Splatfest Revenge - Day 6 - Mafia Victory!

Welcome to Splatfest Revenge FM!

Hosted by @otterpopd and @May


Site Rules, Game Rules
Just because there isn’t a specific rule against it does not mean it’s allowed. Rules may be added to preserve integrity.


Puh-lease. Handshakes? Zombies? Recently, all of the Splatfest options have sucked, and there’s only one group to blame: Deep Cut. Find them, splat them, and get your revenge!


  • The role list consists of 12 vanilla townies and 3 mafia goons.

  • Days will be 48 hours. Nights will be 24 hours.

  • Host-approved alts are allowed.

  • The mafia will communicate privately in discord.

  • The factional kill is mandatory, and the kill submission deadline is 1 hr before SOD.

  • Executions will be decided by plurality. The day ends when majority is reached.

  • Voting for yourself or no execution is valid.

  • If there is a tie, no execution wins. Otherwise, the execution is randomized within the tie.

  • Votes will be locked at XYLO.

  • At the beginning of each night, four random players will be forced into a Salmon Run shift, a private chat on the forum.

  • They may speak privately until 1 hour before the start of the next day, but they are not obligated to. They may not speak in that thread thereafter. Doing so will be considered an integrity breach.


Vanilla Townie

You are an inkfish getting revenge on Deep Cut. Eliminate all members of Deep Cut to win.

Mafia Goon

You are a member of Deep Cut, trying to survive. Reach parity to win.


  1. Garfooled
  2. tutuu - Died N1, Vanilla Town
  3. PrincessAbigail baker Died D3, Vanilla Town
  4. Caitlin Died D5, Mafia Goon
  5. Luka Achromatic
  6. orangeandblack5 Executed D3, Vanilla Town
  7. Litten L.una Litten Died N2, Vanilla Town
  8. Treasure
  9. Leafia - Executed D4, Vanilla Town
  10. pyxxy
  11. homiecat - Died N4, Vanilla Town
  12. RoseRedWitch - Died N5, Vanilla Town
  13. JamieIsBored - Executed D1, Vanilla Town
  14. TodaysStory - Executed D2, Vanilla Town
  15. Hazardwaste


  1. Artemis
  2. Manaphy
  3. Arctic


  1. ElizaThePsycho
  2. benguinedparbecue
  3. Zugzwang
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  1. Day 1 end - JamieIsBored was VT
  2. Night 1 end - tutuu was VT
  3. Day 2 end - TodaysStory was VT
  4. Night 2 end - Litten was VT
  5. Day 3 end - orangeandblack5 was VT
  6. Night 3 end - baker was VT
  7. Day 4 hammered - Leafia was VT
  8. Night 4 end - homiecat was VT
  9. Day 5 hammered - Caitlin was Mafia Goon

The game will begin 2023-12-11T22:00:00Z. Rolecards are being sent out now.


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btw I should have thought about this pre-game to get it changed but because the chat mechanic isn’t disabled later it’s basically just nighttalk enabled in lategame

which is uh

really unfortunate lol

havent read the post wont read the post wanna mason

temporarily, sure

Slightly wolfy I feel. Why do you want to mason with possible scum?

Greetings, everybody. My name is tutuu, and I am most definitely, certainly, undeniably, and without a shadow of a doubt town.


Okay. Have a very very slight townlean from me for making me smile IRL.

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Awww. A smile on your face warms my heart. Aren’t you adorable? Hug :blush: :hugs:

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this is a really silly question
to see a reaction + everything in mafia is spec, youre always calling a possible scum town

Lock town

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Not a big fan of this post; I get the need to get the game picking up but jumping on a mason request imo… isn’t the play

Like mason requests are NAI as can be imo

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Yup. I am. Now defend me from Abi who I’m willing to bet will misread me this game too if she’s town.

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I am not even going to attempt to read you. Screw you, buddy.