DO NOT POST - PAC Thread 1


yeah that slot is probably just town

Honestly I would’ve liked more time to interact, and I don’t have time to do anything with this game for a couple more hours, but I guess you guys don’t care so whatever

u have 300 seconds to give thoughts before i hammer

me: i feel rejuvenated! i have new life in this game
thread: 4 town leaders die
me: fuck im going to bed


I just woke up there’s no logical thoughts coming out of my mouth in the next five minutes

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imma write a quick legacy maybe

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laser prob villa btw

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here’s my legacy

/vote marshal

deal with it yourself I said my peace

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Let me post the game I wanted, give me like an hour plz

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Marshal 7/7 bladescape (#8040); Kyubey (#9910); min (#9874); Mistyx (#7698); Wisdom (#9795)
Millium 3/8 Illwei (#9614); Marshal (#9580); nightingale (#9662)
Illwei 1/8 Moonwink (#9769)
Not Voting 6 BS4215; Hippopablompoyeetus; LASERpointer (#9402); Millium; Wazza (#9526); WindwardAway

You have 5 minutes to tell me if anything is wrong in your role PM.

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My reads, as if anyone cares
4: bladescape - PoE
5: Hippopablompoyeetus - PoE
6: Illwei - PoE
7: InternetStranger/BS4215 - town
9: Kyubey - town
10: LASERpointer - townlean but maybe reeval
12: Marshal - PoE
13: Millium - townlean but maybe reeval
14: min - town
15: Mistyx - town
16: Moonwink - town
17: nightingale - townlean but maybe reeval
21: Wazza - town
22: WindwardAway - me
23: Wisdom - town but revisit if alive in lylo

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@Marshal has been eliminated!

They were:

Artemis the Awful
Artemis The Awful

Mafia Replacement

Nine Lives (Passive) - When your first Mafia teammate dies, they will flip with their flavor but your role and only this ability.

Also A Cat (Passive) - When your first Mafia teammate dies, you will be able to use their passives and abilities until your death.

…you do realize that nine lives thing is a myth, right? (Passive) - When your second Mafia teammate dies, the rolecard of the first to have died will be updated to their full and correct card. This ability and Nine Lives will both take effect even if you are the first or second to die.

You must overpower the Town.

You know the following flavor is not in the game:

“says the person with the catgirl avatar”

Night 3 begins and will end 2022-05-07T00:00:00Z!


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So just make sure you’re always looking at the new topic when you actually hit “Reply” and then you should pretty much be good.

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