SCoD 68: Ascendance of the Unshackled (11/11)

Welcome to Special Chair of Deception 68: Ascendance of the Unshackled, hosted by @Arete and @Chloe on @Host_Account_3!

Setup created by Evenstar and run with permission and minor modifications.


  • Follow the Global Rules and Forum Game Rules.
    • To ensure the game runs smoothly, players who fail to meet the requirement of 15 substantive, on-topic posts will be immediately replaced. Players who zero-post in the first 24 hours of a day phase without informing the hosts in advance may also be replaced (if you must miss the first 24 hours, inform the hosts). These requirements may be adjusted if the day ends early due to majority.
  • Refrain from excessive ATE (appeals to emotion). Excessive ATE includes, but is not limited to, statements that directly say or imply that something in the game is having a negative impact on someone’s out of game relationships or well-being. Ordinary manipulation is still allowed.
  • I will be closely monitoring the thread for toxicity, harassment, and excessive ATE. However, please do not hesitate to bring problematic posts to my attention if you believe I missed them.
  • Alts are allowed, but you must inform the hosts of your identity.

Role List

Luminary x1
Converted Unshackled Role x1
Convertable Azure Dragoon Roles x9

Role names will be taken from the Chair of Deception Class Card Thread. With the partial exception of the Luminary, roles have flavor significance only and not mechanical abilities.

Starting on Night 1, the Luminary must convert a living Azure Dragoon player to the Unshackled faction. The Unshackled do not have access to a factional kill, only to this conversion.

All members of the Unshackled are lovers – if one member of the Unshackled dies, all of them lose.

If the Luminary is eliminated, they will survive and be revealed as the Luminary. The last player on their wagon will be executed in their stead, regardless of their alignment. This will not be disabled in LyLo.

Thus, the setup can be viewed as:

  • Eliminationproof Last-voter-vengeful Lover Cult Leader x1
  • Vanilla Cult Lover x1
  • Vanilla Townie x 9

Sample role PMs:


The Luminary, Leader of the Unshackled

The Azure Dragoon is corrupt. You can feel it every time someone is strung up for lèse-majesté, every time a child goes hungry because the Lord hoards taxes for himself, every time a trial is decided by the weight of the Lord’s thumb on the scales. The Azure Dragoon is corrupt, and the whole kingdom cries out in agony.

You don’t understand how others can’t see it too.

You thought at first that you would meet the same fate as every reformer before you. But no matter how they call for your blood, their weapons glance harmlessly off your skin.

They have to see the light. You can show them the light, but it will take time.

You are the Luminary, the head of the Unshackled. You have access to the following effects:

  • Each night, beginning Night 1, you must induct another player into the Unshackled.
  • If you are ever eliminated, you will survive and the last player who voted you will die in your place.
  • If another member of the Unshackled is eliminated, you and all members of the Unshackled die and lose the game.
    You win when as many living players are aligned with the Unshackled as with the Azure Dragoon.

The Enforcer

You were a knight of this kingdom, once. You rode out with the Lord’s army and carried his banner high.

But though you cared for little but honor and glory, there is no honor in upholding the position of an unjust despot out of cowardice. It may be your own life at stake, but to stand with this Lord is a price you cannot bear to pay.

You are the Enforcer, a member of the Unshackled. You have no abilities. You are lovers with the Luminary; if they die, you will die and lose.
You win when as many living players are aligned with the Unshackled as with the Azure Dragoon.

The Knight

You are a knight of this kingdom. You stand at the Lord’s right hand in battle, carrying his standard. At court, you never back down from a fight.

Yet you can see the cracks in your Kingdom’s military. You can see unqualified people promoted to General at your Lord’s word. You would lay down your life for him gladly, but there’s a voice in the back of your head that asks … will it be his fault, not yours, if you have to?

You are the Knight, a member of the Azure Dragoon. You have no abilities but your voice and your vote.
You win when you eliminate the Unshackled.

Note: Role PMs may contain flavor. However, the Unshackled will receive fake role PMs, allowing them to fakeclaim. With the exception of the Luminary, the example role PMs are not present in the game.

Note: Rolecard art created via DALLE-2. Please take any and all fighting about this to the cookie thread.


  • The set-up is an 11 player setup with 1 Cult Leader, 1 starting Cultist, and 9 vanilla townies
  • Days are 48 hours unless majority is reached early and nights are 24 hours. SoD/EoD will occur at 2023-01-02T02:00:00Z on the relevant day (9:00 PM Eastern Time). Apologies to Europeans.
  • Executions are majority and plurality.
  • No-execute is NOT a valid vote.
  • In the event of a tie, the execution will be randed between the tied players.
  • Self-votes are considered valid votes.
  • Votes are locked in LyLo (execute-or-lose) scenarios, but not in MyLo (misexecute-and-lose) scenarios. That is to say, in situations where town must execute correctly or lose, the first vote cast by a given player is final and cannot be changed.
  • The day will never end early in LyLo except due to majority, due to possible complications involving the Luminary’s passive.
  • The Unshackled will communicate through a private Discord server.
  • The Luminary’s conversion is mandatory. If no valid conversion is submitted, it will be randomized among members of the Azure Dragoon.
  • The game will begin with a 24-hour night 0 period. The Luminary may not convert during this time, but it can be used for discussion among members of the Unshackled. The thread will be locked. This period may be slightly longer or shorter to accommodate host scheduling.

Player List

  1. Kiiruma
  2. Gorta
  3. Jarek
  4. Ashlyn
  5. Frostwolf103
  6. Silviu200530
  7. Ruby
  8. Marluxion
  9. Hazardwaste
  10. Creature
  11. Leafia


  1. YouButWorse
  2. ElizaThePsycho
  3. Zorvo


  1. TheBlueElixir
  2. Evenstar
  3. Ranta



please read the setup before joining, there are several non-standard mechanics!


oh this is sick


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this looks really cool, idk if ill join tho, /backup for now



This is a cool take on CoD.
After last game I’m kinda hyped to try something new but see if I can try solving from good’s perspective rather than be evil at least initially

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i am very overcommited so i can’t join but sshh


The voting rules seems a little weird to me. If there’s no way to actually prevent an execution each day (due to no-axe being invalid, ties resulting in a rand axe, and majority + plurality), it doesn’t seem like mylo is actually possible, unless there’s a role that prevents axes that I’m not seeing.

To not treat this fake mockery of mylo for what it really is, lylo, is a disgrace and is almost more evil than using ai generated imagry.

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I saw a lot of words in tbis but I comphrended exactly zero


Why didn’t you have this to start

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mylo not possible, not axing isn’t possible in this game. Therefore, any day where if town didn’t axe they’d have 1 more day to win is impossible as they must axe.

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none of that is revelant to me understanding tbis setup

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it could theoretically happen if for some reason there were a modkill that I didn’t treat as an execution (I would treat modkills as executions though)


lets make sure mylo happens by making sure a modkill happens. :)


dw I’ll leak my rolecard as evil /s


honestly can’t imagine a world where the luminary doesn’t out d1 unless they are capable of playing a perfectly good wifom game, I would claim d1 and then post cat pics


You know that one image with the knight in a full suit of armour? And in the next panel, theire’s an arrow stuck right in the eye visor?

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