Assassination Classroom’s BOTF XXIII - Evil Wins

Assassination Classroom

Welcome to Assassination Classroom’s Trouble Brewing.

This game is storytold by IMG_0085 @Magnus and IMG_3226 @Jarek.

This script is deviated from Trouble Brewing.

Official characters are the property of The Pandemonium Institute.

Bootlegger’s Anthology’s Cawthane is credited to Icibalus.

Class 3-E’s rundown classroom was isolated at the height of a mountain from the school’s main campus, sagging in the unforgiving heat of the sun and crying out for renovation. Even dedicated students would complain about the daily uphill trek, riddled with its natural obstacles; no doubt the exiled, underachieving students of this lowly class would eventually refuse to attend and would be expelled from Kunugigaoka Junior High School, as was expected by the rest of the student body.

Each morning, without fail, every single one of 3-E’s students were in their classroom, perhaps looking worn from travel but nevertheless alert and eager to learn. Their homeroom teacher liked his students to be punctual; in fact he insisted upon it. None of them seemed to mind despite the hike, given the circumstances of their education. Korosensei somehow managed the impossible: he made study fun.

“Good morning students,” the bulbous-headed teacher beamed with an unmoving grin. Korosensei readjusted his crescent-moon tie with one of his tentacles, and reached over his desk for the attendance booklet. “Boys and girls, I planned a very important lesson for you all today. I’ve been proud to witness your growth this year, both as pupils and trained assassins. But while I have no doubt that whatever the future holds for you after graduation, it would be most prudent—.”

The class murmured as Korosensei seemed to vibrate and disappear in place, solidifying with a handkerchief holding an anti-Sensei BB pellet between two of his feelers. His round eyes stared daggers towards the back of the classroom, where a certain crimson-haired student lounged in his seat, loosely holding a pressurised air gun in one hand. Not even Itona Horibe, the short and white-haired student seated next to him, flinched a muscle. Assassination attempts were predictably routine in Class 3-E.

Korosensei gingerly set the handkerchief down on the desk. "Karma, I would appreciate if you didn’t try to murder me mid-sentence. Please remember the golden rule of the classroom; treat unto others as you would have them treat you.”

Karma Akabane lowered the air gun, and lightly shrugged his shoulders with a blissful, unconcerned expression. "What do I know, teach’? We can’t have you lowering your guard around us, especially when the only way anyone in this room has a future is if we kill you first.”

Korosensei bounced his jelly-like head forward in an exaggerated motion resembling a nod. “That’s an excellent point, which just so happens to relate to my announcement today. Every day I’m attacked a dozen times before noon, but where’s the heart in shooting a bullet or waving a knife when you already know I can outpace you at Mach-20? When your opponent outmatches you physically and threatens to destroy the Earth in a few mere months time, you all need to think smarter, and not just harder. Must death stare you all in the face to motivate your killer instinct? Nagisa, come here.”

This got everyone’s attention. The androgynous blue-haired boy sat up in his seat, and looked towards his green-haired friend Kaede Kayano with a pleading expression. She made a shooing motion, and Nagisa Shiota slowly rose from his seat to meander towards the front desk.

Meg Kataoka, the class female representative, raised her hand. She was already speaking as Korosensei lazily pointed a tentacle towards her, her words firm and precise. ”Excuse me sir, but surely you can’t intend to put any of us into danger. Your terms of employment guarantee our protection.”

“We’re already in danger,” the brutish Terasaka interjected, not that anyone was listening to him. "This octopus will destroy the world by our graduation unless we kill him first, even if we pass Junior High. He’s right that we need a serious wake-up call.”

“You’re both correct,” came Korosensei’s response, curt but not unkindly. “I was permitted to teach every one of you, to the best of my academic tutelage, under the government’s condition that I would ensure not a hair was hurt on anyone’s head under my care. I would like to believe that I have succeeded in fostering your delicate minds thus far; with every day that passes, you sharpen your pens and your swords. But graduation will be underway soon and you’re running out of time.”

Korosensei turned his attention onto Nagisa as the boy stopped in front of his desk. By all accounts, Nagisa wasn’t much; he was the most reserved and passive of his classmates, and yet Nagisa possessed a second blade that everyone else lacked. Nagisa shared a nerve-racking bloodlust equal to any top assassin that Korosensei had ever seen. This made him the perfect volunteer to set an example.

“Nagisa, out of every student in this classroom, who would be the easiest to kill?”

