FAM4: Thread 1 - Day 1

FoL Annual Mash 4: Battle for the Cookie Thread

From the twisted minds of @Arete, @Chloe, @Geyde, @lilith, @Lumi, @notblackorwhite, and @Ruby

Hosted on the account @FAMHost


  1. Follow the Global Rules as well as the Forum Game Rules, or else.
  2. Activity and cordial behavior towards your fellow player is expected.
  3. Have fun!

Phases And Timing

  • The game will begin 2024-06-03T21:00:00Z. Rolecards will be sent out before then.
  • Day phases will last for 24 hours. Night phases will last for 24 hours.
  • All phase changes will happen at 9:00:00 PM
  • During the night, the deadline for action submission is 2 hours before SoD (7:00:00 PM). Any action submitted after that time will NOT be processed.
  • During the day, actions will open 1 hour after the start of the day (10:00:00 PM) and close 1 hour before the end of the day (8:00:00 PM). Day actions may be pre-queued for a specific time.
  • All players may use In-Thread Attacks during an allotted ITA session, which will begin on day 2. ITAs allow players to publicly attempt to kill other players. (See detailed explanation here.) ITAs may be disabled at some point during the game.
  • All ITA windows will last for 1 hour exactly.
               Window 1 lasts from 1:00 AM2:00 AM
               Window 2 lasts from 8:00 AM9:00 AM
               Window 3 lasts from 5:00 PM6:00 PM
  • Events may begin at any time, but will be scheduled mainly for times of high activity. Events are subgames where players may win prizes, or even death.


  • There is no majority, only a deadline elimination. Whoever has the most votes at the end of the day will be eliminated.
  • All votes must be in the form of [vote]player[/vote] or [v]player[/v] to be counted. Unvotes should be formatted as [unvote][/unvote]. To guarantee that the votecount bot counts your vote correctly, it is best to type the player’s full username; however, shortened names may still work.
  • You may self-vote. Along with this, no-elimination is a valid vote. In cases where no-elim and another vote are tied at the end of the day, no-elim will have priority in the rand.
  • Tied votes will result in a player being eliminated at random from among the tied players.
  • MyLo (mis-eliminate and lose) and LyLo (eliminate or lose) will not be announced, and votes will not be locked. This is not in place for a final 3 scenario.
  • Any votes made after 9:00:00 PM will not count.

The Setup & Rules for Claiming

All roles in this game are based off a user (Character) of FoL, and will feature Abilities & Flavor based on that person, their personality, and memorable moments from their time on the site. These Abilites will be summed up by a Role Name.

You MAY claim: You may NOT claim:
Your assigned Character and Guild, but doing so may carry mechanical risks. Your Flavor text, a short paragraph describing the person your role is based on, either directly or paraphrasing it.
Details about your Abilities, so long as they are paraphrased. The name or exact text of any of your Abilities.
Details about your Role Name, so long as it is paraphrased. Your exact Role Name.

This game is Closed. The exact set of abilities, win conditions, and factions in play is unknown. However, the following details are known:

  • The uninformed majority faction is called the Town, and its win condition is this:
         You win when the Mafia and all other threats to the Town have been eliminated.
  • The primary informed minority faction is called the Mafia, and its win condition is this:
         You win if no more threats to the Mafia exist or nothing can prevent that from happening.
  • Other factions, as well as Neutral roles with their own win conditions, may exist.
  • This game is Role Madness; every player has their own, unique ability.
  • No alignment conversion, false flips, game-ending jesters, or direct lies in your own rolecard. Everything else is fair game.

Example Rolecard

Click here for example rolecard


Click here for the playerlist




Day 1


Abilities, Effects, and Action Resolution

I. General Ability Information

The following is true about abilities:

  • Actions cannot be used and abilities cannot trigger during Night 0 unless otherwise stated.
  • Immediate Day Action submissions are ignored during ITA windows. We prefer you do not try to submit them during ITA windows at all.
  • You may not choose or target yourself as a player with actions unless otherwise stated. This only applies when a player is selected. If an effect says something like “Choose a Guild,” you may choose your own.
  • To “visit” another player means you have targeted that player with an action, and that action has resolved. An action does not resolve if it is blocked or fails for another reason (i.e. the player is un-targetable because of a commute). It does resolve if its target was protected, immune, or otherwise unaffected. An action that does not target, does not visit (even if it says “choose”).
  • If two or more actions create a situation that cannot be resolved in a way that is deemed to be sensible and deterministic, all actions involved will fail. For example, Bus Driver A targets X and Y, and Bus Driver B targets Y and Z. As we cannot direct actions that target Y to both X and Z, the actions of both Bus Drivers fail.

