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hi wind

no offense but I find it really hard to read your posts when they get super long

talk to me about your reads

Oh hi Squirrel!

OK hold on it’s 2 am and tbh I’m a bit drunk but I do have reads

Give me a couple minutes cause i can summarise where I left off last
I didn’t read the recent thread, I just posted to chime in on stuff I wanted to (and also very uselessly said “drunk” as an entire post lmao)

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Oh fuck it deleted my entire post

I’ll try again

For reference:


Marl Vulgard Arctic Wisdom Millium, town I am pretty sure of

You, Nutella, min, mostly sure of but not locktown

JC need to reeval
Wazza need to reeval but think her interactions with me were towny
IS I’m just ignoring for now, I think his Marshal read has merit but other than that idk
Kyubey I was townleaning because I don’t actually have a reason to scumread them rn. I can’t lock them as town, either, though.

I think JC does have wolf equity but I’m not as strong on it as Vulgard cause my individual read on JC last i paid attention was a townread. But I townread Vulgard and just kinda assume that since he interacted the most with JC, he should have the best read on him as well. I noticed JC was trying very hard to chain me with IS, and also that he was trying to get Moonwink to defend him, so both of those things are things to keep an eye on if JC flips wolf.

I mentioned I had a vague read on Hippo and from where I left off, gonna be honest I thought he was a neutral role because of his weird play. It’s either beneficial for town or not at all beneficial to anyone but him if we completed the nya thingy. I don’t think it’s a wolf role but I do believe he needed people to say nya, even if he was avoiding talking about why he needed that.

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I think I said this in the thread but either wolves have an extra kp (anticlaim most likely) or there is a serial killer at play

Can’t really say why but I highly suspect that

Again, that’s also assuming the game is well balanced which it might just not be lol. I said about the triple voter that I expected a counter role to it but if the game is not perfectly balanced it might just be a triple voter with no real consequences.

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I have indeed been mech solving but not like alignment-wise

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last readlist

So lemme compress this

Vulgard, Arctic, Wisdom, Millium, Marl town

Nutella, you, min likely town
JC I said was town but also due a reread
Wazza is due a reread because my read on her is super old, kinda think she’s town but idk?
One of Arete/Marshal wolf, I left my vote on Marshal and Arete flipped town so I kinda think Marshal should flip next but I’m not dead set on chaining that yeet because it’s just bad for the game state if I don’t at least step back and reeval (saying this because Marshal went down a terribly wrong tunnel during the champs practice game and I went very quickly from nearly towncoring her to scumreading her and she flipped town)

Eevee I’m ignoring for now
Kyubey I sort of think is town but can’t pinpoint why, like I think they really did try to solve my slot but I can’t locktown them yet

I’m dumping this here cause it was the draft I thought I got deleted but it magically just reloaded

Same as I summarised but maybe less concise, especially the Marshal part

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I also want to say
I suspect Arete was a vanilla role
As stupid as it sounds, I don’t think there is a town alignment cop in the game
If there is an alignment cop it’s either a neutral or a lost wolf and not town

So I could also believe there is no alignment cop at all, and Arete was not really a backup to any existing role

Talk to me about Nutella

I didn’t see that much from her except for a couple posts that felt really hedgy about arete/marshal

That said I’ve not played with her before so maybe I’m just wrong


Is this because of the triple voter or just general balance?

I played with Nutella maybe twice before and had like no opinion of her whatsoever
The one time I was a little iffy on her alignment and she turned out to be a wolf but it wasn’t super obvious tbh
I just think some of the posts I saw her make in real-time seemed genuine, so basically a gut read + unagenda’d, but I can’t speak for all of her posts because I didn’t actually iso her. I saw like 10 posts while we were in thread at the same time.

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General balance

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Although, yeah, if the triple voter is town then bladescape is more or less an IC and town has no need for an alignment cop unless wolves and/or neuts have extra kp. Which loops back to what I said.

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Do you remember about where that was?

Unfortunately not
Somewhere past post 1200 I think but I’m not even sure, I might be able to find it in my iso but not when it’s 3 am and I have to not be dead tomorrow lol

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You’re fine

Past 1200 goves me enough of a ballpark to start hunting

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Go to sleep lol

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Tbh I can’t even recall if I engaged with nutella
I do remember thinking her take on one of the hot topics was actually logical even if I disagreed with the conclusion

I was gonna say it was the Marshal vs Arete thing but actually I think it was about Arctic

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