The boy’s eyes widened as he spun around, looking over the faces of his friends, the assassins he had fought alongside, both physically and academically; reading their expressions, their shocked looks at their teacher’s words; squaring down the weakest, the most empathetic, the most friendly… his eyes flickered towards Kayano, and her expression seemed to change. Nagisa bit his lip and narrowed his eyes, firm in his immediate decision.

"I don’t think I could kill any of my classmates, Korosensei. We’re all supposed to look out for each other, and I couldn’t possibly outmatch everyone here on my own.”

Korosensei clapped a tentacle onto Nagisa’s shoulder, and the student let out a shuddering breath, as if he had just slain a particularly difficult Science question. “Good answer, my boy. As strong as any of you are on you’re own, the stronger you are when you cooperate. Here’s our game: instead of individual and predictable, half-hearted attacks on my person, for the next week you are going to work together in order to assassinate me. You very nearly succeeded the last time you combined your forces on such a level; I’m asking you all to show me that dedication again, again and again. I’m already teaching you all weeks ahead of the curriculum, so we can afford to take a short breather from lessons. I’m sure you all remember, but just in case you need another motivator… ending my life will still award to you the government’s considerable bounty on my head.”

All of a sudden, Korosensei vibrated out-of-sight and reappeared on the opposite side of the classroom, sending papers whirring across the room. "I promise to decrease my speed this week to a mere superhuman level, although you shouldn’t expect this to be easy. For every day that passes, I will eliminate whichever student puts in the least amount of work. Anyone who is removed from the game will be forced to participate in private study, with me as your supervisor to keep you honest.”

Nagisa returned to his desk just as Korosensei flickered by to set a sealed envelope down on it. Everyone seemed to have one, as Kayano was already opening one up. Her face tilted at the contents, and she wasn’t the only person who seemed to be confused.

"I prepared code names and secret talents for all of you! When you go home after school today, I want you all to get into character! If we’re going to make this into a game, you can be damn sure it’s one hell of a game! There will be bonus points for the best cooostume!”

Nagisa didn’t open his envelope, as he raised one hand to shield his face as he gazed around the classroom, a light smile tugging at his face. Korosensei reappeared at the front of the room, appearing completely unchanged except for a pair of pretend devil horns resting on his mortarboard-topped cap. The looks of fatigue that had been present on everyone’s face was gone; replaced by curiosity and excitement, as only the prospect of committing murder could do. Nagisa let out a laugh. Everyone working together at once to kill Korosensei? Surely they would had this done by tomorrow.

“The E-for-End Class is the assassination classroom. We are killers, and our target is our teacher. Another day, another class bell rings!”


Phase Lengths

“The world will always be filled with injustice. If you have time to give up or hold a grudge against that injustice, then use that time to enjoy battling those injustices instead.”

:black_flag: Night Start

:sun_behind_small_cloud: Day Phase: 48 hours.
:ballot_box: Vote Lock: Last 30 minutes.

During these times, players may freely talk and whisper to each other. You may scheme, lie, share information, or stay quiet and try to puzzle out who is who. Then, you vote on who will be executed. This is the main part of the game, mostly handled by the players themselves.

:crescent_moon: Night Phase: 24 hours.
:stopwatch: Action Lock: Last 1 hour.

During the night phase, players may not communicate with one another. Some players will wake to learn information or use powerful abilities. Typically the Demon attacks at night, killing one or more players or otherwise causing havoc.

Nominations and Voting

“If you’ve got time to point fingers, then how about using your head to figure out what you want to do about it?”


:loud_sound: Nomination — First living vote on a player
:ballot_box: Voting — Multi-Voting (For living players only)
:balance_scale: Execution — Majority (Half the living players)
:crossed_swords: Draws — Result in No Execution
:no_bell: Sleep — Invalid Vote

:ghoststab: Dead Players: Can only vote on nominees once.

Players may cast votes or nominations using the vote tags described in the Voting Guide.

Players must be nominated before they may be voted on that day. Each player may only be nominated once per day, and each player may only nominate once per day. If a player tries to cast an illegal nomination or vote, their input will be discounted.

Living players may vote freely on any nominated players. At the end of the day, the player with a count of votes at least half the number of living players and has the highest counts of vote that day will be executed.

If there is a tie between two or more players for the highest count of votes, the day will end with no execution. The Storyteller may only declare an early end to voting if it is no longer possible to tie or exceed the highest nomination.


“Broadly speaking, there are two reasons a person feels the desire to teach something. Either he wants to pass on his successes, or he wants to pass on his failures.”

