Popcorny Mafia

Hosted by @Garfooled
Co-hosted by @May and @Hazardwaste
Reviewed by @Arete

Popcorn Mafia is an open setup created by Elmo and tweaked by Rainbowdash and Plessiez.
Setup found here


  • Follow the Forum Game Rules.
  • Zero-posting for 24 hours and not meeting the minimum 10 game-related posts every 48 hours will lead to a replacement.

General Mechanics:

  • Before the game starts, mafia must elect a townie to be the gunbearer.
  • That player has until deadline runs out to shoot another player.
  • If the gunbearer does not shoot by deadline, they die and the mafia pick a new gunbearer.
  • If the gunbearer hits mafia, they keep the gun. If the gunbearer hits town, the gunbearer dies and the targeted townie becomes the new gunbearer.
  • The gunbearer is always announced and confirmed as innocent.
  • The gunbearer can shoot publically by pinging the hosts along with “/shoot [@player]”
  • This game is nightless.
  • Deadline is 24 hours.


Vanilla Town
Vanilla Town
Vanilla Town
Vanilla Town
Vanilla Town
Vanilla Town
Vanilla Town
Mafia Goon
Mafia Goon
Mafia Goon
Mafia Goon

Flavorless Rolecards:

You are:

Webber, Vanilla Town
Win condition: You win when all the mafia members are dead.

You are:

Wes, Mafia Goon
Win condition: You win when the number of living mafia members is equal to or more than the number of living town.

Living Players

  1. @catbae, Vanilla Town
  2. @YoubutWorse, Vanilla Town
  3. @Achromatic, Mafia Goon
  4. @lol, Mafia Goon


  1. @Kiiruma, Mafia Goon
  2. @Litten, Vanilla Town
  3. Corrupted_Dreamer@SultanOfSlam, Mafia Goon
  4. @Madeline, Vanilla Town
  5. @Magnus, Vanilla Town
  6. @crazynuto, Vanilla Town
  7. @IceTFeelsPain, Vanilla Town


  1. Litten is given the gun
  2. Kiiruma is shot by Litten
  3. Madeline is shot by Litten
  4. SultanOfSlam is shot by Madeline
  5. Magnus is shot by Madeline
  6. crazynuto is shot by Magnus
  7. IcetFeelsPain is shot by crazynuto
  8. YouButWorse is shot by IceTFeelsPain


  1. @Silviu200530
  2. @ElizaThePsycho
  3. @sulit


  1. @mollylikesorigami
  2. @Napoleon

Game Begins


Game has begun!

The Mafia has chosen @Litten to be The Popcorn Man!
The Popcorn Man is always town.
(If you are shot, please do not post until the hosts process the action.)


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I’ve never played in a Riot game, “larga vida a la revolución! Mi revolucion!” so hopefully this hot potato mayhem compares. I would rather not bully the gunbearer into shooting in the POE without first getting them on side. Otherwise this entire game will devolve into bullying innocent children in the town square.

Before anyone fires a gun, you should first think about one or two players that you would like to shoot. Each gunbearer has a 24 hour deadline, so there’s no rush. Don’t be afraid to die. It might be a good idea to shoot at players that look like have given little thought to who they would shoot. In an ideal world, top posters should be shot halfway through the game, depending on either one of two schools of thought. I’d be happy to keep talking about gun laws, but I’m afraid they’re outlawed here in the hands of civilians.

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im going to sleep

dont kill like 6 people while im sleeping :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:

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This is one of the two schools of thought I was talking about. Force a solver to make a shot with the limited amount of information available to them.


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I feel like Litten’s the type to tell others not to shoot early, and then try to kill someone ten hours in himself.

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i hate that prewritten post tbh even though it is almost certainly NAI

just shoot scummy ppl

he said in the signup thread he was hipfiring and mafia prolly decided to take him at his word

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Mafia can’t have the gun, so they might not think about it. What’s up?

I feel like we aren’t disagreeing.

Was trying to figure out why I couldn’t reply, turns out I wasn’t logged in lol.

So like, being shot is fine if you’re town right? I’m not really sure I understand how this works lol. Obviously not all innocents need to be shot, but I wouldn’t mind being the first just to get the ball rolling lol

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if yr arguing that as a scumtell ok it just looked like an instruction to hand it off to people who seem to be playing careless even if they are town

what im saying is townies can put not much thought in

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Hey Nuto, are you town yet?
Being shot as good means you’re fine if you in turn shoot evils.

its not bad right away but you shouldnt ask to be shot

predicting people will make alignment reads on this post, but not me, im built different


hi besties

100% thought i was gonna be first pick but litten is interesting