Town of Salem 3: Traitors Within - Jackals win!

Welcome to Town of Salem: The Third edition, hosted by @Amelia and @Leafia!


Follow the Global Rules as well as the Forum Game Rules

Additionally, players should post at least 15 on-topic, substantive posts each in game day. Those who fail to meet these requirements will be prodded, and if the problem continues, replaced out.

Finally, when it comes to recruited Mafia players, due to the nature of the Jackal, players are not allowed to outright claim Mafia/Recruit in the main thread in order to reveal their partners, nor may they claim their partners as they die. They may attempt to bus who they think/know may not actually be on their team, but they can not truthfully claim their role.

Roles in play

Town Roles



Mafia Roles




Neutral Roles



Town Power
Town Killing
Random Town
Random Town
Random Town
Citizen x8

Mafia Head
Mafia Support
Random Mafia
Random Mafia


Citizen can roll once in Random Town and has doubled weight. Town Power and Town Killing cannot roll in Random Town.
Mafia Head cannot roll in Random Mafia
Roles marked with a :star2: are unique, meaning only one can exist at a time.


  • There is a Day 1 execution
  • Days are 48 hours. Nights are 24 hours.
  • Executions by default are majority and plurality. In case of a tie, the execution will be randomly determined amongst the most voted players. If the Mayor uses their ability, executions will temporarily be majority only and ties will result in no execution,
  • This game will make use of the vcbot feature. More on that can be found here.
  • The Mafia has an optional factional kill each night. This explicitly may not target other members of the Mafia. To use it, the Mafia member must give up their night action, unless they are the only Mafia member remaining.
  • If 3 or more Mafia are alive, they may once per game vote to execute one of their own members at night. If the recruit is killed this way, their role becomes a factional action that can be used alongside other abilities, and the Mafia may kill two people with the factional kill once afterwards.
  • If there is exactly 2 members of the Mafia remaining and 1 is recruited, the non-recruited Mafia’s factional choices take priority. If there are more than 2 members remaining, the Mafia may vote on which kill has priority.
  • The Mafia will communicate through a private Discord server. Night feedback will exclusively be sent through their role PMs, however.
  • When a player dies, the roles that killed them will be announced. If the factional kill or one-time execution is their cause of death, the message will say “Killed by a member of the Mafia
  • XyLo will not be announced, and votes will not be locked.


  1. @ElizaThePsycho
  2. @Marluna
  3. Appelsiini Rajidae - Killed by the Jackal Night 2 - Mafioso
  4. IcetFeelsPain - Killed by the Mafia Night 2 - Lookout
  5. @Wazza
  6. @Kiiruma
  7. mooglefanclub - Killed by the Mafia N1 - Citizen
  8. Frostwolf103 - Killed by a recruit N4 - Caporegime
  9. @eevee :tophat:
  10. @Hazardwaste
  11. Hippopablompoyeetus - Executed Day 4 - Consort
  12. thepigeonnyc - Executed Day 3 - Jackal
  13. @Jarek
  14. @Chihiro
  15. Zorvo - Executed Day 2 - Citizen
  16. Cyanide - Executed Day 1 - Citizen
  17. ImpMan Magnus - Killed by the Mafia N3 - Firebrand
  18. @Kabazame


  1. @May


  1. @Napoleon
  2. @TodaysStory

Spectators may choose to start uninformed or informed. Dead Mafia or Jackals will be informed no matter what.

The first day has yet to start! It will truly begin at 2023-08-05T17:00:00Z.

If you didn’t get your rolecard, please DM me.

in the meantime, mods lock thread?


The Apocalypse is nigh? Nah, I’m just here to watch over you mortals.


@Rajidae has replaced in for @Appelsiini

no the day still has not started

A familiar rooster noise echoes across the Town. The witches are gone, yet it is that time once again. How… nostalgic.

The first day has now begun! It will end 2023-08-07T17:00:00Z, or earlier if a player reaches 10 votes.


Anyone else roll town or just me :joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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hai guys itsf min right naow, im busy watching YouTube tho so later

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I Hardclaim Shitizen

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How are there so few posts
Did I go to the wrong forums

skill issue

Nah this is the new age of FoL.

If you wish to talk though, just give me a ping.

Oh, the game started earlier then I expected
Good morning!
I’m going to take a minute to read through what’s happened, sorry

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You won’t find much.

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