II. Ability Types

There are 2 kinds of abilities, Action and Passive. An ability’s “tag line” (the line below the bold name) will say what kind it is with what comes before the em dash ("—"). Actions may have 1 or more prefixes that affect when it can be used, or how often it can be used:

Click here for a list of prefixes
  • Day or Night — May only be used in that respective phase.
  • Cycle — May only be used once per Cycle, but in either phase.
  • Even or Odd — May only be used on even or odd Cycles respectively.
  • Immediate — Resolves as soon as the hosts are able to after it’s submitted. Immediate actions are ignored during ITA windows.
  • Factional — May be used by allied players instead of the player who owns it.
  • Innate — Are granted to players via game rules (i.e. ITA shots and Super Likes). “You may use an additional [reference to Innate action]” means you can use the referenced action an additional time. They may implicitly be used in addition to other actions during the same phase. They are not considered to be an ability of a role or player, and are ignored by effects that modify, inspect, or cause a player to lose abilities, unless otherwise stated.

An action that does not have a prefix (e.g. “Action — Tag-1 Tag-2…”) may be used once each Phase. Unless otherwise noted, actions must be submitted before the Phase’s respective action deadline, and resolve at the end of the Phase (unless it’s Immediate).

III. Effects

You probably don’t need to read this unless you’re confused about mechanics. It works as most would expect, but here’s an overly technical explanation of it anyways:

Click here to read more

Abilities have 1 or more effects. There are broadly two kind of effects: investigation, and state-changing.

Investigation is broken down further:

  • Observation — learns about visits (e.g. track or watch).
  • Inspection — learns about a player’s state (e.g. alignment cop, role cop, flavor cop).

Effects that are Observation or Inspection can usually be recognized by the verbs “observe” and “inspect” respectively. Other Investigation effects can usually be recognized by the verb “investigate.” Other verbs may be used. Anything that refers to investigation effects also refers to observation and inspection, but not the other way around. That is, effects that specify inspection only apply to inspection effects, not observation or other investigation effects.

State-changing is broken down further:

  • Killingdirectly results in a player’s death.¹
  • Protection — prevents other effects from being applied (e.g. a Doctor protects against killing actions). All effects, not just killing, can be protected against if specified. If it protects against killing actions, it will prevent all effects of an action with a killing effect. If it only protects against killing effects, all effects other than a killing effect will be applied as normal if possible.
  • Blocking — causes actions to fail. If an action becomes blocked, the acting player does not visit if they otherwise would.
  • Redirection — changes the target of another player’s actions. If an action would be redirected to an illegal target, the redirecting action fails instead.
  • Diversion — changes the target of another player’s actions that visit a particular player (e.g. Bus Driver).
  • Communication — changes when, where, how, etc. a player may communicate. This includes private chats, extra public chats, posting restrictions, and having the host account post a message.
  • Inventory Changing — giving, removing, stealing, swapping, or copying Items, Charges, or other game objects.
  • Property Changing — modifying player or ability tags; giving, removing, stealing, swapping, copying, inheriting abilities (or roles); modifying vote weight, or otherwise modifying player, role, or ability properties.
  • Rules Changing — modifies the normal rules of the game. i.e. a conventional Commuter (the game generally treats them as if they don’t exist while commuted) or an Accelerator (makes an affected action resolve entirely before other actions begin resolution).

Other state-changing effects not named above include things like modifying tags, abilities, joining or leaving guilds, Charges, Super Likes, ITA accuracy or shots, vote weight, and modifying other mechanical markers. The above effects (besides Communication, Inventory Changing, Property Changing, and Rules Changing) can usually be recognized by the verbs “kill,” “protect,” “block,” “redirect,” and “divert” respectively.

Communication effects are often recognizable by what they do. Inventory Changing and Property Changing all typically use verbs like “give,” “steal,” “swap,” and “copy.” Rules Changing effects (and sometimes Property Changing and Inventory Changing) are only recognizable by what they do rather than the particular word choice.

Anything that refers to state-changing effects also refers to Killing, Protection, Blocking, Redirection, Communication, etc. but not the other way around. That is, effects that specify Killing only apply to Killing effects and not any other state-changing effects.

Additional Vote Weight is always private and lost in XYLO unless otherwise stated.

¹Effects are not considered “killing” effects if they do not kill a player when they resolve, even if they would eventually cause a death or are likely do so. For example, vanilla Poison action has a state-changing effect that applies a mechanical marker (what we’d call a tag in this game) that has the effect of killing the player its attached to if not removed (“healed”), but the action itself does not kill when it resolves. A vanilla Arsonist’s Douse action works similarly by placing a Doused tag on players that the Ignite action kills, but similarly it does not itself kill. Therefore, a vanilla Doctor’s action (“Protect target player from killing actions.”) would not stop such actions, and a vanilla Voyeur/Follower would not observe them as killing actions. An inspection action that lets a player learn the kind (effects) of actions their target has would not see a Poison action or Douse as killing.

