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hi there

This thread is conceptually slightly similiar to Magnus’ Join the Party thread, but more direct about what’s being asked.

I have. An immense curiousity about a lot of people’s lives are like, more particularly about information that would solemn come into standard conversation, and I’d really like to hear any statement you have relating to your likes, interests, or anything generally information related whatsoever.

Feel free to say practically anything about yourself


Hiya! I’m Atlas (unsurprisingly). You can figure out my real name if you beat Disco Elysium and then think really hard about it.

I’m a rather large fan of indie games, with some of my favourites being the aforementioned Disco Elysium and survival horror games like SCP: Secret Laboratory, Amnesia: The Bunker and Cry of Fear. Beside that, I kingly enjoy difficult games like Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number and Don’t Starve Together, and a final act of heavily story based games, including Psychopomp and Alan Wake 2.

I have a decent problem with finding food likable, but I have a favouring for sweets, with my favourite being Crêpes with the runner up of mille-feuille (aka “Napoleon”, “Vanilla Slice”, “Custard Slice”).

Beside those, I have a decent interest in reading fiction that I find online, and in roleplaying.

…Somewhat site-known was my two roleplay games I hosted here, Trials of Madness and T.O.M.M.Y.G.U.N, which I believe the latter shows my decent improvement design wise. Beside the NPCS I played within those games (which you can find by checking my end of game mega-posts), I also played Violetta Stars, the lead prosecutor in Magician’s Perjury and Ophelia Krueger, the imp in ElizaThePsycho’s King of the Castle 2.

Currently, I’m beginning the design of a non-roleplay game or two to be hosted on this site, hopefully. Related to forum mafia, I have an interest in high-effort rolemadness setups, and don’t particularly mind hosting a game every year-ish. I’ll likely see you around sometime!

The truth, Walker, is that you’re here because you wanted to feel like something you’re not: a hero.


I’m Leafia, a Leafeon known for being silly. i’m a furry as a lot of people already know and I have a large collection of plushies in my room.

Surprisingly, I still live with my mom despite being 40, but I’m young at heart and love RPGs. I have autism too, but I don’t think it affects anything too much.

I was also hit by a car going 53 M.P.H. in 2001 I believe while on my mom’s bike. That resulted in a hospital stay of nearly a month. Don’t believe people when they say hospital food tastes bad. I liked it.

I unfortunately don’t have a job. It isn’t easy finding one after all.

One factor that probably contributed to my survival when hit by that car is me being overweight. Last time I went to the doctor’s and got weighed I weighed 325 pounds. Yup. Still overweight since I’m not around 10 feet tell. I’m actually 5’7", so pretty tall for a Leafeon.

At the start of the year I started an exercise regimen to hopefuy help me lose weight and get more energy and stamina and I think it’s helping the latter at least. It’s 25 pushups, 5 situps, and 25 jumping jacks every dsy. I’ve also been eating an apple every day as well since the start of the year.

Also due to the accident, I don’t have full feeling or movement in my left arm/paw, but luckily I’m rightpawed.


Hiya everyone, I’m Bionic! I’m 19 like i said in cookie thread before, and like Leafia i am a furry (Bunnies are just too cute) and also very silly.

Let’s see some irl fact to put in… my real name easily pops up when you search ‘most common Brazilian names’, and i wish i could get a name change to my second name, which is much cooler.

I’m mostly active on discord, playing DnD games, SDGs, and a few others, I’ve been playing SDGs for 3 years, and i still suck at them :joy_cat:. For DnD, I haven’t played a single human or human-adjacent (Elf, Orc, Tiefling) race, my most played is Harengon beacuse of the strength and it being rabbit people.

For games, i love roguelites, and games with a ton of content like Terraria and Pokemon (mostly the old games and romhacks, i never owned a console older than the Ps2). This also ties in with DnD, the game has amazing variety to play with! Roguelites are what got me into SDGs, when i found an invite link to one based on a roguelike i played. If i had to pick an absolute favorite one, it would be Pokemon though, spent so many hours playing it.

If you have any questions to me I’ll be happy to awnser and edit them in a dropdown box!


