Prehistoric Purgatory - Game Over: Town wins

Prehistoric Purgatory


Everything and everyone will cease to exist at some point. The question is whether or not they leave behind a legacy.

Hosted by @Arctic and @CRichardFortressLies on @Host_Account_1
Reviewed by @Prophylaxis


  • Follow the Global Rules and Forum Game Rules.
  • Players who fail to meet the requirement of 15 substantive, on-topic posts will be immediately replaced. Players who zero-post in the first 24 hours of a phase without informing the hosts in advance may also be replaced (if you must miss the first 24 hours, inform the hosts). These requirements may be adjusted if the phase ends early due to majority.
  • Refrain from excessive AtE (appeals to emotion). Excessive AtE includes, but is not limited to, statements that directly say or imply that something in the game is having a negative impact on someone’s out of game relationships or well-being. Ordinary manipulation is still allowed.
  • I will be closely monitoring the thread for toxicity, harassment, and excessive ATE. However, please do not hesitate to bring problematic posts to my attention if you believe I missed them.
  • Alts are allowed, but you must inform the hosts of your identity.



Vanilla Town x10
Mafia Goon x5

  • Instead of day and nights, phases alternate between heaven and hell. The game starts with a hell phase. All phases last for 48 hours unless majority is reached early. Phase changes will occur at 3:00 PM EST (tentative).
  • During heaven phase, the town votes to send one player to heaven. During hell phase, the town votes to send one player to hell.
  • Town wins if the majority of the Mafia is sent to hell, the Mafia win if the majority of the Mafia is sent to heaven.
  • Alignment is revealed upon being sent to heaven or hell.
  • All scum, whether alive or sent away, can talk to each other at all times in the Mafia Discord server.
  • Only townies who are sent to hell can enter dead chat. Townies who are sent to heaven are required to join and participate in a separate martyr chat. Players sent to either heaven or hell may no longer speak in the game thread.
  • When 50% of the living players are Mafia, a Judgment Day occurs. All living players lose the ability to vote. The martyrs privately vote in the martyr chat to send a living player to hell. If the player is town, the Mafia win. If the player is Mafia, the game moves on to a hell phase.
  • All votes must be in the form **/vote [name of player]** to be considered valid, and all unvotes must be in the form **/unvote**. Pinging the host account is greatly appreciated but not essential.
  • Eliminations are majority and plurality. Self-votes and votes for no-execution are not considered valid. In the event of a tie, the elimination will be determined at random from among the tied players.

Activity Disclaimer

Due to the lack of a night phase, this game is likely to be intensive and will require a greater devotion of time than a standard game of Mafia, not to mention the lack of PRs makes this a Mountainous setup. The game can last up to 14 phases. Additionally, villagers sent to heaven must continue playing in the martyr chat, in which the same post requirement must be met and the same posting rules must be followed. If you cannot play for this length of time, do not consider joining this game. If you typically fail to meet the post requirement in a standard game, do not consider joining this game. The host reserves the right to employ Wisdom of the Moderator (WotM) to decide if a player should be prevented from joining in order to maintain the quality of the game. Additionally, the rulings on activity, as detailed above, are more rigorous than that of typical games. For this reason, backups would be greatly appreciated should the game fill with ease.

Phase times may be adjusted before gamestart, should enough players request it. This includes the possible addition of a timeout phase.


The game is flavored around fauna and flora from the Mesozoic Era, comprising of the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods. After receiving your rolecard, you will have until gamestart to choose flavor which falls under this category. If no valid flavor is submitted, I will choose one for you. If multiple people request the same flavor, the player who receives it will be decided on a first-come first-served basis. I would recommend choosing something unique for the sake of variety - there are more creatures than dinosaurs and there are plenty of dinosaurs that aren’t a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Sample role PMs:


Vanilla Town


You are Leedsichthys, Vanilla Town. Your only weapons are your voice and your vote.

Ensure that the majority of the Mafia are sent to hell.


Mafia Goon

You are Coelophysis, Mafia Goon. Your only weapons are your voice and your vote.

Ensure that the majority of the Mafia are sent to heaven or that the Mafia outnumber the town.

Do not join the game until you have read the activity disclaimer.