If an effect lets you learn the kind (effects) of an ability, we will be as specific as possible, and list each different kind of effects present. If we say “investigation”, it’s neither observation nor inspection. Similarly, if we say “state-changing”, it’s not any of the more specific named variants (or couldn’t reach a decision regarding which it specifically is). If it has multiple effects of the same kind, we will still only list it once. That is, if an action is “killing and state-changing”, it has one or more killing effects and one or more state-changing effects.

IV. Allied Players

An allied player is a player of the same alignment, whose alignment has been either publicly confirmed, or confirmed to you personally (such as your Mason, other members of the Mafia, or someone you alignment peeked.)

An unallied player is a player of a different alignment or any player whose alignment has not been confirmed by the host in some manner.

V. Action Resolution

Action resolution does not have an order-of-operations.
No effects have implicit priority over the others unless the effects interact. Resolution is done in a manner similar to “natural action resolution” or “golden rule resolution,” and essentially means it’ll happen in a way that makes intuitive sense (e.g. a block resolves before the action it’s blocking).

Click here to read more

Certain actions that interact with each other may be given priority based on their effects. Actions that change the acting player’s state (it affects themselves, targeted or not) are given priority over actions that would be affected by that state change (i.e. a self-commute resolves before a block targeting them). Additionally, when a block and redirect are cross-targeting, the redirect is given priority. That is, if a redirector and blocker cross-target, the block is redirected, but if a blocker targets a redirector and the redirector goes somewhere else, the redirect is blocked.

If two or more actions interact, and one of the above priority rules cannot be used, all interacting actions fail (none of their effects apply and the acting player does not visit). For example, cross-targeting blockers and redirectors will have their actions fail. If two Bus Drivers have overlapping targets, both fail. If two actions targeting a Guildless player have the effects “join Guild X” and “join Guild Y”, both fail (unless the Guildless player has an ability that would allow both to resolve).

The result of investigation effects is determined at the end of the Night, not when it resolves. For example, two trackers cross-targeting will successfully observe each other. Another example: if an effect changes a player’s Guild, a player using an action that inspects a target player’s Guild would always learn the new Guild.

The name of the investigated player is not normally included in results. However, if an investigation action is redirected, the investigating player will be informed they were redirected, but not to whom they were redirected.

VI. Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for the FAQ

Q. If an action specifies an unallied player, and a member of the Mafia targets a Lost Wolf with it, what happens?

A. The Lost Wolf would be considered an unallied player until the moment they rejoined the pack, if able.

Q. How does allied and unallied work with 3rd Party or Neutral players?

A. 3rd Party or Neutral alignments may or may not be considered allied with each other, but are never considered allied with members of others factions.

Q. My Night action requires the target be unallied, but they’re host confirmed to be an allied player at the start of Day. What happens?

A. For the purposes of allied and unallied, we only care if it’s true when you submitted the action. The action would resolve normally, if able.

Q. Wait so what if the Mafia use an unallied kill on their Lost Wolf who submits their action to rejoin the pack that same Night?

A. Tragedy.

Q: Without an OOP, how am I supposed to know how certain roles will interact???

A: You may ask the hosts how certain interactions would resolve. You can use actions from your role, flipped roles, vanilla roles, or descriptions of hypothetical actions that may or may not exist when asking your question. We will give you an answer to the question you ask, and we are never confirming or denying the existence of certain actions by answering these questions. If you ask us a question that has an ultimately misleading answer relative to the game state, that’s on you.


Player & Ability Tags

I. Tags

Tags are mechanical markers of players and abilities. Some tags modify the player or ability they’re on, some are hooks that effects can refer to, and some may just be there for flavor. Players know what tags they have, and what tags their actions have at all times unless otherwise stated.

II. Common Tags

We recommend looking through these at least once!

Most (but not necessarily all) of the following tags are in the game. These will often not be explained in role cards when they appear. Tags may exist that are not on this list, and they will be explained on role cards when they appear.

Player tags:

  • Enigmatic — This player cannot claim or soft any role flavor, role tags, role abilities, or that they’re Enigmatic. If they do, they lose all role abilities and tags (You may know this as Scared), and any ongoing effects are canceled (e.g. if the role created an ongoing event, the event would end immediately). The claimed/softed flavor, tags, abilities do not have to be real. Claiming/softing anything mechanical relating to your role at all violates this restriction. You are able to talk about things that everyone has access to or knowledge of e.g. you have a role (no one is vanilla), you have an ITA shot (everyone does), you have a Super Like (everyone does), and you can claim your Guild.
  • Vulnerable — This player cannot be protected from kills (think Macho).