I’m gay

(will write more later)


Ive been open about ~everything, within the approriate setting. Some things that i havent shared are:

Ive been playing league of legends since its inception. It was free champion rotation 20, right after irelia came out. That was in 2009, so 20 weeks after it got released from beta. The highest rank ive achieved was Diamond 2. Ive tried playing various roles, but my strongest was enchantress supports - basically the e-girl champions that sit back and heal and shield. I dont play the main game mode (Summoners Rift) anymore but i play a ton of ARAM. Its a mode with only one lane, each player gets a random champion, and you brawl it out. I like it because theres constant fighting, its much more simpler and less toxic than the main game mode. It has no ELO system but im very good at it, i see Masters and Grandmasters players in my lobbies (thats the second and third highest rank)

I loved the yugioh cartoon as a kid and played a lot of the card game. Original cards were rare and expensive, usually we had fake cards in stores. None of us could read english either, so everyone usually made up their own effects and argued about them. When we became teens we learnt a bit of english and started using proxies - we printed the cards we want, cut them out and glued the paper on top of a bad card

My favourite color is orange. My favorite food is burgers. I have a sweet tooth and i love sugary fizzy drinks. I dont like mushrooms and beets

I think that i have been very gullible and impressionable for most of my life, its only recently been starting to get better. The person i spoke to last or the movie i watched last defined my personality for days or weeks

I get lost in daydreams too often. Sometimes i even forsake rotting on the internet for the sake of closing my eyes and coming up with a fictional scenario and playing it out


I love doing this as I engage bbn in one of my favorite hobbies, which is taking naps and sleeping.

As for my real name, a recent game I was in had my real first name as part of someone’s flavor, which was an interesting experiance. I don’t remember exactly which game it was though.


hi everyone! im youbutworse (or youbie)(or ybw) (or worse) (idc what nickname you use as long as it isn’t just “you”).

My main interests include Games (board games, card games, TTRPGs, video games, etc), TV, and music! I asbolutely adore certain games and tv shows and obsess over them verrry easily, I tend to obsess over things fairly easily. My favorite TV show BY FAR is The Owl House and if you ever want to talk about it please talk to me I love it so much. I also love tons of other cartoons like Amphibia, She-ra, Bojack and just tons of TV in general. I also play Clarinet and Guitar and love to learn and play music (tho I don’t own a guitar lmao). I love all types of video games, but I love SDGs and multiplayer games the most bc i just like to chill with friends!

I love to talk to people but really struggle to reach out, so feel free to DM me whenever!

also am a doggirl (and a furry) bark bark arf arf


I’d prefer not to, I have a standard of internet safety and privacy to uphold.


iim maverick!!! im 18 turning 19 pretty soon in august :3

my interests tbh its a lot so im not going to go super super deep into them but i really enjoy drawing/writing/gaming and just jail stuffze. i really like music too. i couldn’t really go super into detail cuz my music taste is pretty broad but i mean if anyone ever asked or was curious i could name some stuff. i am a pretty big fan of nct, who’s a kpop group. they are very goated

i love reading vns but primarily horror/thriller ones… i love horror of most kinds (esp psychological horror) but i very very much love romance too as a genre in general i love love and i am extremely lovelypilled i love the idea of romance and just having love. murder mysteries, the horrors, and love are my :muscle: crutches and if i like something it usually falls under one or more of those categories

as for games i play, i can play a bunch of stuff but bloons, geometry dash, social deduction in general, terraria, minecraft… theres a lot i would play though honestly. i like 1 player games alot usually tho. i play stuff like overwatch sometimes but sometimes competitive games make me tweak out lol

humor/irony is like my favorite thing ever btw… a lot of things make me laugh lol its unreal

anyway, something tutuu said is actually very similar to me,

i am also VERY like this lmao. daydreaming is so goated to me.

i live in my head honestly. i wish i was more openly outgoing but then i go out and instantly hide inside of my head and it kinda sucks but we ball!

