ITAs). Along with this, there will be events in which you can earn prizes (or even death)!

There will be at least two factions - Town and Mafia.
Third-party roles (neutrals) may exist.


  • There is no majority, only a deadline elimination. Whoever has the most votes at the end of the day will be eliminated.
  • All votes must be in the form of **/vote [player]** to be considered valid, and all unvotes must be in the form **/unvote** . Be sure to ping @FAMHost when you vote so we don’t miss it. After voting in the main thread, send a link to the post in which you voted in the voting thread, or your vote may not be counted.
  • You may self-vote. Along with this, no-elimination is a valid vote, and may be hammered to end the day early. In cases where no-elim and another vote are tied at the end of the day, no-elim will have priority in the rand.
  • Tied votes will result in a player being eliminated at random from among the tied players.
  • MyLo (mis-eliminate and lose) and LyLo (eliminate or lose) will not be announced, and votes will not be locked.


  • Days are 24 hours and nights are 24 hours. In the instance the day ends early due to majority, the Night phase will be extended to begin day at a consistent time. SOD and EOD will be around 8:00 PM EDT (00:00 UTC).
  • Deadline to submit Night actions is 2 hours before Night ends.
  • Deadline to submit Day actions is 1 hour before Day ends, unless specified otherwise.
  • Barring the potential existence of janitors, flips will always be true. Rolecards will not be fake. Conversion does not exist. Game-ending jesters do not exist.
  • Other than the above, everything is on the table (:
  • We will be following Natural Action Resolution. If there are any major issues with NAR, Reasonable Action Resolution may be utilized. (We don’t expect this to occur)
  • Should the main thread reach 9k posts or hosts decide it, a new thread will be created.


  • On Day 3, there will be four ITA windows that will start at 12 AM, 5 AM, 10 AM, and 5 PM EST. These windows will last 1 hour. During this period, you may submit an ITA by typing some variety of **/ITA [player]** and pinging the host account: @FAMHost
  • ITAs have a base accuracy of 15%.
  • Do not attempt to ITA if you are out of shots. If you shoot a dead player, your shot will be refunded.
  • If a player is protected from an ITA, the feedback will be ‘Hit! Nobody died.’ Otherwise the feedback will be a death, or ‘Miss!’
  • ITAs will be disabled after a certain point. This will be whenever the hosts deem fit.

Rolecards and Flavor

Example Rolecard


If you thought we should have learned our lesson from BM4 - Isekai about unkillable at Night neighborhoods, we thought we did too!
Town Deathproof Neighbor

We Learned! (Passive): You are in a neighborhood with a random player.
Right? (Passive): You cannot die. Ever. No matter what.

Eliminate the Mafia and all other possible threats to the Town.

The user is bearsquared, the role name is Town Deathproof Neighbor, and the flavor is “If you thought we should have learned our lesson from BM4 - Isekai about unkillable at Night neighborhoods, we thought we did too!”, as well as the ability names “We Learned!” and “Right?”.


Do not claim or paraphrase any quotes or flavor within your rolecard. Do not claim the name of your abilities or passives. You may paraphrase what your passives or abilities do , but may not repeat the text word-for-word.

The alignment of any User will be entirely random. Attempting to solve the game based on flavor is useless.

Standard Win Conditions

Town is the uninformed majority. Their win condition is:
Eliminate the Mafia and all other possible threats to the Town.

Mafia is the informed minority. Their win condition is:
You win the game if no more threats to the Mafia exist or nothing can prevent that from happening.

Other win conditions may or may not exist.

Living Players

  1. @Alice - Mercenary, Mafia BBEG, survived
  2. @nightingale - Hippopablompoyeetus, Mafia Memelord, survived
  3. @thepigeonnyc - Marshal, Mafia Jailkeeper (?) turned Solic, Mafia Night Vigilante, survived

