Mountainous AMQ - GAME OVER, TOWN WINS (2/15 Left) Thread 2

Mountainous AMQ FM hosted by Ignis (@guavagudetama) and Yumemi (@Kanave) on @IgnisAndYumemi

Reviewed by @Zone_Q11

General Rules

-Follow the Global Rules and Forum Game Rules
-Players who fail to post 10 game-related posts will be replaced. Players who fail to post at all within 24 hours of a day starting without notifying us will be replaced. (You may be spared from being replaced dependant on circumstances)
-We will try to monitor the chat for toxicity, but please inform me if anything makes you/is making you uncomfortable so we can sort it out.
-Alts are allowed, but please inform us who you are.


Vanilla Town x12
Mafia Goon x3
Flavour is not alignment indicative.
Claiming flavour is allowed, but it’s not going to help you solve.

Sample Role PMs

Your name is Name. You are a Vanilla Town.

This is where the flavour text goes. You’re a super helpful townie! You got this! Your only power is your voice and your vote.

Your name is Name. You are a Vanilla Mafia Goon.

This is where the flavour text goes. Ooo you’re evil! evil little mafia guy. mafia has a mandatory factional kill each night.


The setup is 15 players with 12 town and 3 mafia.
Days are 48 hours unless a majority vote is reached, and nights are 24 hours. Start of Day and End of Day are at 6 PM PST
Executions are majority and plurality
No-execute is a valid vote, and takes precedent over a person in a tie. In all other cases, it will be randomised.
Self-votes are valid votes.
Votes are locked in LyLo (execute-or-lose) scenarios, but not in MyLo (misexecute-and-lose) scenarios. That is to say, in situations where town must execute correctly or lose, the first vote cast by a given player is final and cannot be changed.
The mafia’s kill is mandatory.
The mafia have a private discord that they can communicate in at any time.

Player List

  1. Jormok – Kicked D3 – Chika, Vanilla Town
  2. Demisha – Disconnected N6 – Kiku, Vanilla Town
  3. Doodleshy – Kicked D6 – Noel, Vanilla Town
  4. Etha – Kicked D2 – Fuwagi, Mafia Goon
  5. Zenon – Disconnected N4 – Eksu, Vanilla Town
  6. lol – Kicked D4 – Ritsu, Mafia Goon
  7. tutuu – Disconnected N2 – Shiina, Vanilla Town
  8. Arctic – Disconnected N5-- Shin, Vanilla Town
  9. Leafia – Kicked D1 – Naomi, Vanilla Town
  10. Magnus (replacement for eevee)
  11. Litten – Disconnected N3 – Asuka, Vanilla Town
  12. MerpyDerpy
  13. Achromatic – Disconnected N1 – Victoria, Vanilla Town
  14. Zorvo
  15. Kiiruma (replacement for Drinks) – Kicked D5 – Kasumi, Vanilla Town


  1. May
  2. thepigeonnyc


  1. Hazardwaste
  2. Marshal
  3. Ruby
  4. YouButWorse
  5. Atlas
  6. ElizaThePsycho

Not to sound opportunistic, but if you’re voting Merpy, it’s completely fine from my perspective. Warn me if you’re going to vote me, because if you’re a villager it’ll end the game.

Well I’ll warn you that I kinda have intent because I think if I base everything on today and how both of you have been in terms of posts, I am leaning you as the wolf here.

Reading me off today isn’t the best metric when it’s D7 and the player I just wheeled off yesterday died at night.

No but the town is gonna be more genuine I would assume where the wolf isn’t and perhaps even gonna be a bit desperate.

For me it’s coming down to interactions and I have felt a more genuine interaction from Merpy today then you.

That’s correct, yeah. There was no opportunity to vote off Etha on the first day since the Drink wagon died and I formed it in contention with the Leafia wagon.

For me it’s either Merpy or yourself, and your interactions over the last two days haven’t been particularly pure. Vibereading in F3 is valid, but it isn’t for me.

Drinks. This is verifiable.

I wasn’t trying to draw attention away from her onto yourself, I just wasn’t tunnelling Etha to the exclusion of anything else.

If I wanted to defend her as a wolf, I wouldn’t have voted her D1 and if I wanted to buss her for credit, I wouldn’t have said those lines unless I had thought they were correct.

I have never wanted a Drinks execution because I entered D3 saying Etha spewed them town. I think you misinterpreted me as saying Etha “spewed” Drinks, thinking I meant “spewed wolf”, though.

@Zorvo it’s in a response to the question you linked me.

It’s more noteworthy for flipped wolves.

That still tracks with what I mean, because you and Lol weren’t really in support of one another. There was no hivemind, no solid cooperation.

As a wolf in a quartet of Magnus / Zorvo / Merpy / Doodleshy, there wouldn’t really be a good option here. I think I would have to kill you in order to justify surviving a night and vote onto Doodleshy while they go against Merpy since that would lock in a wolf win, whereas killing Merpy or Doodleshy raises existential questions.

That was in relation to last night.
Who would you have both killed?


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Day 1?



TF you on about Magnus?

Drinks was the leading wagon at the time I voted Etha.