[FAM2] Life Boat Event

I’ll claim here.
I’m Luxy.

I’m a Gladiator with a conditional boost to ITA shots. It’s an ITA-based gladiator

I don’t remember my flavor in any game ever xD

you shouldn’t have claimed you’re literally alive friend :joy_cat:

i just meant wis

uh check? you have 3 minutes


I trust you’re town.
And I think Wisdom is so idc

This is me believing in my reads.
I wanted Atlas out tbh

wisdom not claiming her flavor is kinda wolfy
stalling i think

just save me

Perchance, idk.

i wanna keep playing :sob:


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way too basic for solic flavor i think

Any quick reads, Wisdom?

saaave me

I’m watching, you’re fine

Don’t instapunt CRich just because he’s trashing the thread

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some hero i am
immediately becoming a coward the instant i have a chance to die :sob:

/Save Marluxion @katze

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