Ability tags:

  • Compulsive — This action must be used at every opportunity. Choices and targets will be selected randomly if the action is not submitted.
  • Hidden — This action cannot be observed e.g. can’t be tracked, watched, etc. (think Ninja).
  • Inactive — The ability’s passive effects do not apply, its triggers do not trigger, and it cannot be used if it’s an action.
  • Key — No implicit mechanical effects. Roles usually have exactly 1 Key ability.
  • Loud — The players visited by this action are publicly announced at the beginning of the next Phase or after they resolve if Immediate. Example: “Adora visited Catra during the Night.” (Those names are Chloe’s fault. She knows what she did.)
  • Multitaskable — This action can be used in addition to other actions in the same Phase, Cycle, etc. (think Multitasking).
  • X-shot — This action can only be used X times per game.
  • Overwhelming — The action ignores effects that protect the targeted player, or diversion effects on their target (i.e. a Bus Driver).
  • Strong-willed — The action cannot be blocked, and ignores redirection targeting the acting player.
  • Unstoppable — The action is both Strong-willed and Overwhelming, and ignores all other effects that would prevent it (e.g. a Commuter).

Player or Ability tags:

  • Leader (Player) — This player is the leader of a Guild. If you were to somehow gain this tag while not the Leader of a Guild, you lose it.
  • Leader (Ability) — This ability is Inactive if its owner does not have the Leader tag.
  • Sealed (Player) — This player cannot be interacted with while dead (including their abilities).
  • Sealed (Ability) — This ability cannot be interacted with while the player who owns it is dead. Redundant with the player version of this tag.


III. General Details

Click here to read more

Tags may have implicit mechanical effects. Tags may implicitly add other tags, and when it does, effects that care about the tag will resolve as if it had the implicit tags (see Unstoppable).

Tags may have a value. For example, the X-shot tag always has a numerical value that can vary from instance to instance, and X is replaced by whatever the value is e.g. 2-shot and 3-shot are both instances of X-shot, but the former has a value of 2 and the latter has a value of 3. Values are secret by default.

Tags do not stack, and neither players nor abilities can have more than 1 instance of a tag at a time. If an effect would put another instance of a tag on a player, it does nothing instead. If the effect is passive, it is ignored while the player or ability has the same tag. If two or more instances of a tag would be applied to the same player or ability during action resolution with different values, none are applied unless otherwise stated.

Tags of actions only apply to that action. That is, if a player is blocked, all actions would be blocked accept those that are Strong-willed or Unstoppable. If the player has a tag that normally only applies to abilities, like Unstoppable, it is identical to all of their abilities having the tag i.e. effects that care about an action being Unstoppable would see that action as Unstoppable if its player had the Unstoppable tag. For tags that have distinct meaning as both a player tag and an ability tag (e.g. Leader or Sealed), the player tag does not necessarily mean it is the same as all abilities having that tag.

Tags can often be recognized in the construction “becomes [Tag]” e.g. “becomes Overwhelming”. This construction may change to ensure it is proper(ish) English grammar e.g. “becomes a Key ability”. Roles that start with tags will often see it written as “You are [Tag]” e.g. “You are Enigmatic.” Abilities that start with a tag will find them in a space delimited list followed the em dash (“—”) on the tag line (the one that starts with “Day/Night Action”, “Passive” etc.).

IV. Tag-specific Details

Click here to read more

Sealed has a slightly different meaning when on a player instead of an ability in that it does a bit more when on a player than treating all of its abilities as Sealed, but an ability being Sealed is still redundant if its player is Sealed. When a player is Sealed, they cannot be interacted with at all (abilities or otherwise). If an ability is Sealed, it will be ignored by backups even if the rest of the role could be copied. We will update flips if the player or their abilities become Sealed after death (either editing it into the role itself, or making a note somewhere), but we will not make an announcement when this happens.

A Hidden action cannot be observed e.g. can’t be tracked, watched, etc. (think Ninja). The action must be Hidden when it resolves e.g. if an immediate action resolves during the Night and that action later becomes Hidden, observation effects still see the immediate action.

An Overwhelming action ignores effects that protect the targeted player, or diversion effects on their target (i.e. a Bus Driver). However, it can be blocked or redirected by effects targeting the acting player. In other words, it ignores anything that would somehow shield its target (think Strongman but bypasses a few more things). If an effect would cause ITA shots targeting a player to have their damage reduced to 0, Overwhelming would ignore such an effect, but it would not ignore an effect making the player’s shots deal 0 damage.

