Happy Tree Friends FM - Game Thread Night 3 13/20

You’d know this if you read

But alas

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thought you were talking about his kp

Pigeon just pops in from time to time and calls someone suspicious, votes them, comes back later and repeats the cycle. Like the time he tried getting us to vote someone green checked that he didn’t talk about before that moment

she means lynch her

but also eliza in silent hill was super active during eods whereas here she peaced out. idk Atlas not seeing it exactly tbh

If I am wrong about stuff she is still poe but yeah pigeon gotta go lol

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Maybe by floating over to him and spooking him out too much to shoot? j/k

during silent hill she just kinda did nothing and pretended to be there sometimes

That was a newbie game
Eliza as wolf has never posted that much before which is why we we’re all impressed in spec chat

yeah but also when it mattered she made damn sure to have thread presence

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the game was 90% ybw yelling into the void

valid but also atlas said she was similar to here and I dont think so.

but also maybe. Just giving you my take atlas its not super strong ;o

yeah and i disagree
so lets talk about it

I am exhausted I got cursed out again, you can totally just make your own judgment going forward tbh.

Relying on Atlas reads would be like holding a hook with a pinky

No offence with Atlas but he like
Literally has no track record of reads

fair enough
wazza’s just being rude for no reason so i don’t blame you

you’ve known me for over a year now, you should know this by now

Also what exhausts me is not the rudeness, it is me holding back the ever-lasting flow of rage inside of me from lashing out. Tiring work tbh

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normally people go for a good impression, and aren’t happy with being called rude

What exhausts me is you telling me I could convince you when there’s nothing I could do

You didn’t even talk about the Illwei thing

take a break for a few minutes
its eod but its not like anything important is happening

I don’t care enough about peoples opinions in FM games, that doubles up for hypocrites