SCP FM(4/18) - Game thread, Day ???

Bastard SCP FM

Hosted by @Ranta and @Daeron


Follow the Global Forum/Discord/Game/Meta Rules - Please Read First , and the Official Forum Mafia and Fortress of Lies Rules . Please make sure you have enough time for this game before you sign up.
Alts will not be allowed in this game, and they are disallowed as a game mechanic.


Day phases will last 48 hours, or until curtailed by an execution.
The execution will be decided by means of Majority + Plurality. If a simple majority of all living players are voting for somebody, the day will end early and they will be executed. Otherwise, the player with the most votes will be executed at the end of the day.
If at the end of the day the votes are tied, a random player among the tied votes will be executed.
Voting to execute nobody is a valid vote. If this vote reaches majority or has the plurality of votes, nobody will be executed.
Night phases will last 24 hours


This is a Closed Setup. The Vanilla Town card is provided below.
The OP will not lie to you.
There are no Neutral Killers.
Flavor claiming is banned. Any attempt to claim the flavor of your rolecard will result in a Modkill. This extends to hinting your flavor or claiming exact ability text.
There is an anti-claim mechanic. It is not The Lying Darkness.

Example rolecard

MTF Unit

Foundation Vanilla


Your objective is to eliminate all threats to The Foundation, and ensure that there is at least one Foundation player alive at the end of the game.


  1. Kiiruma
  2. YoubutWorse
  3. WindwardAway
  4. Wazza


  1. Amelia
  2. Mistyx
  3. Hippopablompoyeetus
  4. Universal


  1. Katze
  2. intensify
  3. ATNoName
  4. Jane
  5. Nerbins
  6. Trochilidae
  7. Frog

Day ??? has begun and will end, when Day 2 ends.

the fuck

I was trying to enjoy my pizza, I check the forums and I see this

okay so
you guys gonna speak?

Voted Voters Votes
[Not voting] Kiiruma, Youbutworse, Windward, Wazza

had a feeling

I can’t really speak for a while since im eating lunch rn and wont be free for a bit. Feel free to discuss stuff while im gone though

okay so here’s my thought process on everything

I think you two are wolves!

Other than Wind ofc.

I believe you two are wolves who threw us here for a few reasons.

  1. To save YBW because he seemed like a solid execution for the day.
  2. For me to admit the reason I labelled Wind as Locktown
  3. I think Kiiruma is wolf by proxy since I think you want to avoid me or Wind killing you guys by execution in here, at least I’m assuming that’s what is going to happen here.
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And if you aren’t wolves, I still won’t utter a word in case wolves can see this chat

Uhhhh, this exists?
Wtf is this?

I was going to look into Min and then we get yeeted away from the main thread and into this side thing.
I’m lowkey irritated by it.

I know there’s anticlaim in this game but I don’t think that this ability comes form a townie.
Do any of you want to own up to doing this?

If you do and you insist you’re town then that’ll be something we can discuss.
As right now I think a wolf has caused this to happen and boy it’s poorly timed

I can see your logic but I don’t just make a post in thread saying ‘I’m going to look into Min’
If I knew something like this would happen because now I look weird as all fuck.

Furthermore, if you are town and you’re right on Wind being town, YBW might’ve done this (Assuming they are wolf) because I was inactive and I was going to be looking into Min instead of YBW in thread so they might think that means I was softly defending them

What the fuck is this chat