(some lore time i guess)

ive just been isolated for so long, that i have a lot of work to do i guess when it comes to being independent. as someone with autism and some other mental stuff i cant really put my finger on yet, that makes it harder sometimes but im trying to lock in :muscle: trust.

i never had a good relationship with school since like. middle school. and ive dealt with some shitty things when i was a kid, so yeah. i was never popular and i got bullied (not even in a violent way, but in the way that i was pretty much ostracized from my school and almost no one would talk to me) because of the one time i defended myself against this girl and this whole group that i called friends lol. since then even after i moved middle schools i just couldn’t really keep up and i had horrible absences, so i ended up dropping out after like a third of 9th grade. idk just everytime i would walk into a school building i would be hit with a giant wave of fear anxiety and paranoia…which is also why its kinda hard for me to keep a job but i am also in the process of gaining the courage to enroll myself in an alternate school so i can get the help i need to at least get my ged or a hs equivalent lol. i can’t do school at home. my home and especially my room is like. a safe space to me, so when i think about having to sit on my computer doing schoolwork it just doesn’t work. it doesn’t help that i also have problems with processing stuff and concentrating and truly keeping it inside my head but. we balll….

also i may or may not be a weed enthusiast nya. i unfortunately don’t have very many irls, and the irls i do have people inform me that they arent the best (they are why i even got introduced into things like nicotine and weed.) but its hard for me to connect to people irl and even harder to break things off with them :smiling_face_with_tear: but we persist!!! we lock in gang!

overall im pretty weird but i am very open for people chatting with me so if u ever wanna talk about anything i’m down… i probably fucked up somewhere in this post but shrug we ball




I got bullied a lot when I was young so I know what that’s like. Gives Jail a comforting leafhug


based af i love romance


me too


Hi! I’m May. You can learn my real name by looking at my username on here and thinking about it really hard. And then looking at the username again. It’s May.

May lore… Most of you know lots of things about me already, because I use the cookie thread as my diary. Facts about me. I’m chronically ill and autistic. I’m a student in university in New York, when it is not the summertime, at least. I love achieving tasks, and much of my online life is me trying to find tasks to achieve when I’m not in class.

I’ve been on the computer basically as long as I’ve been alive, because I learned to read at around 2 or 3. My dad’s a software engineer, so he had me on Scratch shortly after that, and I also played a lot of online pet sims and such as a kid. I made my first online friends when I was eight years old, by walking into their forums on Howrse and deciding I was their friend now. I once accidentally deleted my own personal forum and I cried for hours. My mom tried to get me to tell my therapist, but I refused, because I didn’t think it was a big enough deal.

I liked Warrior Cats a lot as a kid. I read the entire series to impress a girl I had a crush on when I was eight (and who later went on to move schools and then show up in every dream I had for years). I met a lot of friends through an author of the series’s blog, which I frequented, and I still talk to them to this day.

I’ve been playing the browser petsite Flight Rising for six years. I like to draw custom skin items - I learned to draw basically exclusively to do this - and I’m an organiser for my flight’s dominance team, something I find difficult to explain. It involves a lot of spreadsheets and organising like a hundred people. I had to fill out a job application for it. I have significantly more money’s worth of virtual items there than my entire bank account could buy. It was my life for a while.

I also play low-level competitive Splatoon with some friends I met through Blaseball (a browser baseball sim), and riichi mahjong, because during a Blaseball Among Us game night, @pandora was playing solitaire mahjong in the background, leading us to joke about starting “Mahjong Mondays” where we all sat and played solitaire mahjong in silence. I decided to start them for real, but several people heard of them and thought it was multiplayer mahjong, so I rapidly taught myself how to play so I could run a game night for it.

I play forum mafia because it also serves as a task to achieve, and because I hate being bored more than I hate any other feeling in the world, and because I love understanding my reactions to things better. I like unpleasant, stressful games of mafia most of all, at least in hindsight, because difficult tasks are more satisfying to achieve, stronger feelings help me not get bored, and it helps me learn to deal with such stress in a controlled environment.

Offline… I don’t do so much. I am quite sick. During the school year, I spend all the energy I have getting to classes and coming back. I had/have friends, as in people I talked to in classes and went to prom with and such, in high school and college, but I’ve never been really able to hang out with them outside of contexts where I’d already see them, and I’m a terrible texter. I’m kind of a non-person in this sense. Hence why I am online so much.

