FoL Awards 2022 - Discussion Thread

fam2 hasn’t been seconded
I am in gamer rage


I will…
Not second it.
Oh no, whoever will second it?

i second the nomination of FAM2

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I nominate Grylander as best new site player with his performance here to show: Umineko FM: Land of the Golden Witch - Game Over - Witches Win - #4 by Cattail_Mk.III

He took out 2 wolves at a crucial time and even though wolves won due to distancing it’s arguable that if he didn’t do anything wolves would have won sooner.

updated as of today

if your nomination isn’t there yell at me

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Where’s Grylander best new player on site?

it’s under “nominations without a second”

is rookie of the year for people who’s first game was in 2022 or first fol game



I think it’s supposed to be first game period but if there aren’t a lot of nominations we might bend the rules :wowee:


i fear for anyones safety whos first mafia game is on this forum god bless inshallah

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Mist did a good job last second hosting evrryone is mafia mafia ill nominate that if thats a thing to nominate for


you could nominate her for Best Host or the whole misc for Best Misc


Nom best host pls

Can this be from Breadbox?

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