Dead Players

  1. @WisdomSolic, Mafia Night Vigilante, died in an event Day 1
  2. @sulit - sulit, Mafia Pro Minecrafter, eliminated Day 1
  3. @Chloe - clonedcheese, Town Robot Controller [Numbers], killed Night 1
  4. @catbae - Chloe, Vanilla Town, killed Night 1
  5. @Marshal - astand, Town Day Angel, killed Night 1
  6. @illwei - thepigeonnyc, Town Night ITA Shooter, killed Night 1
  7. @Whysper - Nightingale, Mafia Factionalizer, killed Day 2
  8. @JakeTheWolfie - Squirrel2412, Town Robot Controller [Letters], killed in ITAs D2
  9. @Hippopablompoyeetus - Amelia, Town King, killed in ITAs D2
  10. @Demisha - Kiiruma, Mafia Clever Fullcop, killed in ITAs D2
  11. @YouButWorse - Marluxion, Town FoLrus (Late) Reviewer, killed in ITAs D2
  12. @ATNoName - ATNoName, Town Maid, killed in ITAs D2
  13. @Prophylaxis - ElizathePsycho, Mafia ERROR turned Jaqen H’ghar, Mafia Larper, killed D2
  14. @Cape90 - Intensify, Town Strongwiller, eliminated D2
  15. @Kyubey - Daeron, Town Tess Ardent, killed Night 2
  16. @epitau - Ruby, Town Cosplayer, killed Night 2
  17. @Shending_Help - Conroy, Town ITA Rager, killed Night 2
  18. @WindwardAway - Arete, Town Box Wielder, killed in ITAs d3
  19. @Arctic - Italy, Mafia Revolver Ocelot, killed in ITAs d3
  20. @GGhana - Vulgard, Town Overly Restrictive KP JOAT, killed in ITAs d3
  21. @Leafia - Ranta, Town Walter White, killed in ITAs d3
  22. @mollylikesorigami - Alice, Town Deadline JOAT, killed in ITAs d3
  23. @Maxi - CRichardFortressLies, Mafia 1-shot Dayvig, killed in ITAs d3
  24. @Ashlyn - Wazza, Town Lying Darkness, killed in ITAs d3, rest peacefully d3
  25. @Drinks - Atlas, Town Spammer, killed in ITAs d3
  26. @Taffy - min, Town KPOP Star, killed d3
  27. @mansnicks - Mistyx, Town First Guardian, eliminated D3
  28. @Wazza - Wisdom, Town Bleeder, bled out D3
  29. @Apprentice - Apprentice, Town Event Prize Doubler, BOATS’d on n3
  30. @nutella - Whysper, Town ERROR turned Hiro, Town Overconfident Catboy, BOATS’d on n3
  31. @Kiiruma - Luxy, Town Gladiator, BOATS’d on n3
  32. @Blizer - WindwardAway, Town Please Shut Up, killed N3
  33. @Luxy - Illwei, Town Tripleshooter, killed N3
  34. @SirDerpsAlot - Aelin, Town Night Vigilante, killed N3
  35. @BradLand - Prophylaxis, Town Claim Vanillarizer, killed N3
  36. @Solic - eevee, Mafia Event Host, exploded N3
  37. @NANOOK - Zone_Q11, Town Execution Bountier, killed in ITAs D4
  38. @Ruby - Arctic, Mafia Sheep Herder, killed in ITAs D4
  39. @Atlas - Leafia, Town Jailkeeper, killed in ITAs D4
  40. @Ranta - Trochilidae, Town Dreaming God Poisoner, killed in ITAs D4
  41. @Marluxion - SirDerpsAlot, Mafia Goon, eliminated D4
  42. @beancat - Lucky, Town Goner, killed Night 4
  43. @Amelia - Blizer, Town Blade Runner, killed Night 4
  44. @eevee - Youbutworse, Town Peaceful Backup turned ATNoName, Town Maid, exploded Night 4
  45. @Gorta - GGhana, Town Imposter, killed Day 5
  46. @Outedwolf - Icibalus, Mafia Most Sane Forumer, eliminated D5
  47. @CRichardFortressLies - Firekitten, Town Party Cop, endgamed
  48. @ElizaThePsycho - Gorta, Town Cop, endgamed
  49. @Frostwolf103 - Jane, Town Gutless Watcher, endgamed
  50. @Italy - Frostwolf103, Town Crewmate, endgamed
  51. @Zone_Q11 - MaximusPrime, Town ITA Bountier, endgamed


  1. Arete
  2. Dolby
  3. Jaiden


  1. Jane
  2. The_Pretender
  3. Icibalus
  4. Mistyx
  5. Trochilidae
  6. Lucky
  7. Hally


Day 1

Start of Day 1
Asynchronous Event Announcement - Sheep
Event Announcement - Lifeboat
Wisdom dies in Lifeboat - Solic, Mafia Night Vigilante
Event Announcement - Spyfall
Event Announcement - Anime Music Quiz (on a boat)
End of Day 1, sulit is eliminated - sulit, Mafia Pro Minecafter

Day 2

Four people died during the night! - catbae - Chloe, Vanilla Town; Chloe - clonedcheese, Town Robot Controller [Numbers]; Marshal - astand, Town Day Angel; illwei - thepigeonnyc, Town Night ITA Shooter
Event Announcement - Geoguessr
Whysper died - Nightingale, Mafia Factionalizer
ITA Period 1
JakeTheWolfie died in ITAs - Squirrel2412, Town Robot Controller [Letters]
Event Announcement - FoL Trivia (now with boats)
ITA Period 2
Hippopablompoyeetus died in ITAs - Amelia, Town King
Demisha died in ITAs - Kiiruma, Mafia Clever Fullcop
ITA Period 3
YoubutWorse died in ITAs - Marluxion, Town FoLrus (Late) Reviewer
ATNoName died in ITAs - ATNoName, Town Maid
Event Announcement - Cringe Ass You Laugh You Lose Challenge (Boat Version)
Prophylaxis is killed - ElizathePsycho, Mafia ERROR turned Jaqen H’ghar, Mafia Larper
ITA Period 4
Event Announcement - Ruined With One Letter
End of Day2, cape90 is eliminated - Intensify, Town Strongwiller
Asynchronous Event Announcement - The FAMfic Competition

