Stratagem-27 FM - Signups (FILLED!)

Stratagem FM (27/36)


Hosted by @Zone_Q11
Co-hosted by @Silviu200530
Reviewed by @Mistyx


  1. Follow the Forum Game Rules.
  2. Post a minimum of 10 game related posts per active phase.
  3. Fail to heed the former rules more than twice, and you will be subbed out or modkilled.
  4. I can and might have to add and/or remove rules in the future. Except the first rule.
    Let’s just hope that I won’t have to use this rule.

General Mechanics

  • This is an open setup: There is 1 Town Drunk, 1 Town Lunatic, 1 Town Hider, 6 Town Vanilla, 1 Mafia Fool, and 1 Mafia Claim Vigilante.
  • Day Phases last 48 hours unless majority is reached early. Night Phases last 24 hours.
  • All actions must be submitted in your role cards / role PMs.
  • Mafia members may communicate through Discord during both phases.
  • Factional attacks are mandatory and not assigned.
  • The host will announce when XYLO occurs.
  • The game starts when the player list is fully filled.

Special Mechanics

  • Flips only show alignment and not roles.


Vote Mechanics

  • Use the latest voting format.
  • Plurality: Whoever has the most votes at the end of a phase will die.
  • Majority: At any point during day phase, whoever has >50% of all votes will die.
  • [No Exe] is a valid vote, and may be hammered to end the day early.
  • In case of a tie, a random player within the tie will be executed. However, if the tie includes [No Exe], then nobody will be executed.
  • Self-votes are considered valid votes.
  • Votes are locked in XYLO scenarios.


  1. Magnus
  2. Litten
  3. ElizaThePsycho
  4. Kiiruma
  5. May
  6. sulit
  7. Leafia
  8. Zenon
  9. Marluna
  10. Garfooled
  11. WizKvothe


Uninformed Spectators

  1. Hazardwaste

Access to informed spectators is enabled when either a mafia has died, or when it is XYLO.



is this disabled in lylo

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If you said something like “Im the town hider, my ability lets me hide from Zone so he doesnt know where mr rolecard is during the night” would that apply (assuming they actially are town hider)

Also if someone just said “Im a PR” would that be enough for the claimvig or nah

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every role should claim d1 in this setup lol

to reiterate
none of these roles are strong enough to justify not claiming to be confirmed town
this gives town a 25% to hit a scum d1 and vig a 28% to hit scum d1

all roles claim d1
left with
3 PR
6 VT
2 Mafia

D1: Execute one VT
N1: Shoot one VT, One PR dies due to factional

2 PR
4 VT

Night 2: Kill PR due to factional
1 PR
3 VT
2 Mafia

Which means they need to kill 4/6 VT with vig/execution to win in the most optimal situation

Not to mention, town would be planning for a strongman execution, where they would use the hider to get a clear, only if a mafia strongman was executed

in conclusion I don’t actually think this setup is balanced
right off the bat mafia is forced into a box with some VT where they need to execute most people inside the box to win

And since scum can never kill inside the box without throwing. 2 vt clearing themselbes win the game

oh wait nevermind I’m dumb
The claim vig isn’t a claim strongman
ignore me lmao



I saw the words strongman and claim and stopped reading

No. It is not based on BotC. It is literally based on this:


There is a thing called 36 Stratagems.
This game is based on the 27th stratagem.


No. I will only react to “vig”, “hider”, “pbo”, and “VT” or anything that is basically their synonyms.

The bigger question I should be asking is, “what if I do it anyway”.
Let’s pretend that the power roles only claim that they are power roles. Let’s also pretend that the claim vigilante can target a PR who claims PR, even if it didn’t claim their role.

Starting Point:
3 PR
6 VT
2 Mafia

Let us assume everything goes the way mafia wants it to

D1 Execution: VT
N1: Claim Vig PR, Succesfully Kill Other PR, Vig kills VT

4 VT
2 Mafia
1 PR

D2 Execution: VT
Night 2: kill VT, claim vig PR

2 VT
2 Mafia

so optimal play is for all PR’s to claim that they are PR’s and we land back to my previous scenario


Except it’s even worse cuz they can’t kill some PR’s lol

I’m not so sure claiming is the best option for the PRs.

Not without Claim Vig. Claim Vig bypasses both PBO and Hider.

claiming is the optimal play
it removes them from the POE
they cannot be claim vigged because they only stated that they were a PR
and even if it everything goes fine for mafia, mafia needs to have 4/6 of the VT to die to win
if a kill fails, they need to kill 5/6 of the VT