Secret Palpatine Round 2 - The Sith have won!

one thing*

They seem to have had that same grudge on me lately too. Well, my last few games with him anyway.

I really am heading out for the night now too, so good night everyone. I’m sorry too if I upset you in any way Cape. :sleepingleafeon:

oh no

you all should be mad at me, im not mad at really any of you rn soz

Hey it’s not like I understand it either
I joke about policy-ing you but you’re genuinely scummy on that front?

Im in quarantine for reals now
Prepare for some hyperposting cheese
Meaning i’ll make exactly one more post while i eat lunch and disappear for the rest of the day to yell at my insurance

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Little more on this
I have heard that the meta is for some Sith to act very blatantly Sith-y since Jedi will sometimes have no choice but to pass Sith anyway, to shield for palpatine
Whereas the palpatine would try to be as towny as possible, either with UTR or just being very town

If seth is making blatantly quick jumps in logic to side with Marluna I dont think that’s not the action of someone that’s trying to be towny

You’ve heard right about that. You might be onto something there too.

Hmm clone was your issue that you viewed the first post as me suspecting Marluna and thus felt bad vibes about the second one because I immediately called Marluna town?

Ok well all I was asking is if they had 3 Sith’s because I had 2 Sith’s and I wanted to see if Marluna was Sith trying to do the “I gave you a Jedi card!” Play forcing me into a 1v1 with them.

However that didn’t happened and they checked Leafia that appeared to have opposite alignments and the reason I call out Cape is their handle of Leafia before the check. Make sense?

I mean I feel like Marluna as I said before would have just tried to 1v1 me.
Again I was looking at what has been happening so far and chose the most likely conclusion which is Marluna!Town.

That’s not logical at all Seth. It isn’t logical at all to think either of us between Marluna and I are lockjedi or locksith.

Because Marluna could easily have done that as sith too, which he did. This is why I wanted him to check me. So I could at least be a bit more certain about his alignment but calling him jedi just because he checked me over you when I specifically asked him to check me which a sith would be very unlikely to do mind you, is extremely scummy.

Still feels sus to me.
What exactly made you decide Marluna had 3 siths instead of 2/1 and threw the jedi away?

Your explanation has been this:

Checking leafia isn’t that clearing, as it was a pretty meta thing to do. Cape has nothing to do with what Marluna’s role is; frankly, it seems to me that your scumread of Cape has a basis in your townread of Marluna.

Why do you townread Marluna?

If this is meta, I’m not following it.

social reads dont really help that much this is a mechanical game

freezing marluna and leafia should mean that people don’t give reads on them and ignore them while they’re posting that is half the point of freezing them


Social reads are everything in this game, but I do agree with the rest.

And Lucky, what cards you receive isn’t AI. Even if Marluna did get 3 sith cards and discarded one of them doesn’t say anything about his alignment.

It’s more like I believe they are Jedi and believe Leafia is Sith/Palp.

Check Marluna

If you get an investigation.

thats the only investigation in the game…