Player List

  1. Lucky - Vanilla Town - Killed Heaven 2
  2. BradLand TheLukundo - Vanilla Town - Survived, victorious
  3. lol - Mafia Goon - Killed Hell 3
  4. Aelin - Vanilla Town - Survived, victorious
  5. Rue (Mistyx) - Vanilla Town - Survived, victorious
  6. dota - Mafia Goon - Killed Hell 2
  7. Wazza - Vanilla Town - Killed Heaven 1
  8. Hippo - Vanilla Town - Survived, victorious
  9. Zone - Vanilla Town - Survived, victorious
  10. Gorta - Mafia Goon - Endgamed
  11. Kiiruma - Vanilla Town - Survived, victorious
  12. Porscha - Mafia Goon - Endgamed
  13. SirDerpsAlot - Mafia Goon - Killed Hell 1
  14. Trochilidae - Vanilla Town - Survived, victorious
  15. Moose - Vanilla Town - Survived, victorious


  1. Atlas
  2. WindwardAway
  3. Chloe
  4. ATNoName
  5. Geyde


  1. YoubutWorse
  2. EliThePsycho
  3. Jane
  4. Silviu


Start of Hell 1
End of Hell 1/Start of Heaven 1
End of Heaven 1/Start of Timeout 1
End of Timeout 1/Start of Hell 2
End of Hell 2/Start of Heaven 2
End of Heaven 2/Start of Timeout 2
End of Timeout 2/Start of Hell 3
End of Hell 3/End of game

Welcome to Pangaea

You wake up to find yourself in… prepare yourselves for cliché - the land of the dinosaurs! By that, I mean an essentially idealized version of Earth during the Mesozoic Era in which a child can live out their dream of seeing real dinosaurs, and other creatures, from all different periods up close and personal. Or in your case… living as them? To be honest, I don’t actually know what I’m doing with this flavor. I just thought that the alliteration made the title sound cool, and the fact I have a vague interest in dinosaurs would enable me to give a brief commentary on most of the flavors that flip. The goal is to convince at least some of you that I know what I’m talking about.

So… this is flavored in a similar fashion to what they do in virtually every form of media relating to dinosaurs (particularly videogames) whereby several species of dinosaurs which did not exist at the same time are presented as perfectly co-existing and part of a functional ecosystem. The worst example of this I can think of is Terra Nova, if any of you have watched that show - not only was the whole premise of the show founded on time travel to a fixed era yet featured species from a number of different periods, but they straight up made up half of their creatures and… unsurprisingly, didn’t get renewed for a second season, purportedly due to “production cost issues”… Yeah, take that with a grain of salt.

Now, what the hell does any of this have to do with heaven and hell? And to this I say, I have no idea. Having said that, the juxtaposition, if I’m allowed to say this, involved in the themes of this game, does make me laugh. Do animals go to heaven? Can animals go to hell, despite not having the cognitive functions to develop a moral compass as advanced as that of humans? On second thoughts, I’ll spare you from venturing down this rabbithole with me, as this is neither the time nor the place -after all, you people have a game to play.

Oh actually, one last thing - please do not even think about roleplaying flavor. Have fun judging the… sins of dinosaurs?

Hell 1 has begun and ends 2022-03-25T20:00:00Z unless majority is reached early. With 15 players alive, it takes 8 votes to reach majority.


@Rue (Mistyx)

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Lets fucking goooo

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I already forgot how this setup works

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Hell 1 - Votecount 1

Vote Target Voted by Votes
Not Voting Lucky, BradLand, lol, Aelin, Rue, dota, Wazza, Hippopablompoyeetus, Zone_Q11, Gorta, Kiiruma, Porscha, SirDerpsAlot, Trochilidae, Moose 15
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No fair, I didn’t get the “post” button until the 4th refresh.

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This wagon formation always yeets a mafia member.

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It’s not very difficult. You try to send wolves to hell and villagers to heaven.

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Its good to be back. I must carry and come back in style

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okay so something i’ve noticed is that every time we try to try hard we get everything wrong and shit hits the fan and then i feel massively guilty because of my unresolved inferiority complex
(examples are ScaledSlinky and soren’s popcorn wallpost)

so i am proud to announce trochi 2.0- the trymedium model
i won’t think about this game every moment i’m awake and accidentally mix up metronidazole and metoprolol at work (got a lotta shit for that one)
i won’t hyperpost and spam thread with every thought that goes through my mind as soon as i think it
laying this out now so y’all know what to expect from me

obviously i’m not going to loweffort and minpost but this game i do want to try another method and i think this will help my reads in the long run

and also there is some development on the hydra dissonance front (namely that we’re trying to reduce that and actually maybe cooperate), but i’ll let soren lay that out if they show up

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Tell me, Brad, what are your thoughts going into this game?


Didn’t read this youre town congrats


snap read of the day
rue/derps unaligned

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/vote Trochilidae @Host_Account_1

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