Happy Tree Friends FM - Game Thread Night 3 13/20

Actually no reason to be coy

I just dont think wolves let plague post a read list of 2. They give him details to fake or something. Something.

Silly take but lol

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I mean, yeah, I considered that too except if Plague also happens to be absent from wolfchat he probably wouldn’t notice

Only reason I suspect he might be absent from wolfchat is actually because of what happened in the newbie game, according to everyone who played with him there

But honestly his flip can go either way so if you think Plague is more likely to be town then I won’t advocate for a shot there yet

(plagues alignment hinges on something else anyway but I’ll solve it tomorrow)

@thepigeonnyc has replaced in for @alice

Do not discuss the reason for replacements

Why do there have to be 6000 posts
Can someone catch me up here?

Yeah hold on a second

Hi. What would you like to know? Theres a lot.

Brad is the lead wagon. He claimed doctor after being what we believe was anti spew for an entire 24 hours. No one buys the claim.

We have been discussing your slot as a wolf slot today. I have some big isos on some suspected players early today if you want to find them in my iso.

Also your slot is claimed. Can you repeat that claim for us? Just to verify.

I am sure others can give you more. Welcome to the game.

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Idk actually what you want but summary is

D1 Marl got suspected, eevee claimed arsonist and outed some mech info, Marl got tilted and openclaimed wolf and told us to kill eevee, we killed Marl, eevee got strongmanned at night, and Seth suicided onto min.

D2 we are sitting on Brad’s wagon currently because he was extremely sus and now he’s claimed doctor and none of us believe it.

Theres other stuff but maybe someone else can add the highlights.

This is my readlist in case you want it btw:

Also, hi pigeon

Only reason I linked my readlist is cause I had some reasoning and some bits and pieces of important thread stuff in there

Ordinarily I wouldn’t do that because I don’t want to bias your view

Town Universal Backup
Obviously I haven’t backed anyone up as on N1 there were no dead Town players
That being said it’s in my best interest to copy the Vig

Of course. That makes sense.

Here is your slot’s latest read list

I dont know your process, just let me know if i can be of further help.

Once you develop some reads id be interested in hearing who’s in your vig shotlist

@thepigeonnyc if you want to start somewhere without a lot of stuff to catch up on, you could maybe take a look at the lowposters
I think we would like another opinion on them.

Where are said ISOs? I’d be interested to see them

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I regret not bookmarking posts efficiently this time
Lemme see what I can find

5316 through 5332 covers all my isos.

Day 2 VC

Voted Voter Count
Bradland Vulgard, Hippo, Zone_Q11, Leafia, Achromatic, Illwei, Windy 7/9
Leafia Wazza 1/9
WindwardAway Beancat 1/9
Hippo Pigeon,Brad 2/9
Not-voted Gorta, PlagueSimp, Atlas, Kiiruma, ElizaThePsycho 6

Ping for any mistakes!