A Strong-willed action cannot be blocked, and ignores redirection targeting the acting player. However, it would not ignore things such as their target being protected or redirection from a Bus Driver. In other words, it ignores anything that affects the acting player (think Strongwill but bypasses a few more things). If an effect would cause a Strong-willed player’s ITA shots to deal 0 damage, they ignore such an effect. If an effect would cause ITA shots targeting a player to have their damage reduced to 0, it would not ignore that effect, and would deal 0 damage.

While Unstoppable ignores an effect that makes a player un-targetable or otherwise immune, it does not allow the action to ignore its own targeting restrictions. For example, if an action says it can only target members of the Mafia, it cannot ignore that restriction if it becomes Unstoppable. Additionally, anything that references Strong-willed or Overwhelming also applies to Unstoppable e.g. “Assist target player, and copy Key actions they use that are not Strong-willed.” would not copy Unstoppable actions either. Effects may still say things like “Overwhelming or Unstoppable” for the sake of clarity, but simply “Overwhelming” would have sufficed.

V. Charges & X-shot

Click here to read more

Charges are countable mechanical markers. Each Charge has a unique name such as Whatever Charge, and is not interchangeable with Charges of any other name unless otherwise stated.

X-shot is a tag with a positive integer value that replaces X in the name (e.g. 1-shot, 2-shot, etc.). X-shot checks how many times an action has been used, and will prevent a player from using the action further if they’ve used it X or more times. That is, if a 1-shot action has been used one or more times, it cannot be used again.

Click here for a (very) detailed explanation

Abilities may care about how many Charges you have, or require them as a cost to use an action. In this way, they can be similar to the X-shot tag in that the number of times you can use an action is limited (i.e. an action that costs 1 Bullet Charge and you have 3 Bullet Charges with no way to gain more is nearly identical in practice to the same action with a 3-shot tag. However, unlike Charges, X-shot is not a cost. It merely compares the number of times the action has been used that game to its number, and says the action cannot be used if its been used as many or more times than its number. That is, you cannot gain more shots of an X-shot ability. The only way to use an action more times than its X-shot tag says is by removing that tag.

Charge costs and X-shot are checked when the action is submitted, not when the action resolves. For example, you could not steal a Charge and make a player unable to pay a cost for an action they’ve already submitted (the cost was essentially deducted upon submission). Another example would be if an action that has been used on a previous Night, and submitted for the current Night, were to gain a 1-shot tag before resolving, it would resolve normally even though it will now have been used twice. This is similarly true if an action were to somehow gain a cost of Charges; it still resolves if it was already submitted. (An action is “submitted” once the action submission window is closed for that phase. If an Immediate action were to make an action X-shot or have a cost of Charges, this could prevent a non-Immediate action from resolving at the end of the phase.)

Passive abilities with effects based on Charge thresholds are updated as soon as Charges are gained or lost. For example, if a passive made a player Unstoppable if they had 3 or more Bulldoze Charges, and somehow gained a Bulldoze Charge during action resolution before their actions resolved, their actions would be Unstoppable. However, this still cannot fizzle actions that are already submitted. If an action is Inactive unless they have at least 5 Level Charges, it will resolve if it’s already submitted even if that player would dip below the threshold during action resolution (but would still technically be Inactive as it resolved).

If an action with the X-shot tag would be given another instance of the X-shot tag, the tag with the lowest value will be applied and all others are lost (this is not necessarily true of other tags with values).

If an action is copied (the text may say things like “inherit” or “gain”), its state is copied as well, which includes the number of times its been used. That is to say, if a 1-shot action has been used once, it still cannot be used again once copied.

VI. Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for the FAQ

Q. Why did you rename some of these that are in the List of Vanilla Roles?

A. Because notblackorwhite is incredibly opinionated and argumentative and we were tired of arguing with her (this was written by notblackorwhite and does not necessarily reflect the views of other FAM4 hosts). (There actually were not arguments about this.) The real reason is they were changed to have names more evocative of their mechanical effect, and be more flavor neutral/flexible e.g. Macho as an adjective has a lot of implications and doesn’t make sense in all contexts like making someone “macho” doesn’t make as much sense flavor wise as making someone “vulnerable”. Ninja is another example of a modifier that’s overly specific in terms of the flavor it implies, and Hidden evokes a similar meaning without the same flavor connotations.

Q. Aren’t these just modifiers? Why not call them modifiers?

A. They don’t all modify. All modifiers are tags, but not all tags are modifiers. Some have an implicit mechanical effect (they modify), but all of them are useful because they can be cleanly.

Click here for an example rolecard


Guilds, Cookies, and the Advantage

I. Guilds

There are 3 Guillds:

  • The Throne of Boomers
  • The Joycat Nomads
  • The AGENDA

You cannot willingly join or leave Guilds, and you cannot be in more than 1 Guild at a time unless otherwise stated.

Guilds are not indicative of alignment. Your role will affirmatively state if you belong to a Guild or not (please DM the hosts if it does not).

Guilds are not indicative of character. The starting Guilds of some characters are going to make sense, but others will not.

The Throne of Boomers Flag

The Joycat Nomads Flag


II. Cookies & the Advantage

Players will earn Cookies throughout the game, and Cookies are transferred to a player’s Guild automatically if they have one. If a player changes Guilds, the Cookies they earned with their old Guild stay with their old Guild.

The Guild with the most Cookies has the Advantage. If two or more Guilds are tied for the most Cookies, no Guild has the Advantage.

III. Propaganda

Each Day, members of a Guild (including the Leader) or guildless may privately submit a piece of propaganda for their respective Guild (or chosen Guild in the case of anyone not in a Guild). During the Night, spectators will choose which Guild had the best propaganda each Day, and the winning Guild receives 3 Cookies at the beginning of the next Day.

Each Day, Guild Leaders may have the hosts publicly post up to 3 pieces of propaganda submitted that Day. Click the spoiler below for an example Leader rolecard:

Example Leader rolecard

In-Thread Attacks

Instead of having accuracy, ITA shots always hit, and deal damage to a player’s HP. However, each shot also has a chance to kill.

To fire an ITA shot, ping @FAMHost with **/ITA [player]**

I. Short Explanation

ITAs are handled via damage and HP, but all you need to know is that at the base rate (10 damage), you have an average ITA accuracy of ~18% over the course of the game if they worked conventionally (just trust us).

In short, your shots always deal damage if they connect, but have a chance to kill via a “direct hit,” and there’s a max number of shots someone can take before being guaranteed to die. Every player in the game starts with 100 HP (unless otherwise specified).

Effects that deal damage do not necessarily roll for direct hits. ITA Shots roll for direct hits because they say they do. If another effect that deals damage would roll for a direct hit, it will say so.

II. Shot Feedback

Read this at least once
  • “The shot connects.” — We have processed the shot, and its damage has been applied (damage may be 0). The target is at a non-zero HP, and the shot was not a Direct Hit. To be extra clear, this shot DID NOT KILL if you see this feedback.

  • “Direct hit! [Player] has died!” — The shot rolled a direct hit.

  • “Hit! [Player] has died from their wounds.” — The target reached 0 HP.

  • “Miss!” — There was an effect that interfered with the shot. This could be something like a “day angel”, a vest, or an effect that makes a player’s shots “miss”. Please note that an effect that reduces another player’s damage 0 would be still be processed as “The shot connects.”

III. HP Feedback

Read this at least once

A player’s HP is private information, and the hosts will not provide information on a player’s HP to anyone but the player themselves. We will not reveal a player’s exact HP to anyone , and instead will provide the player themselves with one of the following when asked:

  • Healthy — You are at full HP or close.
  • Wounded — You are damaged but close to neither full HP nor 0.
  • Bloodied — You are heavily damaged and close to 0 HP.

Yes, this is intentionally vague. Please do not ask us to give you an updated HP total during ITA windows or excessively.

IV. Longer Explanation (for nerds)

Click here for the longer explanation

Every player in the game starts with 100 HP (unless otherwise noted). ITA shots deal damage, and have a base damage of 10. If a player reaches 0 HP, they die.

Additionally, each shot has a chance of a direct hit which will kill the target regardless of their HP. Direct hits in this sense operate similarly to conventional accuracy based ITAs, but instead of having a (mostly) fixed accuracy, the chance increases as the target’s HP gets lower. The following formula is used to determine the chance of a direct hit:

            Incoming Shot Damage / Target’s Current HP = Direct Hit Chance

The chance is rolled before the damage is dealt. For example, a player at 100 HP is targeted by a shot with 10 damage, the direct hit chance is 10 / 100, or 10%. If a shot isn’t a direct hit, then the target’s health is reduced accordingly to 90. The damage used for the shot is after all effects that would increase and decrease its damage for shooting its target have been applied. In other words, we looked ahead at the damage it’s going to do when rolling for a direct hit.

Only ITA shots have a chance to direct hit unless otherwise noted. Other effects that deal damage, are not ITA shots, and do not explicitly say that have a chance to direct hit, cannot direct hit.

A shot must deal damage to have a chance at a direct hit. If the shot deals 0 damage, or the damage would be otherwise prevented, it cannot be a direct hit.

Health cannot go below 0. If an effect would reduce a player’s health below 0, it goes to 0 instead. A player’s starting HP and max HP is 100 unless otherwise noted. Your HP cannot go above your max HP, and if an effect would, it’ll have it go to your max HP instead.

V. Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: But isn’t this system super town-sided???

A: Nope! Not significantly more so than conventional accuracy ITAs anyway. We had more than one discussion about it, and designed with the potential differences in mind. It’s not exactly untested either.

Q: What would the feedback of a “day angel” be?

A: The exact feedback would depend on the wording of the effect with the ultimate goal of “preventing death from ITAs during the Day”. In practice, we could do:

Shield target player from ITA shots by reducing shots that target them deal 0 damage during the next Day.

The above would have the feedback of “The shot connects.” because the damage is reduced to 0.

Protect target player from ITA shots during the next Day.

The above would have the feedback of “Miss!” because protection stops the shots from having any effect (they do not deal damage, and cannot direct hit).


Super Likes

Each player has 1 Super Like per Day. Like ITA shots, Super Likes allow you to use an Innate action for each one you have:

Super Like
Innate Immediate Day Action — Hidden Unstoppable
Submit a link of a post made by another player to the hosts. It will be publicly announced that the post has received a Super Like ( but not who gave it ). You may not use this during ITA windows. You may only submit each post once per game.

And, just like ITA shots, unused Super Likes do not rollover to the next Day, and your uses refresh at the start of the Day if you used yours the Day before. If an effect grants players additional Super Likes per Day, they may use the action once for each Super Like they have.

A Bonus Super Like is a Super Like that does rollover to the next Day, but it does not refresh.

Effects that care about the number of Super Likes a player has received during the Day refers to the number of posts made by that player receiving Super Likes . This should usually be made clear by the wording, but if it is not, assume that it’s still referring to posts receiving Super Likes . Please feel free to privately ask hosts for clarification.

I. Announcements

Super Likes and the posts they’re given to will be announced approximately once an hour depending on host availability. No announcements will be made in the first or last hour of the Day, or during ITA windows.


Voting, the VC Plugin, and the VC Bot

I. How to Vote


Voting can be done by using [vote][/vote] or [v][/v] tags and naming a target between them. Shortened names usually work (ex. “Banana” will place a vote on the user Banana123), but acronyms and misspellings do not.

To easily add tags to your post you can press the voting button in the formatting toolbar:


Unvote by typing [unvote][/unvote] or [uv][/uv]. Do not put anything between the tags. Leave it empty.

You can also press the unvote button in the formatting toolbar:

II. The VC Plugin

The VC Plugin keeps track of votes automatically, and votes as of a particular post can be viewed by clicking the gavel icon at the bottom of a post.

III. The VC Bot

The VC Bot is brand new, and made for FAM 4. It’ll automatically post VCs periodically, but it’s on a timer: you cannot request the bot post a new VC. At the start of the game, the bot will be configured to post a VC every 10 minutes if there’s been at least 150 posts made between the last VC it posted. We may adjust these values over the course of the game.

As mentioned previously, the VC Bot is new and experimental. It or certain features may break over the course of the game. It may get things wrong. We’ll manually make adjustments as necessary, and disable certain features or the bot entirely as a last resort.

Vote Links

The bot will attempt to generate a link for each vote that wasn’t manually entered (even if that post was made in a previous topic (hopefully)). We cannot guarantee that this feature will work all the time as expected given the limited testing its had, and we’ll disable it if it ever becomes too confusing.

Differences Between the Plugin and the Bot

While the bot uses data from the plugin, the VC you see in the plugin modal may not always match what the bot posts for the VC. Specifically, the VC plugin is extremely generous regarding the names it’ll accept as a valid vote. When a vote is ambiguous, the VC plugin just guesses who it’s for in a way that’s seemingly random to players. The bot is more picky.

As of the start of the game, the bot will not count votes that have less than 3 characters (ignoring spaces) unless it matches a name exactly. If the vote doesn’t match a player’s name exactly and there’s more than 1 player it can be, it does not count the vote for anyone and instead will post is as an “Unrecognized” vote in the VC. We recommend that the voter make the correction and disambiguate your vote, or we’ll try to correct it manually later on. The VC plugin is just going to guess who you were voting for in either of these scenarios, and the VC the plugin shows is going to be different than what the bot posts. The bot’s VC should be treated as more accurate.

Known Issues

  • There is a 0.4-0.5 second window between the bot checking the vote count, and posting. If you vote in this sub-second window, your vote will not count. If you vote again it will be fixed, and we will check for this occurring at the end of day.

Setting up the VC bot!