:minidisc: Whisper Template/whisper @Players + /accept [@Player]

  • Whispers — Day-Exclusive, Publicly Announced, Mutual Consent
  • Whisper Restriction — Unlimited
  • Whisper PMs — Player-Created (Include Hosts)
  • Neighbour Whispers — Unannounced, 15 daily words per Neighbour

Once a whisper has been declared and accepted, the two players may whisper via private message until one of them speaks publicly in the game chat, at which point the whisper is considered broken and the players must declare whispers again if they wish to whisper.


“It’s all fun and games until things get real.”

  • Rolecard Reveals — Flipless, but flavour is shown upon death.
  • Dead Interaction — Public communication + 1 vote (but no ability unless otherwise stated)

If a player is killed in the night before they would perform their ability, they will not do so (see “Night Action Resolution”). Any ability with a persistent effect will end upon that player’s death.

Dead players may vote freely until they end the day voting a player. Once this happens, their “vote token” is spent, and they may no longer vote.



“When backed into a corner, the first order of business is assessing your options.”

Good Team — Uninformed Majority

  • Townsfolk — Village, Beneficial abilities.
  • Outsiders — Village, Harmful abilities.

Evil — Informed Minority

  • Minions — Mafia, Supportive/Deceptive abilities.
  • Demon — Mafia, Flagbearer + Killer.

Players cannot change alignments. There will always be one living Demon while the game is in progress.

Players Townsfolk Outsiders Minions Demons
7 5 0 1 1
8 5 1 1 1
9 5 2 1 1
10 7 0 2 1
11 7 1 2 1
12 7 2 2 1
13 9 0 3 1
14 9 1 3 1
15 9 2 3 1
  • Mafia Setup Info — Evil players learn their teammates and their Demon.
  • Demon Setup Info — The Demon learns 3 out-of-play Good characters. (Minions do not)
  • Private Chat — Evil players have no method of communication besides whispers.

Setup Modification — Characters with [square brackets] can only affect the game if in-play. In this script, the only characters that can modify the setup are the Baron and the Cawthane.


“Every experience is a tool to clear your path. It was none other than those students who taught me that.”

Every character ability is unique and can only be distributed once. The Storytellers may decide which characters are in play, or shuffle them at random.

Night* (with an asterisk) in all contexts means “Night, except the first.”

Possible Townsfolk Characters
Washerwoman You start knowing that 1 of 2 players is a particular Townsfolk.
Librarian You start knowing that 1 of 2 players is a particular Outsider. (Or that zero are in play.)
Investigator You start knowing that 1 of 2 players is a particular Minion.
Chef You start knowing how many pairs of evil players there are.
Empath Each night, you learn how many of your 2 alive neighbours are evil.
Fortune Teller Each night, choose 2 players: you learn if either is a Demon. There is a good player that registers as a Demon to you.
Undertaker Each night*, you learn which character died by execution today.
Monk Each night*, choose a player (not yourself): they are safe from the Demon tonight.
Slayer Once per game, during the day, publicly choose a player: if they are the Demon, they die.
Soldier You are safe from the Demon.
Ravenkeeper If you die at night, you are woken to choose a player: you learn their character.
Virgin The 1st time you are nominated, if the nominator is a Townsfolk, they are executed immediately.
Mayor If only 3 players live & no execution occurs, your team wins. If you die at night, another player might die instead.
Possible Outsider Characters
Butler Each night, choose a player (not yourself): tomorrow, you may only vote if they are voting too.
Drunk You do not know you are the Drunk. You think you are a Townsfolk character, but you are not.
Recluse You might register as evil & as a Minion or Demon, even if dead.
Saint If you die by execution, your team loses.
Possible Minion Characters
Poisoner Each night, choose a player: they are poisoned tonight and tomorrow day.
Spy Each night, you see the Grimoire. You might register as good & as a Townsfolk or Outsider, even if dead.
Baron There are extra Outsiders in play. [+2 Outsiders]
Scarlet Woman If there are 5 or more players alive & the Demon dies, you become the Demon. (Travellers don’t count)
Possible Demon Characters
Cawthane Each night*, choose a player: they die. [Minions choose who you are, +1 Outsider]
Imp Each night*, choose a player: they die. If you kill yourself this way, a Minion becomes the Imp.
Night Action Resolution

“Those who can’t do what they have to when the time comes for action will find their presence fading in our classroom. An assassin who neglects to sharpen his blade is no assassin at all. He’s just a boastful brat swinging around a rusty sword.”

All actions are processed in the following order each night. If a player is dead during their turn in action resolution, they do not act (unless stated otherwise).

First Night Other Nights
1. Minion info Poisoner
2. Demon info Monk
3. Poisoner Spy
4. Spy Scarlet Woman
5. Cawthane Imp
6. Washerwoman Cawthane
7. Librarian Ravenkeeper
8. Investigator Undertaker
9. Chef Empath
10. Empath Fortune Teller
11. Fortune Teller Butler
12. Butler

“The difference between the novice and the master is that the master has failed more times than the novice has tried.”

The Storyteller is a term used to refer to us, the hosts of this game. We are not players and can neither win nor lose the game. Our purpose is to fairly facilitate the game for both teams.

We will decide what happens with any open-ended ability behaviours, and will try to keep the game fun and balanced.

The extent of our ability to affect on the game is outlined above. We cannot break any existing rules, only decide what happens within the bounds of the characters’ abilities and base game rules.

The Fabled

“Examined from another angle, your faults and weaknesses can be weapons.”

(Hint: You can skip this part.)

The Fabled are special modifiers that the Storyteller can put in play to tweak the game. The fabled will be selected from this wiki page.

Fabled will always be announced when they are in play, along with their effect upon gamestate. The most likely fabled to be included are below.

Fabled Ability
Bootlegger This script has homebrew characters or rules.
Hell’s Librarian Something bad might happen to whomever speaks when the Storyteller calls for silence.
Fiddler Once per game, at night, the Demon secretly chooses a player of an opposing alignment; All players then vote which of these two wins the game.
Gardener The Storyteller assigns 1 or more players’ characters.

“Please remember that there are times to take someone’s hand and lead them along… But also times when you must be stern and let them fend for themselves.”

Synonyms: Drunk / Poison
Antonyms: Sober / Healthy

A malfunctioning character cannot affect the gamestate in any way using their ability. If a malfunctioning character would receive feedback, the information they learn is arbitrary (Storytellers decide).

The malfunctioning status lasts indefinitely, unless stated otherwise.


“To a young person for whom everything comes easily, the pain of defeat can be a much needed wake up call.”

The Good team wins when all Demons are dead.

The Evil team wins when only 2 players live.

In the event of a tie (both teams win at the same time), Good wins.

The Mayor and Saint are the only alternate routes to victory or defeat that may exist in this game.



A Traveller is a player character that can enter or exit a game at any point. Their identity and ability are known to all players, but their alignment is decided by the Storyteller.

Traveller characters will be selected from this wiki page, in regards to factoring balance and entertainment for both the player in question, and everyone else in the game.

Travellers may be exiled by majority vote at any time, without requiring execution. Nor do they count as “players” for any rules or win conditions.

If a Traveller is evil-aligned, they learn who the Demon is.

Recommended Traveller Characters
Scapegoat If a player of your alignment is executed, you might be executed instead.
Beggar You must use a vote token to vote. If a dead player gives you theirs, you learn their alignment. You are sober and healthy.
Bureaucrat Each night, choose a player (not yourself): their vote counts as 3 votes tomorrow.
Thief Each night, choose a player (not yourself): their vote counts negatively tomorrow.

This game references characters from the manga series Assassination Classroom by Yusei Matsui, and its anime adaption. The story follows a class of misfit students trained and dedicated towards the impossible task of murdering their homeroom teacher, a nigh-invincible octopus by the name of Korosensei, before he destroys the entire world upon their graduation.

Players will have their flavour flipped upon death instead of their rolecards. Flavour may be alignment-indicative, but is not role-indicative. Any players that might be hindered by this will be provided with a flavour bluff, which will instead flip in the place of their real flavour.

There is no flavour anticlaim, although attempting to solve the game through flavour is not recommended.

Example Rolecards

Rolecards will be flipped upon death until the first linebreak, excluding ability and alignment. These flavour characters will not be in play.

Welcome to Assassination Classroom BotC, {Player}! You are Tadaomi Karasuma.

“A group of junior high school students are joyfully discussing an assassination. If you look at it normally, this is the pinnacle of madness. But it’s strange. The students who are the most lively are those of Class E, who have the target as their homeroom teacher.”

Karasuma is an agent sent by Japan’s Ministry of Defence to supervise Korosensei. In Kunugigaoka Junior High School, he was admitted as an assistant teacher and as the physical education teacher in Class 3-E, with the purpose to teach his skills to the students in order to assist their mission in assassinating their homeroom teacher. Despite his attempts to keep a distance between himself and his students due to his status as an agent and his own professionalism, he grows fond of the class as time passes by. His lessons include hand-to-hand combat and the use of various melee and ranged weapons. Karasuma is widely considered the strongest human alive by both allies and foes alike.

You are the Soldier.

Bulletproof Emissary - Passive
You are safe from the Demon.

You are aligned with the Good team.
Your team wins when the Demon is dead.

Welcome to Assassination Classroom Mafia, {Player}! You are Irina Jelavić.

“The most foolish way to try to assassinate someone is to let your emotions and desires get ahold of you. Do that and you place yourself below a wild animal. The second most foolish way is to kill your own feelings to assassinate your opponent.”

Irina is a professional hitwoman who was hired by the government to assassinate Korosensei. In Kunugigaoka Junior High School, she acts as the English teacher of Class 3-E. She conceals her childish insecurities underneath a facade of mature confidence and arrogance, although her young age allows her to easily connect on an emotional level with her students in a way they can’t with her colleagues… once she manages to overcome her ego, that is. In spite of her apparent cruelty and experience, she can be surprisingly earnest and humble for an expert assassin.

You are the Spy.

Undercover Assassin - Passive
Each night, you see the Grimoire. You might register as good & as a Townsfolk or Outsider, even if dead.

You are aligned with the Evil team.
Your team wins when there are only two players left alive.

“If something is possible, carry on as planned. Even if it isn’t possible, do it anyway.”

Welcome to Trouble Brewing! This script is designed to be accessible for beginner players who are new to Blood on the Clocktower, or to social deception games in general.


  1. Otterpopd. [Monk] - Died Night 2.
  2. May. [Ravenkeeper] - Died Night 3.
  3. Litten. [Poisoner] - Endgamed.
  4. Neblig. [Drunk Virgin] - Endgamed.
  5. Luka. [Undertaker] - Died Night 4.
  6. IcetFeelsPain. [Slayer] - Endgamed.
  7. Ash. Garfooled. [Mayor] - Executed Day 4.
  8. Leafia. Baker. [Investigator] - Died Night 5.
  9. ElizaThePsycho [Beggar] - Exiled Day 5.
  10. Snowe. [Spy] - Endgamed.
  11. YoubutWorse. [Cawthane] - Endgamed.
  12. Amelia. [Scarlet Woman] - Endgamed.
  13. Kiiruma. [Washerwoman] - Executed Day 1.
  14. Silviu200530. [Butler] - Endgamed.
  15. Atlas [Thief] - Left Day 3.
  16. RoseRedWitch. [Librarian] - Executed Day 2.


  1. Millium.
  2. CRichardFortressLies.


  1. Hazardwaste. (Global)
  2. Icibalus. (Whispers)

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

  • Baker dies in the night.

Everyone has received their character. Night 1 begins and will end at 2023-11-23T00:00:00Z . Bear in mind that in the future, day and night phases will begin and end at that time as well.

Reminder to set this thread to Watching if you haven’t already. Yada yada, I said this all last time.



The Bootlegger, Gardener and Hell’s Librarian are in play.

Most of the teenagers from Class 3-E hadn’t been able to sleep that night under the veil of darkness. Some of the students laid awake in their beds for hours on end, thoughts racing about their new assignment. Others remained at their desks, phoning each other with ideas or sketching models over lined paper. The crescent moon continued to hang suspended in the sky, mocking their inability to fulfil their duty; no, even more importantly than that, to complete their sacred mission.

Less than a year ago, their absurd and candid homeroom teacher had caused over two-thirds of the moon to detonate catastrophically. With every day that passed, the danger that Korosensei posed only grew. After all, it was common knowledge among the class that the cells in his alien octopus-like body were infused with the properties of anti-matter.

Let’s consider this world-ending threat in greater detail. Korosensei has the ability to fly approximately twenty times faster than the speed of sound with around 600 kiloNewtons of force, assuming he was around the weight of a human his size. As an example, if he set his mind to it, he could travel to the 384,400 kilometre distance to the ruined moon in roughly eighteen and a half hours, and nobody would be able to stop him.

Given the volatile reaction that antimatter has when it comes into contact with regular matter, the explosion that he’s promising to inflict on Earth would be the equivalent to over 3,000 million tons of TNT. This may not literally destroy the entire planet, but life would be rendered extinct. Permanently.

As far as anyone’s aware, any weapons that aren’t specially prepared to injure Korosensei will be completely ineffective in harming his cellular tissue. Steel, explosives, poison, all have failed to eliminate the target. Say goodbye to the enthusiasm and joy that had come about yesterday, because the air in the classroom felt grim and quiet the next morning.

Here is your weekly assignment, students. Kill your teacher, but actually succeed this time for a change. Your time begins now.

Day 1 begins and will last 48 hours.

Here is our base distribution of character types:

Players Townsfolk Outsiders Minions Demons
14 9 1 3 1

These numbers may be influenced by the Baron and Cawthane.

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