Day 3

Three people died during the night! - Kyubey - Daeron, Town Tess Ardent; epitau - Ruby, Town Cosplayer; Shending_Help - Conroy, Town ITA Rager
Event Announcment - Amiibo Fight Club: Now Featuring Datbird 2: Boat
Event Announcement - No Man Can Outsmart Boooo(at)llet
ITA Period 1
WindwardAway died in ITAs - Arete, Town Box Wielder
Arctic died in ITAs - Italy, Mafia Revolver Ocelot
GGhana died in ITAs - Vulgard, Town Overly Restrictive KP JOAT
Leafia died in ITAs - Ranta, Town Walter White
mollylikesorigami died in ITAs - Alice, Town Deadline JOAT
Maxi died in ITAs - CRichard, Mafia 1-shot Dayvig
Event Announcement - its chess
ITA Period 2
Ashlyn died in ITAs
Drinks died in ITAs - Atlas, Town Spammer
Event Announcement - its chess
Taffy dies - min, Town KPOP Star
Ashlyn rests peacefully - Wazza, Town Lying Darkness
ITA Period 3
Event Announcement - Battleboats: Battle Royale
ITA Period 4
Intercontinental Ballistic Missile launched at SirDerpsAlot!
Event Announcement - The Boat of Horrors
The ICBM breaks up in the atmosphere
End of Day 3, mansnicks is eliminated - Mistyx, Town First Guardian
Wazza bleeds out - Wisdom, Town Bleeder
Three people died in the Boat of Horrors! - Apprentice - Apprentice, Town Event Prize Doubler; nutella - Whysper, Town ERROR turned Hiro, Town Overconfident Catboy; Kiiruma - Luxy, Town Gladiator;

Day 4

Five people died during the night! - Blizer - WindwardAway, Town Please Shut Up; Luxy - Illwei, Town Tripleshooter; SirDerpsAlot - Aelin, Town Night Vigilante; BradLand - Prophylaxis, Town Claim Vanillarizer; Solic, eevee, Mafia Event Host
Ranta has been poisoned
ITA Period 1
NANOOK died in ITAs - Zone_Q11, Town Execution Bountier
Event Announcement - Super Auto Pets
ITA Period 2
Asynchronous Event Announcement - the hosts ran out of event ideas and are narcissists (on a boat) (fuck disney)
Ruby died in ITAs - Arctic, Mafia Sheep Herder
ITA Period 3
Atlas died in ITAs - Leafia, Town Jailkeeper
Event Announcement - Short Fuse Turboat
ITA Period 4
Ranta dies in ITAs - Trochilidae, Town Dreaming God Poisoner
End of Day 4, Marluxion is eliminated - SirDerpsAlot, Mafia Goon

Day 5

Three people died during the night! - beancat - Lucky, Town Goner; Amelia - Blizer, Town Blade Runner; eevee - Youbutworse, Town Peaceful Backup turned ATNoName, Town Maid
Gorta died - GGhana, Town Imposter
End of Day 5, Outedwolf is eliminated - Icibalus, Mafia Most Sane Forumer


The Mafia have won!

Voting Thread

ITA Thread

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Three people were killed in the night!

@Kyubey has died!

There is definitely one My Little Pony member in Arete/PKR/Solic. Let’s shatter their friendship. It’s not magic.
Town Tess Ardent

TANK (Passive) - Your base ITA hit chance is 40%.

Crusade for the Truth [or Death] (Day/Night) - Three times per cycle during the day or night, you may make a post which will be posted publicly by the hosts via way of news announcement.

Eliminate the Mafia and all other possible threats to the Town.

@epitau has died!

What if we got explosives? Those seem good to handle any and all of our problems.
Town Cosplayer

Larper Above (Passive) - Cosplaying as certain characters during the day phase will unlock night abilities for you. Cosplaying is defined as roleplaying as, posting images/gifs of, and/or making a good faith effort to emulate their personality.

- Killjoy (VALORANT)

Lockdown (Night) - Once per game, you may set your Lockdown next to a player. The next night, they will be roleblocked and all visits to them will fail. You cannot use any abilities the next night. If you die before the end of the next night, Lockdown will be negated.

- Megumin (Konosuba)

EXPLOSION!!! (Night) - Once per game, you may strongman kill a player. At the start of the next day, it will be announced that you killed them. You cannot use any abilities the following night.