As for facts you maybe didn’t already know… false impressions you may have gotten from my posts… I don’t actually follow the Mets that closely, my fandom is more hypothetical than anything. I’ve never really been drunk, it just happens that nights where I have like one or two drinks are also nights where I’m incredibly fatigued, so I’m incoherent online for different reasons. I’m not extremely good at mahjong, but I’m not bad like I make myself out to be, either. I’m the best of my friends, including the ones who have been playing longer than I have. It’s just that, like any long-existing game, some people have been playing for decades, and so there will always be many people better than me. I try to be as sincere as possible these days, because irony feels like a poison, but I am still often too weak to admit how much I do actually like you guys.

I’m also a cat.


i am an enigma who will only reveal bits and pieces of myself to those who frequent the cookie thread. or to those who ask


i like origami



I’m N. Also known as N.1, formerly known as Maxwell.

I’m a crew manager at white castle; been there nearly four years now. I work Monday mornings, where I lift and receive our store’s weekly supply of 1,000 packages (a.k.a. the “truck”), and I manage overnight shift the rest of the week.

I operate under a pro-pain philosophy where all anguish, both mental and physical, is an asset as it increases your tolerance for more of it and makes you stronger. Ending up in such a mindset was inevitable after the injuries I received from my job.

I’m also going to pursue finishing my degree in mechanical engineering starting in August, albeit part time over ~3.5 years so I can continue to prioritize work. I got to keep all the credits I accumulated before I started my work so that’s nice. White castle also gave me a $3,500 scholarship, so I have zero tuition. This first year I’ll be taking thermodynamics, CAD, fluid mechanics, circuits, and a few other classes. I will have class 2-6 P.M. and then night shift 10 P.M. - 6 A.M. School is just a backup option because I miss learning. I still love my job immensely and I would say my most ambitious goal is to be running my own store within 10 years.

My main interests outside of work include:

  1. Distance running – I try to run 20+ miles on the lakeshore at least once a week, and 4+ miles on all other days. Any day in which I burn under 2,500 calories is a failure. Blasting metal while running very long distances is very enjoyable for me, especially in a thunderstorm or other inclement weather. My favorite song is KINGSLAYER by Bring Me The Horizon ft. Babymetal, and my favorite band is I Prevail. I don’t wear more than a t-shirt while running outside unless it’s under 35F.
  1. Swimming: I swim a mile (80 laps) at the gym twice a week on my off days.

  2. Board games: I’ve been playing board games at a Monday evening meetup with some of the same people for over two years. Some people there are among my closest friends, along with some of my colleagues and people from this site. My favorite board game is Terraforming Mars. Additionally, during this year, a new monthly clocktower meetup has been run near me that I really enjoy. This saturday is the largest one yet with almost 50 registered attendees.

  3. Reading fantasy novels: I love reading fantasy novels, especially grimdark. I buy all my books because I don’t have time to deal with libraries. My favorite author is Mark Lawrence. Currently I am reading a series about a convent of nuns with superpowers. My favorite novel is another of his called The Book that Wouldn’t Burn.

  4. JRPG’s: Although I have been gaming less lately, I still play a lot of JRPG’s, including games from the Trails, Ys, Tales, Octopath Traveler, and Bravely Default series, among others. I should finish baldur’s gate 3 at some point. My favorite video game is Trails of Cold Steel III.

  5. Anime: I watch a decent amount of anime. My favorite is a tie between Hunter x Hunter and Attack on Titan. Currently I am watching a series called Delicious in Dungeon about a party of adventurers that cook all their meals from monsters in a dungeon.

  6. Movies: I try to see every new release that isn’t bef in theaters with my uncle, who I am good friends with.

I’m very busy so I don’t play anymore, but I enjoy hosting here a lot and I’m looking forward to co-hosting Virtuous V soon, a setup I helped create around 4 1/2 years ago.

Hope y’all are doing well. Peace


Weirdly enough I know a lot about BlogClan


The forbidden name…