[PAC] Spoiled Dead Chat

Scum are:

  • Marshal
  • Hippo
  • Mist
  • InternetStranger/BS2415
  • alana

We won’t be giving more mechanical info really but yes Vulgard did get shot by the scum team N1 again


Yeah, I feel so bad for Vulgard :frowning:


3/5 sweet

too bad I’m dead :joy_cat:


I know you said you wouldn’t be giving more info but how did min think he was scum

Frankly he was their only hope imo

Scum team has a massive camaraderie issue and not to get into details until they’re public but I think they inted super fucking hard with their arguably best PR so

Well do you remember PMFM

…that’s all I can say

I mean yeah but in PMFM that was achieved by giving all the town PMs that looked like wolf PMs

I feel like if your PM says you are a town the normal assumption is that … you are town

What if it didn’t tho

What he said in the game thread was that he got a town PM but thought the town were wolves which is a REALLY WEIRD assumption

Guess you’ll need to wait and see!

But nah I was really hoping that you or some other PMFM player would rand min’s role

Not meant to be sadly


so like I know I have TMI but is anyone going to point out that Marshal is straight-up lying about what my reads were

like even postulating Marshal v I said I thought JC was wolfsiding town!


who even is the second player I was supposedly tunnelling :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat:

being informed was a mistake, now I’m even more frustrated at people townreading Marshal for bad reasons

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oh my GOD literally all she’s done today is be like ‘oh Arete was so bad!!! sucks how they played so badly’ which is literally exactly what I said she was going to do how is that townie

yes I realize I have TMI :joy_cat: