Dangan Werewolf Invitational (2/15) Game Ended Night 2 - Despair Won

Welcome to Dangan Werewolf Invitational, hosted by @Ruby and Yoshi on @Monokuma

This game was reviewed by Mistyx and Prophylaxis


  • Follow the Global Rules and Forum Game Rules .
    • To ensure the game runs smoothly, players who fail to meet the requirement of 15 posts will be immediately replaced. Players who zero-post in the first 24 hours of a day phase without informing the hosts in advance may also be proded
  • I will be closely monitoring the thread for toxicity, harassment, and excessive ATE. However, please do not hesitate to bring problematic posts to my attention if you believe I missed them.
  • Alts are allowed, but you must inform the hosts of your identity.

Role List

No roles are public however each role is themed be a player from the Dangan Werewolf Community priority to those in the game and that are in the game not from the community had a public item card made after the. You may NOT claim the flavor of you abilities but may claim what they do. If you ever have questions let me know, In addition some abilities may not be able to be claimed .

Sample role PM:



  • The set-up is a 15 player setup.
  • Days are 48 hours unless majority is reached early and nights are 24 hours. SoD/EoD will occur at 2am EST.
  • Executions are majority and plurality.
  • No-execute is a valid vote, and may be hammered to end the day early. In cases where no-execute and another vote are tied at the end of the day, no-execute will have priority in the rand. In all other cases of a tie, the execution will be determined at random from among the tied players.
  • Self-votes are considered valid votes.
  • MyLo/Lylo will not be announced however votes will be locked in F3.
  • Voting will follow this format . Section 2 is what you’ll want to look at.
  • The Mafia will communicate through a private Discord server.
  • The factional kill is optional . If no valid kill is submitted, the kill will be holstered.
  • The factional kill is Not Assigned to a specific member of the Mafia.
  • Claiming may not be a favorable strategy.
  • Item cards are a mechanic in this game you must play them over the course of the day/night privately at the end of the phase all items that were played will be revealed but not by who.
  • By Default you can only activate one ability per night and one item per phase.
  • There may or may not be neutrals


Item List


  • Vibrating Kokeshi (Mid-Day): Target a dead player and take a random item they were carrying in their death.
  • Robo Justice (Mid-Day): Tomorrow night target player can’t be targeted for killing actions. This will be announced at the start of day, a player can only be affected by a Robo Justice once per game and only three people per night. If more then three people would be effected all will be negated.
  • Demon Angel Princess (Midday): If this is the only item card you have draw two cards otherwise nothing.
  • Shard of Despair (Mid-Day): Tonight all protection effects will be negated.
  • Bun’s Cat Ears (Mid-Day): You may play these you are now a cat person.
  • Message in a Bottle (Mid-Day): Send a message to the GM to be sent to another player max 1000 characters, they will learn you sent it.
  • Leaf-Covering (Mid-Day): Tonight all protection effects against you will fail (this includes Robo Justices.) At the end of night you will draw two items.


  • Super Strategy Guide (Night): Your vote secretly counts as two tomorrow. This is disabled in Xylo.
  • Water Bottle (Night): Target another player, their vote secretly counts as zero tomorrow if the end the day voting for you. This is disabled in Xylo.
  • Salt (Night): If you die tonight you may make ten posts tomorrow however you may not vote.
  • School Emblum (Night): If you die tonight you may submit a vote to the host over the course of the next day which will be made at EoD.
  • Shard of Hope (Night): If you would be attacked tonight you will prevent that attack.
  • Rabbit Book (Night): Learn what items target player has.
  • Despair Bat (Night): Hammer is one lower tomorrow. This is disabled in Xylo.
  • Alter Ball (Night): Target player discards an item card.
  • Kiss Note (Night): Send a message to the GM to be sent to another player max 1 word. They will learn you sent it.
  • Apo’s Chaos Portal (Night): Target player has their non-killing actions redirected towards a random player.
  • Kat (Night): Tonight anyone who vists you will recieve a “Meow” feedback.


  • Tumbelweed (None): This does nothing and can’t be played.

Player List

  1. @scoot
  2. @katze
  3. @Scorbunny
  4. @Apocryphal
  5. @Demisha
  6. @Kai
  7. @PoisonedSquid
  8. @guavagudetama
  9. @Drinks
  10. @Bylamir
  11. @Etha
  12. @Chronos12
  13. @Blasian
  14. @crazymage
  15. @Kanave






Day 1 Opening Post

Welcome you have all been gathered for a grand event one that many will not return from the 43rd killing game this time with a twist this twist one most dire. Everyone seems to have forgotten their talents while theres a mixup with everyone seems durring the amnesia induction everyone seemed to have gotten inflicted with alternative version of others from another demension.

Well that’s not ideal well we have to make the best of it maybe they can kill each other still also seems some of them are from differenet dimensions. Ya some of them seem to be survivors of a previous killing game maybe those ones shouldn’t be left to live through this game seems they were the only ones to make it out as well. So yes a reward will be heald for anyone that can live for the death of all people from the previous game key word being that can live that long.

For now that’s most of my own annochments outside that we have a few notices that will be sent out to your monopads sortly.
(Flavor is a last second addition so don’t blame me if bad will try more later)

EoD is at 2022-08-21T06:00:00Z

Night Zero actions if any must be in by 2022-08-20T06:00:00Z

VOTE: guavagudetama
They claimed wolf to me in my imagination


wolfy post

I’ve literally been anticipating this game for so long that I woke up and immediately thought about it and started stimming do not take this away from me DAY ONE

Counter claim second

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VOTE: guavagudetama



girl anyways…

VOTE: guavagudetama

Let’s put pressure on someone who probably doesn’t understand how to use the platform!

VOTE: Chronos12

hello fellow dangan werewolf players

how about that chihiro? am i right guys? haha, im just a dangan werewolf enthusiast! lol!

(hi i barely know any of you guys im rubys SO and some people consider me a good mafia player)

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unironically the unvote is kinda wolfy, towny wouldn’t be as scared of getting mislynched via a meme vote :)