SCP FM (4/18) - Game Thread, Ended, Foundation and GOC wins.

Bastard SCP FM

Hosted by @Ranta and @Daeron


Follow the Global Forum/Discord/Game/Meta Rules - Please Read First , and the Official Forum Mafia and Fortress of Lies Rules . Please make sure you have enough time for this game before you sign up.
Alts will not be allowed in this game, and they are disallowed as a game mechanic.


Day phases will last 48 hours, or until curtailed by an execution.
The execution will be decided by means of Majority + Plurality. If a simple majority of all living players are voting for somebody, the day will end early and they will be executed. Otherwise, the player with the most votes will be executed at the end of the day.
If at the end of the day the votes are tied, a random player among the tied votes will be executed.
Voting to execute nobody is a valid vote. If this vote reaches majority or has the plurality of votes, nobody will be executed.
Night phases will last 24 hours


This is a Closed Setup. The Vanilla Town card is provided below.
The OP will not lie to you.
There are no Neutral Killers.
Flavor claiming is banned. Any attempt to claim the flavor of your rolecard will result in a Modkill. This extends to hinting your flavor or claiming exact ability text.
There is an anti-claim mechanic. It is not The Lying Darkness.

Example rolecard

MTF Unit

Foundation Vanilla


Your objective is to eliminate all threats to The Foundation, and ensure that there is at least one Foundation player alive at the end of the game.

"On n'est jamais servi si bien que par soi-même"
- Charles-Guillaume Étienne
(Thanks for the op zone.)


  1. Atlas - Executed D1, MTF Unit (Foundation Vanilla)
  2. EliThePsycho - Executed D2, MTF Unit (Foundation Vanilla)
  3. Leafia - Executed D4, SCP-079 (SCP Leader)
  4. eevee - Modkilled N4, GOC Operative (GOC Vanilla)
  5. Kiiruma - Executed in the Void D2, MTF Unit (Foundation Vanilla)
  6. min - Died N2, MTF Unit (Foundation Vanilla)
  7. Italy
  8. YoubutWorse - Executed D5, SCP-1715 (SCP Investigative)
  9. Gorta
  10. Blizer - Died N3, MTF Unit (Foundation Vanilla)
  11. Squirrel2412
  12. WindwardAway
  13. Silviu200530 - Executed D3, O5-11 The Liar (Foundation Special)
  14. Wazza
  15. SirDerpsAlot - Died N1, MTF Unit (Foundation Vanilla)
  16. Litten - Died N1, MTF Commander (Foundation Leader)
  17. Aelin - Died N5, Ethics Committee (Foundation Social)
  18. Zone_Q11 - Executed D6, SCP-3751 (SCP Special)



  1. Amelia
  2. Mistyx
  3. Hippopablompoyeetus
  4. Universal


  1. Katze
  2. intensify
  3. ATNoName
  4. Jane
  5. Nerbins
  6. Trochilidae
  7. Frog


Reminder that this rule exists so we do not repeat what happened in previous games.

Day 1 has started and will end in 48 hours or if majority is reached early.


Huh? I’m suprised it didn’t open at EET midnight!

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didnt expect this to start as soon as i woke up

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it’s a 5 AM game, nice

I’ll be on later, this is way too early for me

12 PM game. NICE. (For real.)
Bad timing though, as I am currently at work.

europe player problems
it starts a little before morning

america player problems
nobody is online :pensive:


Lol mood

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I’m at work for a while longer and then I have evening plans, but I’ll pop in when I can! This is gonna be a fun game.

I can’t believe the thread has been open for 2 hours and theres only 14 posts. There should be at least like 300 by now

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People are asleep in NA for atleast another hour or so

People in Europe are working or in school atm

its just the timing of when the game started



very insightful

Thank you

are u wof

i’ll have to get back to you on that