Pokemon Xros Wars Game Over Mafia Victory

I take the game seriously when I need to.
It’s day 1.
I don’t need to.

Yeah that’s sense of deja vu

to be fair, the fact that everyone has two lives as well, makes it less serious, so its kinda w/e

Ehh this reads genuine

Doesn’t execution bypass both Pokémon or am I mistaken?



It kills the 1 which is out atm.
Which is precisely why it’d be a bad idea to execute me here.

I have 1 helpful and 1 fairly selfish pokemon which both don’t harm people.

I’m breaking my self imposed posting restriction to say the following

inb4 neither flips woof but you correctly catch someone d5 and act like you had the solve the whole time and nobody listens to you and you get mad at everyone for ignoring you

Lucy and 2Wolves wagon sounds interesting as top wagons NGL.

@Nokiel poke

Play the game with me

Pretty much the only time I wasn’t disinterested was in that starcraft game every other one I’m just not in the mood to pretend I have the energy to make up bullshit to kill someone D1. So pretty much business as usual.

no, which kinda changes the whole dynamic of the game, since going into night phase, u still have 0 info, especially on day 1

Postgame is gonna go so hard

Oh so basically I would lose my cop like ability.

I have gotten very upset with myself over being incorrect.

That makes the opinion-bias stuff I saw in the wallpost make a lot of sense

VOTE: Lucyfer btw
Thank you everyone for sheeping me

Yeah I have too there’s been games where it’s been a 50/50 and I was wrong and then I have to wait 24 hours just to lose lol

Never said my reads were 100% right.
I know how accurate a reader Lady is and I haven’t liked Stella Slot so far.