Omega Strikers FM - Saboteurs and Dissenter Win


Having qualified for the Pro League, you have nearly achieved your dream of victory at the highest levels of competiton in the hottest sport on Earth - Corestrike. However, some of your competition have been paid to sabotage the event. Can you achieve victory before they bring the entire Pro League down?

Hosted by orangeandblack5 and Fext on @Asher
Setup based on Starship Epiphron


Corestrike Regulations

  1. Pro League - All teams and competitors that have qualified for the Corestrike Pro League are known. Therefore, you all know each other’s roles (see the Striker Scouting Report below), but not each other’s alignments.

  2. Disqualification - Strikers who are determined to be a negative influence on the league will be disqualified if a majority of the strikers in the league vote to remove them. Once this occurs, a break will be taken to allow teams to re-coup. (Voting is majority-only. There are no deadlines, night begins only when majority is reached.)

  3. End of Season - The entire Pro League season has been scheduled in advance, and *will* conclude no later than 200 hours from its start, excepting officially sanctioned breaks. (If the amount of time the game has spent in day exceeds 200 hours, the Saboteurs will win.)

  4. Quiet Hours - Strikers are encouraged to get plenty of sleep before each game; as such, talking in the common areas at night is strictly prohibited. These quiet hours will be 24 hours unless stated otherwise (mainly due to the availability of officials).

  5. Knockouts/Disqualifications - Only careful study of the actions of knocked-out and eliminated strikers can determine whether or not they were paid to sabotage the Pro League. As such, only Atlas will be aware of whether or not knocked-out/disqualified Strikers were Saboteurs, and he will be unable to determine whether a knocked-out/disqualified striker was the Dissenter.

League Rules

  1. Code of Conduct - All strikers are required to follow the Global Forum Rules and the Forum Game Rules. Failure to comply will result in immediate ejection from the Pro League.

  2. Playing For the Team - Any attempt to intentionally make your team lose the game will result in punitive action. (All players must operate with the goal of winning with your team - don't throw the game.)

  3. Tardiness - Strikers are expected to be timely. If a striker hasn’t said anything in 24 hours, they will be prodded for inactivity. If they do not respond to the prod within 12 hours of it being sent, they will be removed and replaced with someone else. Receiving two prods will result in an automatic replacement.

  4. Official Communications - All questions and requests to the game officials must be done in private. Any messages delivered to you by the officials are to stay strictly between you and the officials.

  5. Scoreboard - Any attempts to affect the game through unauthorized manipulation of the scoreboard are strictly forbidden. (Don’t edit or delete posts in substantive ways without host approval. Grammar edits are fine.)

  6. Public Relations - Strikers are not allowed to communicate with anyone through unauthorized channels. (Don't talk about the game anywhere outside of the game without direct host approval.)

  7. Paparazzi Avoidance - Strikers are not allowed to publicly or privately discuss their own identities or the identities of other strikers at any time. (This is an anonymous game - do not do or say anything that may reveal your identity and whether or not you are playing, even if you are not a player.)

  8. Branding - This is the official color for special game-related announcements. Do not use this color or ones that could be easily mistaken for it.



By intercepting encrypted communications, the Pro League officials have determined that there are likely two Saboteurs within the Pro League. However, due to the encryption, their identities remain unknown. There are also signs of another Pro League striker attempting to communicate with the Saboteurs.


Access Alignment Descriptions

You are a Competitor. Your goal is to find all of the Saboteurs that have infiltrated the Pro League and knock them out or disqualify them from the league.

You are the Saboteur whose encrypted communications were intercepted. The other Saboteur in the Pro League is [PLAYER]. Your goal is to overthrow the Pro League by gaining parity with the Competitors. In addition to any night actions you may have, you may knock somebody out at night, but if you do you will have a to wait a night before doing it again. As you are lying low after having your communications intercepted, you may not knock somebody out on the first night, and you now have no way to communicate with your partner.

You are a Saboteur. The other Saboteur in the Pro League is [PLAYER]. Your goal is to overthrow the Pro League by gaining parity with the Competitors. In addition to any night actions you may have, you may knock somebody out at night, but if you do you will have a to wait a night before doing it again. As your partner's communications were intercepted, you have no way to communicate with them.

You are a Dissenter who has found yourself thoroughly unhappy with the way the officials are running the Pro League. Your goal is to avoid being knocked out and see the Saboteurs win. To that end, you count as a Saboteur for the purposes of determining when they match or outnumber the Competitors.

Striker Scouting Report

All strikers have been thoroughly scouted ahead of the start of the Pro League. You may view the details that have been collected below.

Access Striker Scouting Report



“Let’s get something straight. I’m not here to support you, alright?”

Call Ai.Mi cute and you’ll probably find yourself getting glitched into a string of 1s and 0s. Ai.Mi utilizes her reality-bending digital powers to create big plays with long range abilities, overpowering even the most stalwart defenders.

Each night you may hack a striker’s personal data, comparing their alignment to the last striker you checked.

You may not hack yourself, and the Dissenter will appear to you exactly as a Competitor would.



“It was just simple geometry.”

Atlas wields astral technology decades ahead of the rest of the Pro League. He can bend the very fabric of space time, and in so doing determine whether any knocked-out/disqualified strikers were paid to sabotage the league.

By performing a full analysis on all knocked-out/disqualified strikers, you are passively informed whether or not any were paid to sabotage the Pro League.

Be aware that you can only tell whether or not they had been paid off, meaning that you can only identify Saboteurs and not the Dissenter.



“It is okay to be afraid. Most are.”