- Sayaka Maizono (Danganronpa)

Truck-kun~ (Night) - Once per game, you may steal target players ITA percentage, adding it to your own the following day.

- Wobbuffet (Pokémon)

Counter (Night) - Once per game, you may make yourself immune to death. If you are attacked, you will be informed as such, and be unable to act for the rest of the game.

- Zoe (Monster Prom)

Extraterrestrial Love (Night) - Once per game, you may obsess over a player, learning their role name.

Eliminate the Mafia and all other possible threats to the Town.

@Shending_Help has died!


Town ITA Rager

Schmoovin’ (Passive) - Each time you are shot at by ITAs, your ITA chance will increase for 5% for the day.

Eliminate the Mafia and all other possible threats to the Town.

Someone will be given a prize if @Taffy is executed today!

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The journey had continued after they left the cave, they had eventually made it towards a strange town where that wasn’t much supplies for them to feast on. Being old and frail, Master Chief’s father Master Chef had decided to remain in the town while Katze, Katze’s not-so newly wed husband Dom Torreto and their good friend Master Chief had decided to go out exploring.

However, just like the warnings had heeded. Not everything was going to be right.

While on their expedition, the group had encountered a slight problem. And by a slight problem, I mean a massive problem. And by a massive problem, I mean it’s an avalanche. No seriously, it’s an avalanche meaning the group had to run away as fast as humanly possible and while the group was running, their good friend Master Chief had an idea. He turned on his laser beam which he didn’t even know he had and shot at the avalanche! Katze thought this was super impressive until Master Chief was crushed by the avalanche anyway which was now basically just snow that had a slight burning hole in it.

The other two, Katze and Katze’s not-so newly wed husband Dom Toretto had to make a run for it. Despite family being a main value of the two, so was life. Life was unfortunatley important, and they knew their good friend Master Chief could almost anything, as they were running through the snowstorm the two found a cabin, which they felt like they could reside in…

It was a dark, cold, afternoon. The wind was howling, and so were the hungry wolves beside the cabin. The cabin was barely illuminated, the light shining through the window only remaining a flicker through the ongoing snowstorm. Our now only two characters, Katze and Dom rested inside. Their families had known each other for quite some time, and it was what had attached the two to one another from the very beginning. Family. Family united them and it was all Dom could talk about at times.

Now, while this may seem all rainbows and sunshines, Katze was getting infuriated by this constant plaguing of the word ‘Family’ by Dom, so while the two were trapped inside the cabin together, there wasn’t much to discuss, so Kat decide to put in the effort to change something about that. She turned to Dom Toretto, who was lying down on the bed away from the former. “Dom, we need to talk.” Dom, clearly unenthusiastic by the proposal of even the slightest talk, slammed his book down beside his lamp, causing Kat’s body to jump in a slight amount of fear.

Dom Toretto turned to face Katze, his eyes had the shine of a thousand suns, and by a thousand suns I just mean the other lamp that was also in the room. Although the beauty in Doms eyes was magnificent, Katze couldn’t shake of the nervous feeling growing endlessly down her own spine. Dom spoke no words, but the dom inating presence felt was visible. Katze couldn’t bring herself to say something, so the two’s gaze was focused on the others eyes constantly.

Katze moved herself closer towards Dom on the bed, Dom’s focus and mind entirely situated onto Katze, Katze’s mind focused on just the same thing.

…In the distance, a small man could be heard. “Guys? Guys? Guys where are you.” At least Master Chief was still alive as this whole thing was going on.

Day 3 has started and will end at 2022-06-28T00:00:00Z


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raise your hand if you knew that the thing about people who survived the most itas was bullshit.

raises hand

okay guys

I will die at the end of the day

that is my announcement

Can we talk about how much that Cape wagon sucked?

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Arctic was pushing on Cape in incredibly bad faith and he was ignoring my questions on why AtNoName didn’t outright claim a red check on Cape and YBW.


the cape thing sucked, but it was also a gold mine.

cape flipping green, under those circumstances, is the kind of thing that can spew half the game clear for lack of tmi.

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good news
i can actually play the video game

I’m more disappointed in missing :pensive:

okay first of all

why the fuck did you kill cape???

why is taffy not dead?

do you realise we now have to waste our vote today killing someone who is ita immune?

killing Cape was best
anyone who insults it should shut the fuck up

I read EoD yesterday and that was devastating

I’m not in the best of moods for people to whine about Cape’s death
you aren’t helping by being like “ohhh we shouldn’t have killed Cape”
focus on today, not yesterday

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i read a bit of eod
understood none of it

Oh BTW now we know the modposter was town (Kyubey).


catch up on the at/cape/ywb situation

No it was rubbish

Cape was pretty obviously town and has been most of the game