[Misc] One Night Ultimate Werewolf (10/10) - YBW wins!

One Night Ultimate Werewolf: Featuring Extra Chaos

hosted by @Arete and @Mistyx

Phases and other info

  1. Players must follow the Global Rules and the Forum Game Rules.
    a. Exception: I will not be very harsh about enforcing violations of Forum Game Rule 4, due to the high amount of uncertainty that may exist about what your own win condition actually is, as long as I believe you are making a good-faith attempt to play to your best guess about your current win condition.
    b. Any attempt to use or reference the time at which you were asked for or submitted your action is considered angleshooting.
  2. The night phase will be handled in “real time” to the best of my abilities – that is, I will go down the night action order list, ask each player for their action, and then process their action. My aim is for it to last about 24 hours. Players may presubmit actions.
  3. The day phase will last 24 hours. The shorter than usual day phase is intended to simulate the time constraints of the real game.
  4. This game is not always balanced. By signing up, you acknowledge that you might end up in an extremely unbalanced setup that is heavily biased for or against your alignment.
  5. Signups will close approximately three days from when they are posted, at 2023-01-06T02:00:00Z, or earlier if we reach 10 signups before that. The game will not run if we have fewer than 5 players. The rand, and night 1, will happen immediately after the close of signups. The day phase will begin once the night phase has finished, ideally at 2023-01-07T02:00:00Z; regardless of what day it begins on, it will start at that time (or as close to it as I can manage).
    a. Yeah this kind of sucks for Europeans sorry
  6. To vote, players vote in their rolecards. You can change your vote as often as you wish until deadline. If you do not submit a vote, it will be randomly assigned. You may not vote for yourself. At the deadline, the player who receives the most votes is executed. If there is a tie, all tied players are executed. If no player receives more than one vote, no one is executed (superseding the tie rule).
  7. The three center cards will be referred to by the designations “Left Card,” “Middle Card,” and “Right Card.”

Game rules

  1. The game takes place over two phases, “Night” and “Day,” in that order. After the first day phase, it ends.
  2. Your NIGHT ACTION (if applicable) is based on the rolecard you received at the beginning of the game.
  3. Your WIN CONDITION is based on the rolecard you have at the start of the Day phase. This means you might not know your win condition.
  4. There is no factional kill.
  5. Win conditions:
    a. The town win condition is for at least one werewolf to die in the vote at the end of the day. If no players are werewolves, the town win condition is instead for no one to die in the vote at the end of the day.
    b. The werewolf win condition is for no werewolves to die in the vote at the end of the day.
    c. The minion win condition is for no werewolves to die in the vote at the end of the day. They may win even if they die in the vote. If there are no werewolves, the minion’s win condition is instead for any other player to die in the vote, and he loses if there is no execution or if he dies in the vote.
    d. The tanner win condition is to die at the end of the day. If the tanner and a werewolf are executed, the town and tanner both win. However, if the tanner wins, werewolves and minions lose (regardless of who else is executed).
    e. All win conditions count deaths directly from voting and deaths from the Hunter ability triggering as equivalent.
  6. Here is the order of Night Actions:
    #1: Doppelgänger
    #2: Werewolves
    #3: Minion
    #4: Masons
    #5: Seer
    #6: Robber
    #7: Troublemaker
    #8: Drunk
    #9: Insomniac
    #9a: Doppelgänger/Insomniac (if applicable)

Roles in this game

This game may use any of the roles in the game. To create the role list, I will automatically add two werewolf cards to the game. Then, I will shuffle together all the other roles, and add rolecards until there are n+3, where n is the number of players. The roles will be randomly assigned to players, with the three leftover roles becoming the center.

This means that you don’t know what roles are present! This provides a counterbalance to the townsided nature of limited claimspace.

If the role list I generate is truly egregiously unbalanced, I might rerand. This will only be done as an extreme measure.

The following roles may be present:

Village Roles

Villager: Basically a vanilla townie. No abilities, does not wake at night. Up to 3 Villager rolecards may be present in the game.

Hunter: If the Hunter is killed in the vote, the player he is voting for also dies.

Mason (s): All Masons present in the game wake simultaneously and learn each others’ identities. Up to 2 Mason rolecards may be present in the game.

Seer: The Seer may either look at one other player’s rolecard, or at two center rolecards.

Robber: The Robber steals another player’s rolecard and gives that player their rolecard. They learn which rolecard they stole.

Troublemaker: The Troublemaker swaps two players’ rolecards. They may not swap themself.

Drunk: The Drunk exchanges their rolecard for a rolecard in the center. They do not see their new rolecard.

Insomniac: At the end of the night, the Insomniac learns what rolecard they currently have.

Non-Village Roles

Werewolf: All Werewolves wake to learn each other’s identity. If there is only one werewolf, they may look at a center card.

Minion: The Minion learns the identity of the werewolves. The werewolves do not know the minion’s identity, or even the fact that there is a minion.

Tanner: The Tanner has no abilities. They win if they die in the vote at the end of the day.


Doppelganger: The Doppelganger wakes at the beginning of the night, views another player’s rolecard, and takes on that role and win condition.

  • If they view a Werewolf or Mason rolecard, they wake with the other Werewolves or Masons.
  • If they view a Villager, Tanner, or Hunter rolecard, they do not take a night action.
  • If they view a Seer, Robber, Drunk, or Troublemaker rolecard, they IMMEDIATELY do the associated night action. They do NOT do that night action when that role actually wakes.
  • If they view a Minion rolecard, they immediately learn the Minion information.
  • If they view an Insomniac rolecard, they wake at the very end of the night to learn their new rolecard.


  1. If the Doppelganger views a werewolf, and then their rolecard is swapped with someone else, who is the werewolf?

The player with the Doppelganger card now has the werewolf win condition. The player who originally had the Doppelganger card now has the win condition associated with their new card.

  1. If the Drunk pulls a Doppelganger card from the middle, what is their win condition?

Standard village wincon.

  1. If the Doppelganger is executed, who wins?

Depends on the wincon associated with the Doppleganger card. The player who currently holds the Doppelganger card is treated for wincon purposes as whatever role was initially copied by the Doppelganger.

  1. Tanner is a Jester and Jesters are bad.

Yes. We’re still using it (maybe).

  1. Why is this a misc and not just FM?

In the past, other adapted board games have been hosted as miscs, and I don’t think this is more FMy than those



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It doesn’t happen by default but I can ping you

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There is 1 night phase (probably 24 hours, maybe more) and 1 day phase (24 hours)

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I actually own onuw and the expansions which have been used like, once because nobody I know irl likes social deduction besides among us




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