Umineko FM: Land of the Golden Witch - Thread 1 - Days 1 & 2

@Heisenberg has been eliminated. They were:


Night 1 begins and will end at 2022-08-17T18:00:00Z.

Deadline for night actions is 1 hour before SoD.

Actions are locked.

@spf was targeted by the following action types: Other.

@KimWexler has entered the game!

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@eliza has been killed. They were:

@Hally has been killed. They were:

@SaulGoodman has vanished.


Day 2 starts and will end at 2022-08-19T18:00:00Z unless majority is reached.

With 22 players alive, majority is 12.


sauls a wolf, pretty sure he controls the howard account and presumably now kim account as well. not sure how we’re supposed to deal with that.

gaul probably with saul (4465 particularly awful post)

min possibly wolfing

jack, gorta worth looking at

nightingale, rue, katze, sadbi, zorvo prob okay

gyrlander, hally (rip), memes probably villagers

spf, outedwolf likely villagers

eliza (rip) not wolf

9 vote d1 wolf wagon implies bussing; unsure who

i lol’d at the hally flip because i subscribed to their newsletter and got zero words, but I did receive a funny gif

eliza prob anticlaimed

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VOTE: GaulSoodman

Oh thank God I’m not dead. I’ve officially survived into D2. Now feel free to lynch me.

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this is splendid okay okay I can do things

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i also got the newsletter and it was fantastic lol

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wolves are flailing lmao


i mean its pretty obvious he controls the howard account

its a fairly common astand thing to have a role that controls an npc, sometimes the npc rotates control, has been seen as any alignment

Hally visited both @spf and @sufdaddy and gave them a dancing goose gif.

I was in a chat with Hally last night.

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