Even the boldest strikers in the Pro League are intimidated by Drek’ar. His tactical playstyle can foil the best laid plans. When Drek’ar cloaks into invisibility, every striker knows it’s only a matter of time before he’s blasting them, or their teammate, out of the arena.

You still carry your gun, and you can use this to knock out any one striker of your choice at night.

You only have enough ammunition to do this once.



“Dubu dubu!”

Big, round, and ready to hold the line against whatever the opposing team may throw at him, Dubu is the friend-shaped defender that every striker wants on their team. His ability to block off large portions of the arena is unmatched.

Each night you may block a player, protecting them from attacks but also preventing them from acting.

You may not block the same striker two nights in a row.



“Honestly… I’m not really feeling it.”

Ask any striker in the Pro League who they´d want at their back, and most will say “Era”. Having honed her supportive capabilities from a young age, Era can turn the tide of the match by enhancing the speed, size, and strength of her teammates. Although she shuns the spotlight, no striker doubts her power.

During the night you may enhance another striker, making them use their night action before any others and preventing them from being knocked out that night.

You only have the ability to enhance a striker two times.



“Winning never gets old.”

Estelle is one of the greatest strikers to ever play the game. Her effortless yet flashy playstyle allows her to control the flow of the game from afar, always one step ahead of her opponents.

Each night you will be informed about everyone who was knocked out by Drek’ar, blocked by Dubu, guarded by X, enhanced by Era, or teleported by Rune.



“Keep calm, keep calm… oh my god, I did it!!!”

To reach the pinnacle of the Pro League - that’s Juliette’s dream. Her passion for Corestrike blazes like an infectious conflagration, spreading to all she encounters. She’s a flexible contender whose agile yet powerful playstyle lets her put heavy pressure on opposing defenses.

During the day you may select a player. The next night you and that player will be given a chat in which you may talk freely with each other.



“Luna! Asher said we can get ice cream if we win!”

An enigmatic yet adorable visitor from space, Juno brings a one-of-a-kind playstyle to the field. Her semi-sentient blobbos can be placed all over the field and work together to help Juno score, creating plays that leave opponents wondering what in the world just happened.

You may have your blobbos watch over one striker each night, learning the identity of all who approach.



“You’re lucky you get to share the field with me.”

Kai’s a stunning hotshot whose raw speed on the field is only matched by his own confidence. His kit allows him to skirmish from a distance or pressure up close when the opportunity arises.

As the reigning Pro League champion, your vote counts for double that of any other player during the day.



“Listen, I might be small, okay? But, I build rockets for fun. Let’s see you do that.”

Luna is a fountain of explosive energy both on and off the field, bringing chaos with her rocket-boosted experiments. That chaos can be a powerful tool - if she can manage to control it. Luna is the young daughter of genius astro-physicists, and she wants nothing more than to be like them when she grows up.

Once per game, you may spend a night studying a knocked-out/disqualified striker to create an invention that allows you to take on their abilities.

You will inherit the number of uses they had left, if applicable.



“Let’s win. Before… before it consumes me.”

Rune surges with the energy of another realm. The power of Obscura that flows through him gives him the ability to warp the flow of the match in his favor—teleporting across the map and banishing his opponents from the field.

You may teleport two strikers at night, causing any action performed on one striker to be done instead on the other and vice-versa.

You only have the power to teleport strikers twice.



“X gon’ give it to ya!”

X dominates the field with an unparalleled raw strength, using nothing more than his bare hands to send opponents flying from the arena. While he may not be the most mobile, in a close quarters brawl there is no striker quite as powerful as X.

During the night you may guard another striker, knocking out all strikers who visit them after you.

You may only guard a striker two times.

Game Data

Remaining Strikers

Knocked Out/Disqualified



This is an anonymous invitational game currently scheduled to begin around January 30th, 2023. As such, please refrain from making any comments in any place, public or private, that could convey to others whether or not you are in the game.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the setup or about the game, please PM @orangeandblack5 and @Asher privately.

Due to an unavoidable-on-our-end bug with our forum software, Discourse, @Atlas_OS and @Kai_OS will both have usernames that end in “OS” rather than just the name of the character. Similarly but less obtrusively, @Drekar will not have an apostrophe. Please be aware of this when attempting to ping any of these accounts, or read or place votes. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The game will start 2023-01-30T22:00:00Z.

If you are not a player in the game and wish to spectate, please send me a DM on Discord at orangeandblack5#4506 requesting access to the spectator chat. Because this game is fully anonymous, you may not tell anybody else whether or not you have done this, even as a non-player.

Please welcome @Zone_Q11 to the hosting team. He’ll mainly help with vote counts, but should be reachable in a pinch.

Day 1 Begins!

200 hours remain in the Pro League season.

Living Players



If you are a competitor, reply to this ;)

Juliette you must remain calm if we’re to sort this fiasco out. It would be remiss of any of us to consider infiltration and attempted sabotage as “hype”, in your own words.

Though I must admit some certain anticipation at the start of the League despite such dire tidings.

Come on now… Only 3 players are allowed to be frozen. Not the other 8.

Hello, chat :)




Hello Era, one shall only hope you bring a more level head than our excitable compatriot Juliette.

I hope to see you playing fairly on the field this league.

It would be funny if this was mafia.

Well Hello Atlas! I am just so excited for this tournament that I can not contain myself.

I do realize the importance of the matter, but I will say that I am also excited to stop this infiltration.

You see, Saboteur dislike this tournament and want to take away everything from us. They will not be happy and dislike us. If anything, we must be emotive to stand out from them in order to depict who is a competitor and who is a Saboteur.