My Hero Academia Forum Mafia

Hosted by @Aelin and @WindwardAway, on the account @Eraserhead, reviewed by Osieorb18.


  • Follow all Global Rules, found here.
  • Follow all Forum Game Rules, found here.
  • The hosts reserve the right to utilize WOTM to prevent players from joining without explanation. The hosts’ decisions are final.
  • Excessive AtE is not allowed. Possible breaches of this rule will be handled by an impartial third party.
  • There is a post minimum for this game. Players must make at least 15 on-topic, substantial posts per day phase. If a day ends early, this will be rounded based on the amount of time that has elapsed.


  • Both majority and plurality are in effect.
  • No-yeet is a valid vote, and may be hammered to end the Day early. In cases where no-elim and another vote are tied at the end of the Day, the voted player will have priority in the rand.
  • Tied votes will result in a player being eliminated at random from among the tied players.
  • MyLo (mis-yeet and lose) and LyLo (yeet or lose) will be announced, and votes will be locked in LyLo. This means that your first vote is final and cannot be changed. No-Vote is a valid vote in MyLo.


  • Days are 48 hours, and Nights are 24 hours.
  • In the instance the Day ends early due to majority, the Night phase will be extended to end at a consistent time.
  • The Mafia factional kill is assigned and mandatory. If no factional kill is submitted by the final hour of the Night, the kill will be determined randomly from among living members of the Heroes and carried out by a random living member of the Villains. The factional kill can be used alongside any other potential abilities.
  • Mafia will communicate through a private Discord Server. Neighborhoods, masonries, and lover chats, if they exist, will also be on Discord Servers. All abovementioned servers will be open 24/7.
  • This setup is closed, however it is known that there are at least two factions: the uninformed majority, the Heroes and the Villains. Other factions may or may not exist.
  • Flavor-claiming is not allowed, in order to uphold the spirit of the game. Roleclaiming may be done at a player’s own risk. Anticlaim measures may or may not exist.
  • Pinging the host account for votes would be MASSIVELY appreciated, as it ensures smooth processing and makes it much more likely for your vote to be seen quickly the first time. If you choose not to do so, please do not get upset if the hosts do not see your vote - we are trying our best, we promise!
  • Abilities lock 1 hour before EoD or EoN unless otherwise stated in order for smooth action processing. Each player only gets 1 exception for this, and only specifically in the instance that it is not done less than 15 minutes before SoD or SoN.

Main Factions Win Conditions:
Hero Win Condition: “See that no threats to the Heroes remain.
Villain Win Condition: “See that there are more Villains than Heroes, or nothing can prevent that from occurring.”

Other Win Conditions may exist.

Example Rolecards (These Flavors are not in the game)

Town PR

Yuga Aoyama

Hero 2-Shot Non-Consecutive Redirector
A sparkling teen with the ability to shoot a laser from his naval. However, he must wear a special belt to contain his Quirk, and if he uses it for more than a few seconds at a time, he gets a stomach ache.


Night - Redirect: Choose a player, and then choose a second player. Any actions the first player takes, including the factional kill, will be used against the second target regardless of the original target. You receive no feedback. (2 Uses, Can not be used two nights in a row)

Win-Condition: See that no threats to the Heroes remain.

Vanilla Town

Mezo Shoji

Hero Vanilla Town
A unique teen with the ability to duplicate various body parts. If a duplicated body part gets injured or cut off, it can be regrown!


You have no abilities except for your voice and your vote.

Win-Condition: See that no threats to the Heroes remain.

Mafia Goon

Mineru Mineta

Villain Goon
A small boy, he is unreasonably attracted to the female body, to the point of discomfort of other students (usually girls). Despite this, however, he seems to truly wish to help people.


You have no abilities except for your voice and your vote.

Win-Condition: See that there are more Villains than Heroes, or nothing can prevent that from occurring.



  1. Gorta - Executed D6 - Denki Kaminari - Vanilla Town
  2. Prophylaxis - Executed D4 - Izuku Midoriya - Mafia Neapolitan
  3. Wazza - ENDGAMED - Momo Yaoyorozu - Mafia JOAT
  4. BradLand - Killed N3 - Tenya Iida - Town 2-Shot Even-Night Alignment Cop
  5. Isolde - Killed N1 - Kyoka Jiro - Vanilla Town
  6. YouButWorseReplaced D1 - Nightingale - Replaced D3 - Atlas - KILLED BY ENDGAME - Katsuki Bakugo - Town Compulsive Visitor
  7. Squirrel - Killed N2 - Shoto Todoroki - Town 2-Shot BG
  8. Mistyx - Voted Out D3 - Eijiro Kirishima - Vanilla Town
  9. Arctic - Killed N5 - Toru Hagakure - Vanilla Town
  10. lol - Voted Out D2 - Ochaco Uraraka - Vanilla Town
  11. cape - Voted Out D3 - Mina Ashido - VillainThug
  12. catbae - Killed N4 - Tsuyu Asui - Vanilla Town
  13. Kiiruma - KILLED BY ENDGAME - Fumikage Tokoyami - Town 1-Shot Gladiator