Living players


FAM 4: Battle for the Cookie Thread Votecount

Votes Wagon Voters
83 Not Voting Achromatic, alexandra, Amelia, an_gorta_slanktai, Apocryphal, Ari, Artemis, Ash, ash4fun, Ashlyn, Atlas, Baudib1, beancat, benguinedparbecue, Bionic, BradLand, Brakuren, bystander, Cape90, carbonated, CarrotyReaper, catbae, ChaosNinjaGaming, crazynuto, Creature, Daeron, Dum, dyachei, ElizaThePsycho, Ephemera, firinn, Frostwolf103, Garfooled, Gocj, gori, Gorta, Hallia, Hazardwaste, Hehehaha420blazing, Hippopablompoyeetus, IcetFeelsPain, Italy, jail, JakeTheWolfie, Jane, Jarek, Jinrou, Kanave, katze, Kelsier, Kiiruma, Kork, Leafia, LittleLee, Lucid_Daydream, Luxy, Magnus, Manny, Marluna, Marluxion, May, Memekingpizza, Meuh, Millium, neil_the_eel, nutella, pandora, Porscha, Ranta, Sadbi, Selkie, SilverKeith, Silviu200530, SirDerpsAlot, Someone, spf, Stick, tris, tutuu, Wazza, WindwardAway, Yawn, Zugzwang
Raw VC for the plugin

Not Voting (83): Achromatic, alexandra, Amelia, an_gorta_slanktai, Apocryphal, Ari, Artemis, Ash, ash4fun, Ashlyn, Atlas, Baudib1, beancat, benguinedparbecue, Bionic, BradLand, Brakuren, bystander, Cape90, carbonated, CarrotyReaper, catbae, ChaosNinjaGaming, crazynuto, Creature, Daeron, Dum, dyachei, ElizaThePsycho, Ephemera, firinn, Frostwolf103, Garfooled, Gocj, gori, Gorta, Hallia, Hazardwaste, Hehehaha420blazing, Hippopablompoyeetus, IcetFeelsPain, Italy, jail, JakeTheWolfie, Jane, Jarek, Jinrou, Kanave, katze, Kelsier, Kiiruma, Kork, Leafia, LittleLee, Lucid_Daydream, Luxy, Magnus, Manny, Marluna, Marluxion, May, Memekingpizza, Meuh, Millium, neil_the_eel, nutella, pandora, Porscha, Ranta, Sadbi, Selkie, SilverKeith, Silviu200530, SirDerpsAlot, Someone, spf, Stick, tris, tutuu, Wazza, WindwardAway, Yawn, Zugzwang

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Pregame Flavor

Boomers. Joycats. Agenda. Long ago, the three guilds lived together in harmony. But that all changed when the Mafia attacked. Only the cookie thread, master of all three guilds, could stop them. But when the world needed it most, it was locked.

Born from the ashes of a fallen kingdom, the Throne of Boomers wielded forgotten knowledge and lost arts as if they were second nature. Many of the most ancient traditions of the Fortress were said to have been established by their ancient heroes.

Cursed to wander for a thousand cycles, the Joycat Nomads were known for their humor and their cutting wit. They were said to be accompanied by strange companions, hybridized creatures molded from the soul of cats and the flesh of all manner of other things.

Opinionated yet mysterious, the AGENDA was the newest of the guilds, and its purpose in the world was yet uncertain. People said that if you turned your back on them for an instant, you’d forget your home, your purpose, even your own name.

But when the cookie thread was locked, none were prepared for what they would face…


WindwardAway is the King!



Players: Unlimited
Chance of Death: None
Mobile-Friendly: Maybe?
Duration: Submissions close 1 hour before the end of the day
Other Notes: N/A

How to Play:

  • Privately submit propaganda for your Guild!
  • If you are not part of a Guild, you may submit propaganda for any guild.
  • Spec chat will vote overnight on which guild’s propaganda was the best. The winning guild will receive three Cookies at the beginning of the next day.
  • Guild leaders may select up to three pieces of propaganda to be posted publicly.
  • All propaganda must be your own work. You may not have another person, or an image generator, create propaganda for you.

How to Join:

  • Propaganda should be submitted privately in your rolecard.
  • Each player may submit one piece of propaganda per day.

Reminder: You may not talk or hint about any ongoing events in any non-event chat, public or private, apart from your role PM.



Players: Unlimited
Chance of Death: None
Mobile-Friendly: Maybe
Duration: Submissions close 12 hours after the start of the day. Voting will take place in the second half of the day.
Other Notes: N/A

How to Play:

  • Design your own custom guild flag.
  • You may design a flag for an existing guild, or for a fictional guild of your own design.
  • Whether you are creating a flag for an existing guild or a new one, you should include the name of the guild with your submission.
  • Players will vote on which flag is their favorite.
  • All flags must be your own work. You may not have another person, or an image generator, create flags for you.

How to Join:

  • Flags should be submitted privately in your rolecard.

Reminder: You may not talk or hint about any ongoing events in any non-event chat, public or private, apart from your role PM.

Day 1 has started and will end in 24 hours at 2024-06-04T21:00:00Z!

The window for day actions will begin 2024-06-03T22:00:00Z and end 2024-06-04T20:00:00Z.







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