propaganda by the mafia peasants trying to dismantle the elite

Bro half the time I don’t read everything.
I skim half the time and just look for tells.

I also try and determine the best probability play you can make that can increase the chance to win.

I completely agree with Vulgard that just going “oh this looks Townie” isn’t accurate.

Going by “I like or dislike post” isn’t accurate.

Those kinda reads are still a coin flip cause usually all that is simply how the player is choosing to play rather then their alignment.

But no actually theoretically if everyone just voted on gut the entire game, there might actually be an increase chance at winning.

Have to try it out to see for sure.

You don’t need to apply a full on logic read at all.
You just need common sense.

Anyone can post “good” it isn’t AI.

Like the way I play.

I’m not saying I’m always right. (I’m not)
But I’m more accurate then not.

You don’t directly have to be right/right about everything right away.

You just got to be right at the right time.

this reminds me of the time I went through a fm phase where I thought skill in mafia didn’t really matter and it was just an illusion
good times

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You can play really good.
You can be a top tier player.

People shouldn’t be afraid to push you if they think your spewing wolf AI.

They need to vote it, the goal of a town member is to vote wolves not keep players alive cause you want to talk with them more.

I could find you multiple mafia games where people were afraid to push the good players or didn’t vote them cause I was wolf reading them.

It was just the other day I finally understood the term “reality”

Where the reality in the caveman times was different then medieval times and the medieval times are different then our current reality.
Where the space times is a reality we currently do not live in.

Now while I don’t directly agree with what I learnt I accept, understand and respect the ways of how people’s “reality” is.

this image is extremely powerful and i have sent it to all 0 of my friends thank you very much for exposing me to it


there is a 50 percent chance any given player is wolf and a 50 percent chance they are town, nothing else matters.


My argument when ???


Additionally, take this from the Flicker game.


I wanted to literally photo that

Real mafia players will print this out and nail it to a tree.

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Send that image of you playing Flicker on that prehistoric tablet