  1. JakeTheWolfie
  2. katze
  3. Jane
  4. Ruby
  5. ATNoName


  1. Trochilidae
  2. EliThePsycho
  3. TheBlueElixir


MHA FM Game Thread - GAME OVER - VILLAIN TEAM WINS - #1580 by Eraserhead - EoD1 - Nobody executed!
MHA FM Game Thread - GAME OVER - VILLAIN TEAM WINS - #2494 by Eraserhead - EoD2 - lol executed!
MHA FM Game Thread - GAME OVER - VILLAIN TEAM WINS - #3479 by Eraserhead - EoD3 - Mistyx executed!
MHA FM Game Thread - GAME OVER - VILLAIN TEAM WINS - #5004 by Eraserhead - EoD4 - Prophylaxis executed!
MHA FM Game Thread - GAME OVER - VILLAIN TEAM WINS - #5583 by Eraserhead - EoD5 - Cape90 executed!
MHA FM Game Thread - GAME OVER - VILLAIN TEAM WINS - #5610 by Eraserhead - EoD6 - Gorta executed, mafia wins!

The game has been randed, and will begin at 2022-03-06T23:00:00Z.

If you wish to spectate or back up, DM Aelin or Wind on discord.

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Mistyx has replaced Dota. Do not discuss this in any capacity.

Shouta Aizawa, better known as the Pro Hero Eraserhead, pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed as he stared down at the lesson plan in front of him. ‘How did Nezu ever think that this would be a good idea? He probably didn’t. More likely, the evil ratbear knows it’ll go terribly and will recording it for enjoyment.’ The teacher thought to himself.

He looked up to Class 1-A and sighed again. ‘Fuck…’ He took a deep breath. “Alright. Nezu has given us a special assignment in the wake of the recent… incident at the Licensing Exam.” The dark-haired Pro Hero paused to send a sharp stare at Izuku Midoriya, who flushed in embarrassment, before continuing. “Since one of the League’s members, Himiko Toga, has the capability to disguise herself as other people, the Principal has decided that you all must be able to effectively discern between friend and foe.”

Taking a moment to pause, Shouta grabbed a stack of envelopes from inside his sleeping bag and distributed them to students. “So, we are playing a game. It’s Heroes vs. Villains…” Multiple whoops of excitement echoed from the crowd before Aizawa’s Quirk activating silenced them. “Be quiet. Anyway… it’s Heroes vs. Villains, but with a twist - the Heroes don’t know who the Villains are.”

“Dunno who the villains are?” Eijiro Kirishima, a boy with spiky, red hair questioned. “How are y’supposed to play Heroes vs. Villains then?” He cowered back down as his teacher’s eyes flashed red at him.

“I was getting to that…” The Underground Hero muttered tiredly. ‘I don’t get paid enough for this…’ He thought to himself. “Inside each of those envelopes is an alignment and a role. You aren’t allowed to show that to anyone else. If your card is green, you are a Hero. If it’s red, you are a villain. If it’s anything else, come see me. If you’re colorblind, get out of this class.” Nobody moved. “Alright. There might also be an extra description on your card based on something special you get to do. If there isn’t an extra description, you can’t do anything special.”

“… So, what are we doing, anyway, kero?” A froglike girl asked. “I assume we’re not beating each other up with Quirks.”

Aizawa’s eye twitched. He really didn’t like being interrupted. “The Villains have the sole objective of having at least one of them make it to the end of the game. Each day, the entire group gets to vote on who to remove from the game. And, each night, the Villains get to choose one player that isn’t a Villain to remove from the game. The Heroes want to make sure that there are only Heroes at the end of the game.”

“Well, when does the game end?” A black-ponytailed girl asked.

The Homeroom Teacher of Class 1-A was quiet for a moment. Finally, he lifted his hair up and smiled maniacally. “Well, that’s all up to how well you perform as Pro Heroes.”

Mass Ping


Day 1 has begun, and will end in 48 hours at 2022-03-08T23:00:00Z, unless a majority is reached before then. Since 13 players are alive, majority is 7.

Voted Voter Votes
Not Voting Gorta, Prophylaxis, Wazza, BradLand, Isolde, YouButWorse, Squirrel, Mistyx, Arctic, lol, cape90, catbae, Kiiruma 13

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