Role Review (from a player perspective)

People have been making game discussion threads recently, so I figured I’d jump on the trend. (I’m a bit late.)

Most of you should know me by now. I’m here to dissect your terrible mafia roles based on merit, fun and balance in a vacuum, both to play as and against. If relevant, explain the format and type of setup your roles are supposed to appear in.

Role Name
Alignment and Type
Source or Context

Why am I doing this? I stole the idea from an old thread. Also because a few people have asked me about their role ideas in the past and ehhh, why not? Taking a step back from things.


[insert clocktower character here]

Clocktower’s design philosophy is that every role that is in-play is known publicly, has a powerful effect and most are balanced by the host. If you ask me to review a Clocktower role, I’ll assume you’re asking me to review it as a Clocktower role.

If you want me to review a Clocktower role for a Mafia setup, you’d need to specify that part.

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The bomb rules modifier

Two players may agree to drop the Bomb
if at least one is Town, Town loses
but if Mafia outnumbers Town, Town wins instead

Sounds like a hail mary for two villagers to win the game if Mafia have been sweeping the game. I’m all for comeback mechanics, but this modifier seems to punish evils for playing well.

If Mafia can agree to drop the bomb at parity, it becomes a race to see which team is online first.

Conclusion: Not enough data, but at best it does nothing and at worse Town either wins undeservedly or throws. This might be forgivable depending on a few factors, such as whether XELO is announced, or if the number of evils are known, etcetera. I think it could be fun depending on the setup.

it’s from new world chaos

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basically its how town wins if Comintern is in play


also nothing happens if two mafia drop the bomb

That was my point. Mafia drop the bomb at parity so nothing happens, and to remove the hail mary from play. Assuming it’s a one-time use; bombs typically are.

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Each day, you may visit the host and talk with them about something.

Village Idiot
If you die at night, you may guess everyone’s role. You are wrong.

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Can’t you do this anyway?

I think I get this. When you die, you pretty much decide what everyone isn’t?

I don’t really like this role (for Mafia). First of all, the effect is minimal and doesn’t feel fun to be. You’re just moving chairs around. If you’re another player, you’d either have a role you don’t really care about and this doesn’t affect you, or you have a fun role and you’re annoyed.
If this is for Clocktower, it’s even worse because you’re outright mass-confirming yourself, an issue that doesn’t matter for Mafia. No, I don’t like this role.


hey guys who wants to see proof god exists
i made pleading joy cat
Town Dreaming God DR Poisoner

Intelligence Potion (Night) - Each night, you may drink a potion associated with one of the following riddles and then target someone. Something involving poison to yourself or the targeted player will happen. The poison may or may not be real. You may only select each riddle once.

  • I am the one who learned something strange. My plans were benign, but then turned foul when attaining wisdom. What did I do next?
  • I am the one who kept on seeing. Because there was no escape had I not done what I had done, my actions would be retroactively justified. The lords above agree, do they not?
  • I am the one who profited off the ambition of others. My mark had died foolishly partaking in my delights. Won’t you trust me?
  • I am the one who bore witness to anguish. My actions were guided by urgency, but not one saw fit to blame me. Who am I?
  • I am the one who took an angle that shocked. To go against the grain was a plain undertaking, but the effect was trying. How did it go?

Eliminate the Mafia and all other possible threats to the Town.

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You lose points for this being a FAM2 role.

Alright, I’ll do my best. Flavour checks out. Dreaming God is fun. This looks like a Poisoner-themed role, so it’s TK. Checks out for a large game.

Relevant question: what were the effects for each ability?

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i have a lot of roles but theyre for an in progress game so
guess ul have to see after it runs


This caught my eye. I don’t know why.


P sure a majority of them were self poisons lmao

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nothing else relating to the role was stated in fam

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Looks like a self-poison.

This could go either way? If you mean “escape” as in “escaping the game”, it would be.

Poisons the target?

Bore witness. I’d assume it poisons the target?


Surely there’s more variety though.

May as well be a majority

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Bad and unholy idea:
Starting Pit Hag and Legion
Pit Hag makes a good player into a Comintern

There are now equal parts Legion and Comintern.

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