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a number needs to slightly be changed


another number needs to slightly be changed



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I deny this nomination under the grounds that he was claiming nontown as nontown

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Also he was operating under notion he could win w/ maf
And just
didn’t go through with it for reasons

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If I’m wrong he can clarify
But I think it’s more a ‘really good play that would be more indicative of good town performance’ than ‘amazing fakeclaim’

nowhere in the Best Fakeclaim award does it specify that it has to be a town fakeclaim

like the original theory behind the award that we ripped off of was that it was for good scum fakeclaims it’s just that our site is full of terminal FPSers

his wincon was to kill the mafia team

I care more about the mindset eevee had than the wincon

so he thought scp’s were neut?

well, it’s moreso that eevee’s play wasn’t hard fakeclaim from his pov iirc

not sure

I think he had a plan to win with just GOC and SCPs
As weird as that sounds

he would need to know scp wincon for that though
which he didn’t

He claimed a different win condition than his actual win condition, which was important in making the claim work (even if he could have won with mafia) since if he said ‘I am a neutral whose wincon is the obliteration of the mafia faction’ it probably wouldn’t have worked

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I agree

guy who could literally win with mafia wasn’t town

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town wincon: Kill all mafia, make sure 1 mtf survives till the end
goc wincon: kill mafia
mafia wincon: kill all MTF

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notice how only town has to survive


and notice how mafia wins as long as town is dead

No members of the mafia had flipped at that time